German court carries out Jewish vengence on former SS guard

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-06-17 13:08

FEAR OF THE JEWS IS THE REASON FOR THE HARSH SENTENCE OF 5 YEARS IMPRISONMENT GIVEN TODAY BY THE COURT IN DETMOLD, Germany against the 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard, Reinhold Hanning. All of the plaintiffs are Jews who lied outrageously in court about what they experienced in the WWII camp. The World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder (son of Estee Lauder, cosmetics titan) was naturally asked what he thought of the sentence; he said it was “fair.”

These are the historical errors the court accepts without question, nor could anyone question them:

1) That Auschwitz was a “killing machine.”

It was a labor camp, and Birkenau was a concentration camp for those who couldn't work, including mothers with young children and entire gypsy families. No one was “killed” there but some were executed for cause, some died of natural causes, and many died of typhus.

2) That there was such a thing as “extermination via living conditions” at Auschwitz. In particular “hard labor and starvation.”

Why then did both camps have such large and busy kitchens? Why did they have medical clinics and hospitals, even dentists. The inmates worked a standard 8 or 9 hour day (unless they were on special assignments, for which they got paid), and had time for recreation such as soccer, swimming, movies, and theater productions. This is documented but ignored and surpressed by the liars.

3) That there were gas chambers at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

There never existed any homicidal gas chambers anywhere at any time. That idea comes from war propaganda. It has all been convincingly debunked.

4) That canisters of Zyklon B were dropped into the gas chamber from holes in the roof.

Another idiotic lie that has been proven false. The Jews at Nuremberg had to explain how the alleged gas chambers functioned and this was the best they came up with on short notice! They still have not improved on it, except with the theory that a shaft was attached to each roof opening to prevent the granules from falling on people's heads. No evidence of shafts has been found.

5) As a prison guard, Hanning helped keep the killing machine that was Auschwitz running.

As a prison guard, his job was to keep prisoners from escaping, as is the job of every guard in every prison facility in the world. It's a far stretch to think he therefore “kept Auschwitz running” because nowhere are guards considered to be responsible for the actions of the management of the facility where they're employed. It's not like he had a choice whether to take this job.

All of the above reveals total ignorance of the work of revisionist scholars and total prejudice against the Hitler regime, called the Third Reich. It also reeks of forced servitude to a Jewish fantasy called “Holocaust” that cannot allow a true defense because telling the truth is against the law. The “Holocaust” fantasy fails every test dealing with science, forensic evidence and human psychology, but it is enforced as the law of the land anyway and no evidence to show otherwise is allowed. This is solely due to the insistence of the Jews.

Personally, I feel no hurt over the fate of 94-year old Reinhard Hanning. He is weak enough to have made several self-incriminating (and Reich-incriminating, which is worse) statements that his lawyers and/or he thought would give the judges reason to show him leniency. But no, it did not. So much for false confessions – they'll still hang you in the end. And in the end, I'm sure he will not spend a day in a prison cell, but some other arrangements will be found. What is wanted by the powers-that-be is just to have the conviction and 5-year prison term on the record. They are also thrilled over his "confession" which does more harm to the German nation than it will ever do to him personally. So in my book he's a traitor, not a martyr, even if he is a very old man who has been indoctrinated to believe the fantasy for the past 70 years.

He is what you'd call a good "obedient" German who wants to do the right thing. How the Jews love that kind of German.



Had I been Mr Hanning in that courtroom, I would have declared the Holocaust to be false - 'I know it didn't happen, as I was there'. The court would have sentenced him to a maximum five years for denial true, but he got five years for pleading "guilty" anyway.
Age had turned his brains to mush and time had eroded his willpower. You're quite right in that he deserves no sympathy: he betrayed his sacred trust as an SS man. No 'Honour is my loyalty'.
In a hundred years, Germany (if there is a Germany) will look back on trials like these and damn the prosecutors and judges for their cruelty and mendacity.
Thank you Carolyn for all the hard work you put into this site.

"... he betrayed his sacred trust as an SS man."

I think where he betrayed it most was in calling it a criminal organization

However, if he wasn't so easy to intimidate and manipulate, they would not have selected him for prosecution, would they. If he were someone who would deny what all those little demon-witnesses swore to, he wouldn't be allowed in the courtroom. It was all staged and figured out beforehand, and Hanning played his role.

I'm sure most reasonable people are repulsed by this ridiculous display of German masochism and Jewish theater of the absurd. And what's more, very few  have even paid any attention to it! That's the good news.

It wouldn't surprise me if Mr Hanning had been bribed in some way to play his role. As you said, Carolyn, he probably won't spend a single day in a prison cell. The Holohoax narrative has been taking a pounding recently, thanks to the work of revisioinsts. All the Jews wanted was a public admission in court by a former SS officer of the 'extermination' of Jews.