The Heretcs' Hour: Traitors and Misfits - The Cambridge Five

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July 14, 2014

The Cambridge Five left to right: Anthony Blunt, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Harold "Kim" Philby, John Cairncross

Five privileged young men of the British establishment are successfully recruited in the early 1930's while at Trinity College, Cambridge to seek careers in the Foreign Office and Military Intelligence for the purpose of passing sensitive information to Stalin's Soviet Union. Some highlights:

  • In the "misfit" category: two were homosexual, two (maybe three) were alcoholic, only two lived as married men;
  • They all remained productive on through the "Cold War" with Philby lasting the longest, until 1963;
  • Anthony Blunt, who was not as active, was outed in 1963 and confessed the following year, himself outing several others, for which he avoided prosecution;
  • British military intelligence did not want to advertise their weaknesses to the public, which benefitted Blunt and Cairncross;
  • Cairncross was able to pass decrypted commnication of the German High Command about the crucial battle of Kursk;
  • Philby was the most valuable of the five to the Soviet Union, but in the end he was not named a Hero of the SU, as Sorge was, only his image placed on a postage stamp. He died disappointed in the proletariat paradise.


Here is another traitor. Werner Keller. He was as staff member under Albert Speer.

This Wiki article doesn't have any citations. There are no details about how he "saved Jews." Nor who were the high-ranking friends who supposedly stopped his execution. Maybe he's a Jew who is making up his own story.

I am reading about him in the memoir of German Jew Herbert Arthur Strauss. In 1946 Strauss emigrated to the US and taught history in New York. He knew Keller. He says Keller's goal was to persuade US policy makers to cooperate with German resistance groups and join in a common defense against threatening Russian conquest of Central Europe.

Can you imagine. All these anti-Hitler types had this same idea, yet still today disregard that Hitler was trying to do the same thing, without success. They didn't, and still won't, understand that the US wanted to kill Germany for all time, not "cooperate" with Germans. Only Hitler understood that.

This Strauss is a typical Jew who later became Director of the Anti-semitism Research Center at Technical University in Berlin. Another one who pretends he just can't figure out why people don't like jews.

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