Friedrich Paul Berg gives an opinion on the VW emissions "scandal"

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 VW Diesel Hoax?

by Friedrich Paul Berg - Wed Sept 23, 2015

I seriously doubt that the accusations currently so popular about VW diesels are valid. The bosses at VW are, however, more than intimidated by all of the media hoopla and are simply caving in for fear of being the "bad Germans" once again. I could be wrong, of course--but I think the furor has far more to do with the revival of anti-German racist holocaust propaganda than with any real technical problems inherent at VW. The VW execs are trying to get out in front of the media storm by caving in and admitting guilt, blah-blah-blah--and denying nothing at all even if it means the very future of their entire company--which was, of course, created by the "great Old Man" himself before WW2.

The alleged "defeat device" in the 2008 and later VW diesels supposedly was turned ON during testing, but OFF during normal driving. Well, what does that really mean and specifically what was turned ON, or OFF? Was there a urea tank somewhere in the car which introduced urea liquid to make the cars pass when the testing was in progress? There is nothing like that in those VWs at all--so, that could not possibly have been involved. So, what was done? I have read several articles claiming to explain the deception but they contained ONLY the vaguest generalities. What was really done, specifically.

Was the fuel/air ratio range manipulated? This would have certainly been possible, and easily enough--but rigorous testing with brake dynamometers should have revealed this as well in almost any testing lab. My guess is that the testers from West Virginia simply did not do their testing properly. They made wild guesses whereas in Germany, the same model cars were tested far more accurately. The WV testers used ONLY two cars according to their own stories.

One of the advantages of lab testing is that one can "stabilize" the operating conditions before taking data. During actual driving, however, "stability" is almost non-existent due to the various driving conditions encountered, especially on America's generally crappy roads and highways---and that is precisely when one can get momentary readings that are NOT truly representaive of the car's performance as a whole. Experienced testers generally know this all too well as they look at readings that bounce all over the place during "unstable" momentary driving conditions; that is why standardized lab testing is so essential.

Perhaps we can all learn a lot about diesels which until about 2008 were also blamed for the killing of about two million Jews in the so-called HOLOCAUST--and that stupid but extremely dirty hoax is still out there. We can also learn how media hype can drive people to believe the stupidest things imaginable.


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Comments This is the guy who is behind the scandal. 
It is quite possible what Fritz suggests. VW is now the largest auto manufacturer in the world. The car company Adolf Hitler founded! It wouldn't surprise me if there is hateful attempt to crush it before VW leaves Toyota a distant second. Right now, Toyota and VW are basically en par, with VW only a minimal amount ahead. 
I read VW statements earlier this year that they "are not in it to win it" (lol), when asked about the 1st place. What kind of statement is that if not an Anti-German one. What company makes excuses for being top notch? 

The Japanese I dont trust and always felt they did the Germans in during WWII. Do you have any information in this regard? The reason why I ask this is becuase post WWII they still have a space program, aricraft carriers and they dont get hammered about WWII as the Germans do. There is something that does not fit. 

The Jews want rid of us worse than they want rid of the japanese.

Fritz is also right on the Diesel gas chamber angle. 
Audi (part of VW) produced a commercial for its Clean-Diesel line. In it a man  tries to kill himself by putting a hose into the exhaust of his car and directs the emissions into the cabin. Then waits over night. A gasoline engine would evidently cause death through suffocation. A Diesel however does not! 
Yes, a commercial by Audi-VW that proves that Diesel is not deadly!!

Check out the private equity group Cerberus, managed by Steve Feinberg and its interworkings with General Motors. 
I suspect Berg is right with his thesis. Remember that Toyota was attacked several years ago by false accusations of bad brakes.  No proof whatsoever was required to make Toyota pay those who engineered the extortion.

we all know that the NSA has been spying on germany , this is just a form of economic war fare. I wish the germans would get off their knees and stand for something. I wouldnt be surprised with this is a back door way to strong arm the germany government  by saying do what we want  and we will minimise the fines if you dont we will take the maximum punishment .

This is a good article that explains quite a bit and looks at the "scandal" from a different perspective than does the MSM. It is recommended by Berg.

The VW diesel "cheating" story is still a terrible muddle.  It is claimed that the VW diesels had two entirely different operating modes: 1) a testing "clean" mode which satisfied the government testers, and 2) a normal operating "dirty" mode which performed great on the highways but caused excessive nitrogen-oxide emissions. 
The VWs ran quite well in both modes--but the "dirty" mode  gave much better, or "hotter" jackrabit-like performance.  It also polluted, however.
So, why not simply rewrite the software so that the car ALWAYS ran ONLY in the "test" mode.  The car would have had less "hot" or "jackrabbit" performance but it would have been CLEAN.  The car would have still been a great car just as all VW diesels were before 2007.  Some financial compenstaion could have been given to all new diesel owners--and that would have been far less than the 18 billion dollars being talked about now.
Problem solved.  No fatalities and no injuries involved.  Unfortunately for some, the desired destruction of VW would not happen; that was the real objective behind all of the blah-blah.
Friedrich Paul Berg
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