Former president of Mexico insists that illegal invasion will continue whether US wants it or not

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-05-11 01:20

Vincente Fox, right, and Ben Mathis, host of Kickass Politics Podcast. Mathis shared the photo with the message: "Vincente Fox and I have a message for Donald Trump." Why does MSM ignore this?

Vincente Fox was president of Mexico for six years, from 2000 to 2006, as a member of the conservative National Action Party (PAN). He was the first president elected from a party in opposition to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) since 1910! During his presidency, he stirred up more than the average amount of controversy because of his free-wheeling style.

He's still at it, but now he's openly encouraging Mexicans to force their way into the United States illegally. It's well-known the Mexican government has always encouraged it's people to go and find work in the U.S., though they outwardly deny it or say that US businesses want them to come and it works out to everyone's benefit. Unfortunately, that is partially true. It's also true that it amounts to an occupation of U.S. territory by Mexican nationals and loyalists. But that's another story.

Now Fox has gone even further on a program with “Kickass Politics” on May 10th. As he was haranguing against Donald Trump and his wall, Fox said:

“Don’t play around with us. We can jump walls. We can swim rivers. And we can defend ourselves.”

This kind of talk is accepted by our politicians even though it is an admission of approval of lawbreaking by Mexicans. An ex-president of Mexico is defending his people's right to breach our border controls, to “break into” our country against our will and our laws, and “fuck you” if you don't like it. It would never be acceptable the other way around, that is for sure. But they will do it. They will climb over your walls. They will swim across rivers to get to your shores. And they will defend themselves … how? He warned in the program :

... if Trump starts a trade war, then Mexico could retaliate by stopping or limiting money transfers and remittances for US corporations and American tourists in Mexico.

I really doubt Mexico would be willing to stop American tourism! I understand the Mexicans are shocked by the idea of a big, serious border wall, but this kind of talk by Fox (and gesture too) is really beyond the pale for someone of his standing. Do we hear the current government in Mexico City denouncing him?

Donald Trump says other countries don't respect us. This is about as disrespectful as it gets. Don't cave in. Stand tall and vote for Trump and the wall.


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An interesting point about this Mexican joker is that his people live with walls and love them! Any home of substance has a wall around it ... to keep out intruders, burglars, beggers. You can bet Vincente Fox's big hacienda is surrounded by a wall!

We have a far more law-abiding population and better police protection, so we don't have to wall off our property from our fellow ciizens and cement broken glass along the top. But our national neighbor to the South is not law-abiding toward us, so Trump is right that we need to stop being the dummy.

I was in Ecuador for a year and 3 months until March.  Ecuador is the same.  Everything has a wall around it, glass on top of walls, bars over windows and even electrified fences, which I almost mistakenly touched.  In particular, you'll see one or more of these security features around anything of value, anything nice.  The only exception can be gated communities and I'm told that there the security guards are often corrupt and your place isn't safe, in particular if you have anything of value.
I have nothing against the people, some of whom are very nice.  But I don't want to live in a country like that longer than I have to.  I don't want the world's beautiful countries and cultures to be brought down to that level.  In particular I'm concerned about Germany, land of my parents, and Europe.
Given that what we now have in Germany and Europe (the destruction of the German people) was planned before WW II by Jews such as Theodore Kaufman (the sterilizer), Henry Morgenthau (the race destoyer thru mass immigration and emigration) and others and today prominent Jews such as Gregor Gysi, Barbara Specter and many or most other Jews support multi-culturalism, people need to be made aware of Jews leading role in this disaster (genocide according to the UN definition) brought upon Europe and the world. 
I value all cultures, but I'm foremost concerned about my own.  I think the best way to help countries that are struggling is not to bring down the advanced cultures to their level, which is an act of animosity, disrespect and even hatred, but to have the advanced countries peoples help improve the lives of people in backwards countries.   

Yes, Peter, thanks for your input, cause I had thought after I posted the comment that I probably should have mentioned that it's not just Mexico that depends on walls, but all of Central and even South America. It's throughout the Latino culture.

It was said as a joke, but true, that in Mexico no one wanted to call the police if they experienced a robbery ... because during their investigation, the police would walk off with whatever of value the burglars left behind!

As you found, these can be some wonderful people as individuals, but as a culture I discovered I liked my own better. Most latinos who become permanent U.S. citizens like the law and order part of it, even though they try to keep hold of their language and cuisine. But those who wave the Mexican flag as if the US southwest were part of Mexico should be invited and helped to go back. I hope Señor Fox gets his comeuppance.

How to get Mexico to pay for the Wall. If you like it, pass it on to Trump, if you can, via Twitter.

Yep, the low-IQ Vietnamese also have their houses built, usually very cheaply with thin brick walls, with bars on the windows of the first and second floors. That's to protect from theft by their own fellow Vietnamese, one of the lamest slices of the Mongoloid race. This is true throughout the country. I lived there for some years and traveled extensively.
Any place without bars on the windows, such as auto dealerships, post a security guard all night.
Carolyn, if I may, please allow me to invite you to consider or reconsider what many of us on our truthtelling websites say about Trump. He is simply the latest crypto-jew in White's clothing in the jews' electoral Big Show every four years whose particular role is specifically to mislead our people who are at least half awake to the enemy race of jewry.
As partial evidence, let me suggest that the jews who own the banking system and tv industry do not, absolutely do not, help nor allow a White man to enjoy the use of those systems to rise to huge wealth and lucrative fame.
Everybody who puts a hope in Trump remains sedated into inaction for our race, waiting for someone else, waiting for a "savior," thus helping us not one bit to overthrow jew rule.

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