German Guilt Insanity Reaches New High

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2013-07-31 14:07

By Carolyn Yeager

A few people attend the state-sponsored "unveiling" of a monument memorializing one dead Turk in the city of Dortmund, Germany on July 13th. Family members of Mehmet Kubasik are given white roses to place on the ground. Would any self-respecting nation do such a thing as this? No, only the Germans have been reduced to such a pitiful level.


The trial of Beate Zschäpe and three other alleged "accomplices" to the murder of 9 foreigners (8 Turks and 1 Greek) from 2000 to 2007 is in progress. Though it's been going on since May of this year, in truth it has barely started. We are told that it will not not wrap up until the end of next year - late in 2014.

Two deceased young men who are suspected of being the murderers have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, i.e. the German media, already ... and also by the state and Federal prosecutors offices, and even the Chancellor's office. As soon as Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt were found dead in their burning van on Nov. 4, 2011, in what is being called a joint suicide, they were declared to be the perpetrators of 10 unsolved murders in widely separated locations throughout Germany that inexplicably ended in 2007.

Though their guilt has not yet been proven, it has been assumed by the entire country--including the court in Munich that is trying Beate Zschape as the third member of the NSU "murderous trio."

That is background. The point of this post is that, with everything decided well in advance of the complete evidence being presented, and before the defense has done any serious rebuttal, no one minds that stone monuments memorializing the deaths are being erected stating that the men are the victims of right-wing terrorism.

*    *     *

On July 13th, near Dortmund's main railway station (city center), a 10 meter (32 foot) high memorial monument in granite stone (photo above) was unveiled by Mayor Ullrich Sierau during a special ceremony attended by the minister for integration for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Guntram Schneider. Also present were Turkish Consul General Sule Ozkaya and the German commissioner for the NSU victims' families, Barbara John, along with a few family members of Mehmet Kubasik,  the Turkish man who was shot in that city in 2006.

Yes, only one of the nine was killed in Dortmund, but Dortmund now has a 32 ft. high monument with the names and cities of all the 10 victims (the last was a German policewoman). In addition, every city in which the killings of these immigrants took place will have a monument too--with all 10 names on it.

Nuremburg, for example, had a similar event on March 21st with a similar large monument for its victims --Enver Simsek in 2000, Abdurrahim Ozudogru in 2001 and Ismail Yasar in 2005. Only Simsek's daughter attended the ceremony.

The massive monument erected in Nuremberg.

And not only that, but all the monuments carry the same text agreed upon by the cities:

"We are dismayed and ashamed that these acts of terrorism were not recognized for years for what they were: murder in contempt for humankind. We say: Never again!”

Is the use of the Jewish motto for "holocaust"--Never again--a coincidence?" Hardly. It conjures up the image of genocide of "the other" as a threat still needing to be resisted in Germany--at that time it was Jews, now it is Turks or any "foreigner."

Look at the size of the obscene land-grab of prime Berlin real estate (notice the Bundestag dome in the distance) by the "Jewish Community" for their monolithic Jewish Holocaust Memorial. It's difficult to imagine anyone conceiving of such moronity, let alone allowing it.


Placing these monuments to Turkish immigrants (some call them invaders) in highly visible public place in the several major cities - Nuremberg, Munich, Hamburg, Rostock, Dortmund, Kassel and Heilbronn - just adds to the plethora of "holocaust" memorials and monuments already taking up the living space of the crowded German people. There was a time when the Germanic people, along with other Europeans, were fighting off the Muslim Turkish invaders who had reached all the way up to the Gates of Vienna. Now these same people are being welcomed as honored guests and not enough can be done for them.

It seems as if Germany exists, since the war, only to serve the interests of non-Germans, in a never-ending attempt to expiate invented sins that they did not even commit. A cruel fate indeed, and one which only the Germans themselves can refuse to accept any longer. It is to be hoped that this trial, in the end, will serve to awaken them.


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