The Heretics' Hour: Historical Deceptions Uphold Political Power

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-06-16 18:40

June 16, 2004

Vladimir Putin has to kneel to do his part in a wreath-laying ceremony to honor the 10,000 Polish Army officers executed by Stalin at Katyn.

Carolyn investigates the kind of people who become "Holocaust" Revisionists, especially looking at the lack of Eastern Europeans who seem unwilling to refute any part of the official historical narrative. Some highlights:

  • Dariusz Ratajczak was a brave Polish historian who was an exception to the rule;
  • Paul Grubach wonders if currently anti-Russian Ukrainians might become more open to "holocaust" revisionism;
  • Palestinian's article in Bradley Smith's Report is shockingly pro-"holocaust" and anti-"Nazi";
  • David Cole's new book reveals him to be just another attention-seeking Jew who follows the tribal line;
  • Klaus Lund, long-time Swedish National-Socialist with Scandinavian group "Nordfront" says N-S must adapt to "prevailing conditions".


A book on the holohoax can't gain prominence unless the author is a jew.

This show was filled with a tremendous amount of information.  The story of Dariusz Ratajczak was heartbreaking and the continual use of the Holocaust narrative to boost a sense of national self-rightousness in Russia is aggravating.  On a positive note I do not see "The Daily Stormer" glorifying Putin anymore; hopefully this foolish endeavor has ended.  Carolyn is right to note the differences among Europeans; it may be an unpleasant reality but we still have innate differences which create cultural friction and unfortunately make such movements as White Nationalism stenuous.  David Cole's book is also covered; Carolyn pretty much nails Cole's personality down in this episode.  National Socialism on small local scale may work but I think many of the elements that gave it it's monumental rise are lost in History; only time travel could resurrect it, something that makes Carolyn's shows especially pertinent.  

 National Socialism on small local scale may work but I think many of the elements that gave it it's monumental rise are lost in History ... Rick

What is lost is respect for the nation-state, and any tolerance for a strong people based on national identity. It's lost because it's been outlawed by the WWII conspirator-victors (who played the victim) who are dominated by Jewish interests. The only people in the Western world now who are allowed to promote their own interests are the Jews. Adolf Hitler was right in every respect and that is why the political system that developed and was perfected under his direction is still the best there is.

Sure, every element would not be copied exactly. The outward show is not what is important today, but the philosophical core, the educational programs, the writings and studies that are today demonized. True, it was all centered around Germanism, but Germanism still exists in a large segment of European people all around the world. A united spirit could be resurrected and NEEDS to be resurrected. Since WWII there has been a continual anti-German campaign ... even among German people themselves!

This resurrection of an appreciation for the value and quality of German people, or "the Germanic Race" if you will,  goes hand-in-hand with an appreciation for Hitler's German "National Socialism," and is the most effective weapon against Jewry and their very real plan of World Domination. This is the plain and simple truth, Rick. You tell me of a better way. All the other blah-blah from a hundred different tin-pot "leaders" and hundreds of Internet bloggers only confuses the issue. This is, of course, encouraged, rather than being a problem for the powers-that-be.

See for another portrayal of this idea.

Where I live, it's common for people of German ancestry to claim that their heritage is "Swiss"....the "G" word is feared almost as much as the "N" word.

Please state where you live, or else why bother writing such a comment.

I live in Minnesota. I know young people of German ancestry who feel ashamed to identify themselves as such, and this reluctance is prevalent among older folks here, too. I didn't think it was terribly important to mention where I live, because anti-German sentiment seems to be widespread in the U.S., and in other countries, as well.

I'll bet Minnesota has excessive "Holocaust" education and these Blue state kids really fall for it. The Big H is key because it targets these young people who have no defenses.

We have lots of Holo Ed in Texas too, but large parts of the state are still proud of their German heritage (and market it). However, ancestry here means more like 'how long you've been in Texas?' lol.

