Ford Motor Company has good bloodlines, says Trump

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2020-05-26 14:46

U.S. President Donald Trump speaking at the Ford Motor Company plant in Michigan on Thursday, May 21, when he amusingly brought up the "good bloodlines" in the Ford family, with Chairman Bill Ford present.

by Carolyn Yeager

THIS IS THE MOST FUN STORY TO COME UP IN A LONG TIME. I've laughed and laughed. It might as well be a satire, although it isn't. On Thursday, President Donald Trump toured a Ford Motor Company plant in Michigan where he naturally gave a speech, introduced by Ford Chairman Bill Ford - a direct descendant of founder Henry Ford.

Reading from his prepared remarks - which praised the firm for teaming up with General Electric to produce ventilators and face shields for coronavirus medical workers - Trump read “The company, founded by a man named Henry Ford,” then ad-libbed "Good bloodlines, good bloodlines." Looking up, he flashed a charming smile as he said, "If you believe in that stuff, you've got good blood." Almost chuckling, but not quite.

I find that hilarious every time I watch it. What a delight! Of course it drew immediate rebuke from American Jewish groups. They apparently don't think non-Jews can have good blood. It's been the sensation of Twitter also.

Pundits have reminded us that Adolf Hitler mentioned Henry Ford in admiring terms in his book Mein Kampf. And that Trump added in his speech that Ford and Thomas Edison are “looking down” from heaven, and are “very proud of what they see.” The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) slammed Trump for his choice of words and for painting the late Ford as residing in heaven. LOL. [Antisemites don't go to heaven - the Jews forbid it. They're in charge of heaven too, didn't you know?]

Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), demanded that Trump apologize for his remarks about Ford, “an antisemite and one of America’s staunchest proponents of eugenics.”

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. 

Oh my, it's just too good. The most complete and funniest account of it I've found comes from "The Intercept," a leftist online news source. So you won't miss it, I'm copying the middle section of it here. It's by Robert Mackey, dated May 21, 2020.

Trump has made no secret of his own belief that he inherited everything from intelligence to an ability to withstand pressure through the “great genes” passed on to him by his parents and grandparents. He has also frequently compared the importance of “good bloodlines” in humans to the breeding of champion racehorses, a view that overlaps in uncomfortable ways with those of eugenicists and racists like Ford.

“I’m proud to have that German blood,” Trump once told an interviewer. “You’ve all got such good bloodlines,” Trump reportedly told British business leaders at a dinner in 2018. “You’ve all got such amazing DNA.”

Trump has also frequently suggested that because his uncle, John Trump, taught for decades at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is similarly smart. “My uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT,” Trump said at a South Carolina rally in 2015. Pointing at his right temple, he then added: “Good genes, very good genes — okay? — very smart.”

Then in March, after he spoke to scientists working on the coronavirus response at the CDC in Atlanta, Trump told reporters: “I like this stuff. You know, my uncle was a great person. He was at MIT, he taught at MIT for, I think, like a record number of years. He was a great super genius. Dr. John Trump. I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it…. Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.”

Trump also suggested on Thursday that Ford and Edison were both in heaven, “looking down right now.” The president’s belief that Ford, the only American singled out for praise in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” should be in heaven was a stark contrast to his sarcastic comment during a visit to Michigan in December that the late Democratic congressman, John Dingell, might be “looking up” from hell. [this is the funniest of all -cy]

Among the many reasons to believe that Henry Ford does not deserve a place in heaven is the fact that, as the writer Matthew Wills noted, starting in 1920, “Ford’s newspaper, the weekly Dearborn Independent, which was distributed through Ford dealers and sent free to schools and libraries around the country, published 90 anti-Semitic articles, later collected and distributed as a book called ‘The International Jew.'”

This is why I'm in Donald Trump's corner. Just when we need it most, he lifts us up to high places. Anyone who says it's not genuine is just a grinch, wanting to spoil the party.


Thank you. Yes this is great. I did not see it in the media I see every day. Thank you Carolyn.

I donated to Trump's campaign in 2016 because of the great things he said he'd do. Unfortunately he's been all talk, no action. This great comment about Henry Ford doesn't outweigh the 38 billion he's sending to Israel.

