Germans demonstrate against Merkel: "Blood on her hands"

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-07-30 18:33

Signs showing Merkel with blood on her hands saying "We Can" are seen at the Saturday, July 30 mass protest in Berlin.

REPORTS OF UP TO 10,000 anti-immigrant demonstrators gathered at Berlin's Washington Square on Saturday to listen to speeches and chant “Merkel must go” and “We are the people.” They finished by marching through the streets behind a gigantic "Merkel Muss Weg" banner.

Thousands more gathered throughout German cities to protest the government's "open-door" policy that many have blamed for four brutal terrorist attacks that left 13 dead over the last two weeks.

Here is a video from RT of the event - move forward to 32 min. to start.

One view of the very large crowd in the thousands -- looking like normal White people, very much like Donald Trump's crowds do.

Counter protesters from anti-fascist and left wing groups were also present, supporting open migration.

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced after this wave of terrorist attacks that she intended to keep her "welcome" policy in place, calling it Germany's "historic duty" and "historic challenge" to help people fleeing war and persecution.

Did she have to say why? Of course not -- it is understood she's referring to World War Two which her government, and every government of the Federal Republic has accepted full blame for. It also refers to the invented lie of the "Holocaust" and to the millions of Germans who became refugees when driven from their homes with the approval of the Churchll-Roosevelt-Stalin-World Jewry conspiracy to destroy the German people so they can never stand up and compete against them.

That's what we're dealing with but, unfortunately, most Germans in the streets today don't know that. They do kinow, however, that open borders means destruction of their German culture and homeland.


Postscript: Deutsche Welle (, the German national news service, which covers everything that goes on in Germany, has still not mentioned today's demonstration in Berlin and elsewhere. Neither, it seems, has Der Spiegel. Nor have American news outlets. So I guess they've made a pact to journalistically boycott it!

That doesn't include the UK, which is where I finally found it earlier.


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I couldn’t believe it when I first saw Merkel celebrating the holocaust and saying that Germany was responsible for starting WWII.    It breaks my heart to see the great German people graveling in the dust at the feet of their Jewish lords.  But this same thing is happening in the USA.   Israel is a foreign government manipulating our elections through AIPAC and the Jewish ownership of most of the media.   Like the German protesters all we who see through the lie of the so called holocaust want is a level playing field.  But the Jews hegemony in the US through the private central banking called the Federal Reserve does everything in its power to under-mind  Christian morals and the Christian family.   We all know it is absurd for a man to call another man his husband.  This makes language itself meaningless.  When words can mean anything you want them to mean then they mean nothing.  (Incidentally, this is illegal in Israel.)  So the Jew brags about his superior cultural position based on his superior intellect when, wink, wink, we know his position is the result of rigging the system, making the goy his slave.  The US should ask itself why it has to pay interest on loans that it has to borrow from the Federal Reserve, which makes the FED the real power in the US, not the Congress, Court, or the Presidency.   This interest is the debt. As the Jew Greenspan said the FED is anserable to no one.  
Even though we have the Constitutional mandate to print our own currency without interest the Jews have so insinuated themselves in positions of power that there is no possibility of redress.  If you can take a baby boy and mutilate his penis with impunity you can claim the right to slaughter goy at will. The goy are animals to the Jew.  Here is this ancient and barbaric rite of circumcision which was practiced in Egypt long before the establishment of the Jewish people still being practiced today by people in exchange for filthy money.    This is the ultimate child abuse but goes by the name of religious freedom.  But Merkel and all those who buy into the holocaust lie are just as guilty as those Jews who continue to foster this lie.   I give thanks every day for the courage of Carolyn Yeager to continually seek the truth.  It is a truism; the truth shall make you free.  That means, too, that the Jew is not free if he serves money and self-interest over the truth.    Dare to think.  

By betraying her country and people, by provoking, organising the invasion of her own country and by deciding not to protect her people, Merkel made herself guilty of High Treason.

She let more than a million muslim men invade Germany and now they are raping, killing, attacking German people at will, with almost total impunity.

Muslim terrorists are now roaming freely in Europe due to her deliberate attempt of genocide against her own people.

Merkel must go, but she also must be brought to court for crimes against humanity and high treason.

A trial like n Nuremberg in 1945 must happen where all the politicians, media and traitors who helped this invasion must be trialled.

For her crimes, Merkel must be executed !

If the corrupted establishment doesn’t want to eliminate and judged Merkel , then the people should do it !

Merkel must be eliminated like in “Operation Valkyrie”.