Yes, LOL, I get a kick out of the "King of the Hill" comedy, which is set in Texas, where the kids attend Tom Landry High School, and the longer you've lived in Texas, the more patriotic you're deemed to be. Minnesota is a liberal state, but jews are worshipped here, even more by so-called"conservatives". When young people show fear of the "G" word, I usually feel sorry for them, because they're confused, but the old anti-Germans are the ones who really disgust me...I listened to a group of them talking the other day...each one trying to outdo the others with self-righteous boasting about how much they hate Germany/Hitler/Nazis, and how there's nothing they wouldn't do to help god's chosen people. Gag me with a spoon!
Here's a 17-second video clip from "King of the Hill" which highlights the kind of "ancesrty" you're referring to (Lol).

I learned from an ethnic German woman in France that there used to be a large ethnic German community in Paris. All of her grandparents are ethnic Germans from that Paris community, but she doesn't speak a word of German. At the time of the Franco-Prussian War those Germans started calling themselves Swiss or Austrian. With the First World War that community pretty much vanished.
There was also a German community in Glasgow before the First World War.

Carolyn, thanks for the information.  I am 75% German and 25% Irish.  I grew up in Des Moines Iowa (1965-1987) which was around 95 percent white at the time (now it has dropped to around 70 percent).  The educational system inculcated us with guilt at a very young age; first it was about the mistreatment of the American Indians, then it was slavery, but the icing on the cake was the "Holocaust".  We were assigned to watch "Roots" and the "Holocaust" miniseries.  I remember as a child hearing about the Holocaust horror stories was and being fascinated by the tales of brutality.  My two older sisters became very liberal, one has become a radical Marxist who went so far as to reject her German ancestry and claim that she was French (a family tree she constructed has since contradicted her claim).  A distant older relative of mine told me that my great grandfather was very upset about the slanders against the Germans people and said they weren't true; unfortunately this knowledge was not passed down and my family identified more with Catholism.  Now I am living in Chicago (a sanctuary City) where as a white I am a minority.  The few Germans I meet by chance in Chicago are self-loathing and brag about their miscegeny with pride.  We now have a Jewish mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and the tribe have become beyond entrenched.  The former Irish Chicago mayor Daley was an embarrassment.  I am waiting for my pension and then will flee this city as quick as I can.  Perhaps the pure German spirit still exists in people like the Amish who fortunely have one of the fastest growing populations.  Unfortunately the powers that be seem to be determined to make whites a minority as quick as possible, an example being 60,000 - 70,000 children crossing the border from Central America, practically invited by the Obama administration.

So thanks for yours, Rick. You and I share the German Catholicism and the Midwest. Chicago was my mother's hometown so I spent regular intervals there growing up. There were ethnic neighborhoods then of the more familiar sort (not Vietmanese, haha) and my relatives lived in the German neighborhoods. Even their parish church and the priests were German. Everything was neat and orderly, and safe. My schooldays preceded "holocaust' education and I can't recall anyone on either side of my family feeling any shame about German history. Or any schoolmates either, a lot of whom had German names. It never came up, except in High School a little bit in history, I suppose, but I don't remember anything that made an impression on me. It wasn't until high school that I learned there were a few Jewish students among us -- not in my specific class year, though.

Looking back on our personal histories, there is no question who and what turned German-Americans into self-haters and self-hiders. Horst Mahler says that the "big (spiritual) battle" is between the Germans and the Jews; I think the Germans should be allowed to fight that battle -- they should be supported and reinforced by the rest. IOW, all help should be given to the Germans, instead of all-hindrance, as it has been.
David Cole's two-faced nature is exposed at 13:50 and 15:40 of this video, when he's asked about Ernst Zundel and refuses to say a word in Zundel's defense. The kind of work which brought punishment for Zundel now brings a million dollar payday for Cole (a.k.a. "Stein").