I really find it pathetic for anyone to say they donated to Trump in 2016 (how much, $25?) and now expect him to do everything they want him to do. The man is fighting off the "deep state" internationalists the whole time he's been in office, including actual impeachment by Congress. The entire (((media))) is against him, quite openly. They want him out at any cost. But you think he should shut down Israel too. Take your complaint to the British who approved the Balfour Declaration (and now celebrate it), to FDR for his stable of Jews spying for Stalin and World Jewry, to Harry Truman for being the first to give formal recognition to Israel as a state, to all the presidents who have cooperated to make Russia a world power, and more recently China the same. The USA has been handing over its advantages to communist states for a century already, and now you expect Donald Trump to cut off aid to Israel (voted 100% by Congress) just like that. You have spaghetti for brains.

P.S. Trump NEVER said he would stop sending $ to Israel during his campaign. He always spoke glowingly about Israel. Did you think he was kidding? Donald Trump doesn't think Muslims are compatible, but he thinks Jews are. That's the best you're going to get. He has to get elected, after all and you are not in the majority. There are more Christian Zionists than there are White Nationalists.

I donated much more than $25. Not that that should matter, not everyone is wealthy and can donate what you think is enough. Trump has done NOTHING he said he was going to do, and sometimes the opposite (wanting to bring in even more H1B workers). He certainly implied he wanted to close the border and kick out illegal aliens. That's why White Americans voted for him. He said things White voters desperately wanted to hear to get elected, then followed through on nothing. Trump at least could have given the American people an explanation why he couldn't fulfill any of his promises, what needs to be done, and who the powerful people blocking him are (more than "those darned Democrats won't cooperate"). Yes, I am very disappointed that billions of American tax dollars are being sent to Israel, and the President won't even tweet about it, let alone stop it. But I guess anyone expecting Trump to do anything more than Jeb Bush would have, along with tweeting and saying funny things, has spaghetti for brains.

Joe G. - Trump has done NOTHING he said he was going to do.

Not true! He has fulfilled MANY of his campaign promises, almost all, even making good progress on the Wall now and that was very difficult to do. He had to be very creative to get around all their judicial blocks and barriers. Your problem is that the only campaign promise you remember is to end immigration, and he never said he would do that. However, he has put a hold on most immigration now, using the Covid virus as the reason.

That's why White Americans voted for him.

You don't and can't speak for all White Americans. White Americans would have voted for any republican vs Hillary Clinton. They voted for Romney, didn't they? And McCain.

Trump at least could have given the American people an explanation why he couldn't fulfill any of his promises, what needs to be done, and who the powerful people blocking him.

We know who and what they are. I think you want to get him assassinated.

I guess anyone expecting Trump to do anything more than Jeb Bush would have ... has spaghetti for brains.

Are you serious? If you can't see the difference between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, you do have spaghetti for brains.

It is correct Trump has done a few things he campaigned on but it is also correct he has not done plenty of his campaign promises. Such as drain the swamp, lock her up, detente with Russia, end the wars & occupations, & end illegal immigration. He has further empowered the fraudulent bankers as well as the mic. He has been the typical politician, promise the world and deliver scraps. I will admit I did vote for him in 2016 but only b/c I rarely get an opportunity to poke the establishment in the eye. If he had followed through with more of his foreign policy promises I would vote for him again. This time around I will be going for Jo Jorgensen, mainly as a idealogical statement since voting really doesn't change anything except who's doing the thieving.

Trump did NOT promise to drain the swamp but to work at it, because the swamp is the entire Washington DC and he has made progress at it. It's probably his most successful accomplishment so far! Think just of "Fake News."

He did NOT promise to "lock her up"; his rally goers always called for it, while he laughed and sort of tried to discourage them from chanting it. He did NOT PROMISE to end the wars & occupations, and he is moving in that direction. He gets a lot of pushback from other areas of government, so has to be very careful when it comes to "national security." Trump IS ending illegal immigration and is putting forth many plans & programs to accomplish that. As you are a Libertarian, I realize you are FOR legal immigration, or at least the candidate you plan to vote for is for it.

As to detente with Russia, coming into office Trump found that Russia really was trying to destabilize our country, particularly when it came to the election processes. While being investigated for treason in regard to Russia, Trump was in no position to develop closer relations.

No one is innocent.