German Europe or European Germany? asks Green's Fischer

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2014-10-15 14:51

Former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer gestures during an interview with Reuters in Berlin, October 13, 2014. REUTERS/Hannibal

"The big question is whether we are moving towards a German Europe or continuing on the post-war path of a European Germany," Joschka Fischer told a Reuter's interviewer on Monday. He makes it clear he favors the latter and fears the former.

"Even today, no one knows what Merkel's goal is, what Europe she wants to have." Angela Merkel's electoral victory in 2005 put Fischer out of power.

Former German foreign minister and vice chancellor under Social-Democrat Gerhard Schroeder from 1998 to 2005, Joschka (Joseph) Fischer was instrumental in founding the ultra-left Green Party with which he remains associated today.

His new book, Is Europe Failing?, traces what he describes as a "dangerous unraveling of the European project" back to the events in Paris in October 2008 when the bloc set out on "a perilous path of renationalization that could tear it apart in the years to come." [In early 2009, ten Central and Eastern European banks asked for a bailout. see here]

"We are at a key moment, with Europe emerging once again as the weak spot in the world economy. German policy has to change," he said. [Become more liberal with the German people's money is what he means -cy]

Without a common approach, he predicts the bloc will face a political crisis in which anti-European populists like Marine Le Pen of France's National Front and Nigel Farage of Britain's UK Independence Party gain the upper hand. 

"Germany is as strong as it's ever been since the founding of the Federal Republic in 1949, but in relation to the rest of the world we are in economic decline, just as France and the UK are in political decline in power terms," Fischer said.

"Europe is our best investment. We would be the biggest losers if we allowed the project to fail." 

So says a committed leftist/Marxist Green Party member. What I, Carolyn Yeager, say is:

Germany alone cannot make the EU and Euro succeed. It takes all the members adding value rather than coming into it only for what they can get. But still, it makes sense to me that a strong Germany makes for a strong Europe and alternatively a weak Germany is a disaster for Europe. Germany really is the beating heart of Europe and not the other way around, more than any other nation. A German Europe has a solid ring to it (it already exists in practice), but the nationalistic pride and "free-rider" mentality of most Europeans prevent them from admitting it. However, Germany needs to throw off the USA and develop a strong anti-immigrant policy in order to lead Europe properly.


"Germany is a problem, for Germans are more ambitious, more disciplined, and more talented than the rest of Europe. This will always lead to 'imbalances'. But it can be countered though, by redirecting as many funds as possible out of Germany. It doesn't matter for what at all. It could also be radically wasted. - Most importantly, it's not in Germans' hands. And that saves the world."
(Joschka Fischer) 

 "All democracies have a basis, a founding rock. For France it is 1789, for Germany, it is Auschwitz."  
 "It would be tragical and ironic if a reactivated Germany...would cause the destruction of Europe for the third time..." 
"Otherwise, you'll end up in a completely wrong debate, which is: Germans were victims as well. You would relativize the historical guilt..."
The German war guilt and invasion of Poland "for no reason" is essential for the Zeitgeist that oppresses Pan-Europa. Poles (especially) and Serbs benefit from this lie and need to man up and admit it. Regardless of British/Jewish/Soviet/Russian manipulation. 

It's truly unbelievable how much Germans like him hate the strong German people -- I guess it's because we Germans reveal the lie of "equality" that people do poorly in life because they're not given a chance. That has never stopped a determined, truly capable person.

I find his statements shocking. Thanks for posting them, Markus. And to think this man was vice-Chancellor and tried to become Chancellor. He and his disgusting ilk will blame Germany for the failure of the EU. That's the threat that hangs over the head of Germans if they don't pony up. We have to hope for the success of Le Pen and Farange.

You have summed this up well yet again. The 'equality' that is being sold is a myth. There is no such thing as 'equality' in nature. You have a lion, tiger, deer and rabbit. This is part of the liberal brainwashing telling us we are all equal. It was Hitler who said you cannot go against the iron will of nature and thing you are going to win. I am paraphrasing.
I have never liked the liberal left - they are all human scum. They destroy everything they touch. It is intersting what Fischer stated:
"Most importantly, it's not in Germans' hands. And that saves the world.""
I will bet that he is talking about the surrender rules that still govern Germany even today. I would think this will not last forever and Germany will rise again. As for Markus his quote:
Poles (especially) and Serbs benefit from this lie and need to man up and admit it.
You are never going to have that happen as they will deny everything to their graves. Its just simply in their nature. Look at Greece the beggers of Europe. Even today they find someone else to blame for their problems except themselves. The day people man-up that is the day we will see real change in Europe and the world.
Fischer does not hate a strong Germany. He hates Germans. I am sure he even hates being called a German. These destructive elements in society will ruin everyone. They are mentally ill and best served being put down like a wounded animal. The problem is that they get loads of air-time in the media so their mental illness is allowed to spread.

I hope Mr. Fischer got his Day in Court, to face charges of high treason and war crimes.

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