Forty-year-old Eritrean “refugee” rapes 79-year-old woman in German cemetery

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-07-25 17:47

WHAT NEXT?! THIS IS NOT THE FIRST RAPE OF A 70-PLUS-YEAR-OLD German woman by a non-White foreign “refugee(s)", but perhaps the first one that took place in a cemetery, which this 79-year old had been in the habit of visiting every morning.

She went early to the Central Cemetery in Ibbenbüren (North Rhine-Westphalia), like at 6 a.m. On this day, July 25, a 40-year-old Black man, a known “refugee” from the neighboring town of Hörstel, happened to be there and sexually attacked her. Did he know she regularly went there? Was he lying in wait for her? Whether planned or spontaneous, when the elderly woman was attacked she cried out and her shouts brought a witness to the scene, who immediately called the police. They arrived to find the Black, sex-hungry Eritrean still engaged in the act. He did not resist when they arrested him, it was reported.

Though it was Sunday, an Ibbenbüren magistrate ordered him detained until trial. Penalty for rape is from two to 15 years' imprisonment. But that is not sufficient. What must be determined is whether German people must now hide in their homes because genetically highly-sexed African migrant men are allowed to roam freely around the small towns of Germany, with nothing to do (no work, no job) and with no investment in the community. A question that needs to be asked is where are Black African males going to find sexual partners in a White country like Germany? Do the ruling parties expect German women to bed down with these Africans, and/or to marry them?  If they don't expect that, then to remain in Germany these men would need to be castrated!

Rather than that, they should choose to remain in an African country. Germans should stand up and express their outrage at what's being done to them and their country.


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castrate is an excellent ideal.
thank you for the suggestion!

put Angela Merkel in same jail cell as him.

Hey Ezio -- I was so disgusted writing this that I could not keep myself from using that word -- castrate. Because really, if certain people don't have the power to control themselves in a country where self-control is required, then others will have to do it for them. Or keep them in prison forever.

Because he didn't have a gun or otherwise batter the poor woman, he will probably get sentenced at the low end of the scale -- of two years! And he can masterbate his time away in his prison "apartment" in comfort. Not justice!

Use a very blunt butter knife to castrate that rapist.
After that drop him in the middle of the Med sea.

From Freedom Party leader HC Strache's Facebook page:

A Syrian was arrested on Monday afternoon in Vienna when seen jacking off next to a children's playground. Parents called the police, after noticing the 25-Year-old in the courtyard of a residence in the Gußriegelstraßem and he has been arrested.

According to the police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger, the  25-Year-old was observing children in the playground and masturbating. When the Syrian saw that parents called the police, he tried to escape. But because of the exact description given to the police, he was apprehended.

I'll bet there are numerous incidents like this every day. But it doesn't deter the do-gooders from believing it can all be overcome, and that these people can be integrated. I guess it has to happen to their children or grandchildren to change their minds.