The Heretics' Hour: Disinformation on Internet, Part One

Published by admin on Wed, 2011-10-26 20:01

Jan. 31, 2011

Who are the culprits and why do they do it? Topics include:

  • Purpose of disinformation is to mislead, deceive or confuse;
  • People are put in place to lead all “conspiracy” movements;
  • Alternative Truth and Political Movements are targeted;
  • The myth of the Swastika-Star of David “commemorative coin”;
  • A giveaway sign: consistent false information with no retraction;
  • Examples of false info from two habitual offenders.

12 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 55 min.


Rense seems to be one of the worst offenders and two of the biggest defamations are "Hitler escaped to Argentina' which serves the purpose of making out that the Fuhrer lied to the German people in his last statements and so totally undermines respect for his character, and 'Hitler used floridation to control the people' which serves to taint the Fuhrer with all that is happening today with chemtrails and vaccines and ties him into the New World Order as being a nazi plot being carried out by modern nazis and not the Jew World Order which it really is.
As to flouridation I know nothing about this story except that my water has been fluridated forever and it has never calmed me down. Primal dictum of the Jewish/Jewish-controlled shills is "Anyone who attacks the Jews is working for the Jews."