Goebbels' stenographer says Germans knew nothing about any "Holocaust"

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-07-05 01:02

Brunhilde Pomsel looks darn good for 105, although she should have used more moisturizing creme. A woman who's seen a lot.

By Carolyn Yeager

Now 105 years old, Brunhilde Pomsel says, “Nobody will believe me, because everyone thinks we knew everything. But the truth is we didn’t know anything.”

She's right that the mainstream media and governments today don't want to believe that. But it's confirmed by the true scholarship about the period, as contrasted to the war propaganda that passes for truth today.

If the murder of 6 million Jews in concentration camp gas chambers was really going on, everyone would have known about it. It could not have remained a “secret” and this is the big problem with the holocaust lie – it had to have been kept from the German population or they would have rebelled against Hitler's government, but there is no way it could have been kept from them if it were really taking place.

This problem for the holocaust lobby has led to various attempts to explain it – from Jew Daniel Goldhagen's book Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, which argues that tens of thousands of ordinary Germans were enthusiastic about exterminating Jews (however, hardly anyone believes this), to theories about the Nazi hierarchy's superhuman ability to enforce secrecy and silence among those few involved, and to give them information on a “need to know” basis so they didn't have the full picture.

Of course, neither of these concepts can stand up to close investigation and so they have not solved this particular problem for the Holocaust Lobby.

She stars in a Jewish-made documentary

Pomsel agreed to be interviewed for a Jewish-made documentary film, “A German Life,” which was screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival last weekend. Following is more of what the Haaretz reviewer Ofer Aderet reports of the film.

Pomsel was born in Berlin in 1911; her first memory is of the arrival of a telegram with her father's call-up order because of the outbreak of what became WWI. After she reached working age, her first two employers were Jews, which goes to show the status of Jews at the time; she would have been 18 in 1929. While employed by lawyer Dr. Hugo Goldberg, she says she cheered Hitler at the Brandenburg Gate on Jan. 30, 1933 (when he became Chancellor). Only natural for a German working girl. At the time, she also took a second job typing a manuscript for the ardent National-Socialist and author-radio personality Wulf Bley.

She retained a Jewish friend Eva Loewenthal even after she joined the NSDAP and saw no contradiction in that fact. But in 1942, when Pomsel got the job in Goebbels' office, she had to advise Eva to stop visiting her at work, causing their friendship to end.

“It was very pleasant to work there; I liked it,” she said. “People were well-dressed, cultured. I was stupid,” she added for the benefit of political correctness. [Right: Pomsel during the war years]

She recalled Goebbels as a “gentleman, elegant and noble,” but also an “actor” who could take off his “cultured, serious” mask and go a little wild.

In 1945, Pomsel accompanied her boss into a bunker in Berlin. At that point, she felt like “an animal being led to slaughter. We had no more leadership. We were lost souls.”

After the war, she spent five years in a Soviet prison camp. “They treated me very badly,” she complained. “I didn’t do anything; I was only Goebbels’ stenographer.”

“Nobody will believe me, but I heard about the Jews’ fate only when I returned from Russian captivity,” she continued. “I knew there were concentration camps, but that they burned people?

“People today try to say they would have done more to help the Jews ... but in practice, they wouldn’t have done it,” she added.

“I don’t see myself as guilty, unless you blame all Germans for enabling this government to come to power,” she concluded. Then she added, “There’s no justice; there’s no God. But it’s clear that Satan exists.”

Little does she seem to know that she's put herself in the hands of Satan in making this film.


So right about Ms Promsel putting herself in the hands of Satan, but, because of that, all of us now know of her and what she did or did not witness; plus, she was born the same year as my mother who died 3 years ago.

This is great.  Because the stenographer of one of the highest leaders in the National Socialist Party says she knew nothing, heard nothing, of genocidal gas chambers she is obviously naive and of a weak character.  How about the obvious conclusion is she did not hear of these things because they did not happen.  That makes more sense.