Great show! Such sobering analysis as this makes up many of my favorite broadcasts of yours, though it is discouraging to come to the realization that so many are charlatans or simply not pulling in the same direction. I noticed when I saw that Donahue show with Cole that even then he was distancing himself from Zundel. "He's not my friend...I've only met him twice." and so on. Your analysis of him is dead-on. What an odd-ball. Did he really need to include more than one pic of him getting his nipples played with in that YouTube vid? I've only really been aware of this information for about a year and a half, so I still have a lot to learn and that Donahue show is my only real knowledge of Bradley Smith, but I thought he did a really awful job there. He just sat like a deer in the headlights as one ludicrous lie after another went totally unchallenged. I know it can be a bit discombobulating to have a room full of people attacking you from every angle, but he knew he was walking into that and it was just horrendous. He couldn't have done much worse. To now hear what I've heard about him from this podcast, it's tough to believe he has anything to offer at all. ...actually one good thing I can say about him is that over the weekend I listened to one of your shows from last year, and I believe you said he once was part of some good work at the IHR. Kudos to him for that, but it sounds like he's quite detrimental now, probably just looking for some bucks.

Thank you for this great explanation. The reasons for Arabs to deny the holocaust are really selfish. They don't care for the well being of Germany or Europe, as evident in how they behave in Europe. They only care about Palestine and Greater Arabia. 
Goebbels called Eastern Bolshevism a marriage of Satanic Jewry with the blunt tenacity of the Russian race (stumpfe Zähigkeit). 
Since WW2, both the West and the East have not won any significant wars anymore. Are they deliberately held in a state of "at least, we defeated Fascism" by their overlords? The "good ol' times" are always associated with "the good guys" that crushed the Nazis and no real victory has been achieved ever since. Only disastrous military excercises, in which both super powers have pulled out their troops at one time or another. (Vietnam, Warsaw Pact, Iraq etc).   

There are revisionists in Baltic. Honouring SS freedom fighters wouldn't make any sense if they would still belive the myth. I'm not intrested in highlighting them because your Hillary Clinton already threttened Latvia to force it pay reparations to the jews.
Every european country has its unique traditions, food and history. That's why I wouldn't divide it into east and west, but different nations.

When I say Holocaust Revisionist I mean those who write and publish about it, even on the Internet. It has to be this way. Not being public about it accomplishes nothing.

Facts are facts: The East has not produced genuine truth-seeking, courageous Revisionists. Even Tom Sunic, a Croatian, won't talk about the "holocaust," citing his fear of breaking the law. The Germans don't let their very strict laws stop them.

Interesting that you say "your Hillary Clinton." Do you condon embracing "holocaust" in order to avoid being asked to pay reparations to Jews? Some people need to get some backbone. But if the current system works for you, why bother? That's what the program was all about.

have been brought to my attention. The first is said to have served 6 years in prison. The following report is from September 16, 2004:

Tiit Madisson, mayor of the town of Lihula, Estonia, has written a book denying the Holocaust, according to local media reports summarized by UCSJ’s Baltic Bureau. The September 7, 2004 editions of the national daily Postimees and the regional paper Meie Maa reported that Mayor Madisson’s book “New World Order” claims that Jews and Masons brought Hitler to power, that Hitler and some of his leading minions were Jews, that there were no mass killings of Jews during the war, and that the supposedly few Jews who did die in the camps were killed by diseases, not poison gas. He also writes that Masons continue to rule Estonia today.

This is uncorroborated conspiracy theory, not "Holocaust" Revisionism.

Juri Lina wrote Under the Sign of the Scorpion which is basically an anti-Soviet book, similar to the one above.

Jüri Lina is a conspiracy theorist. Tiit Madisson has also written another book called something like "The Holocaust. XX centuries most depressing lie." that is said to have made similar conclusions like David Irving, Ernst Zündel and Jürgen Kraf. His latest book title is called "My Struggle".
 There are people who aren't afraid to tell the truth, but you are right that they can't be called revisionists because they're not focusing only on holocaust and writing books about it. The reason why you don't see many Polish or Baltic revisionists is because some of them were put in the labour camps. There used to be a German aristocracy in Baltic, some of which abused the locals.  They would sort of have to go against themselves.
I apologize for saying "your Hillary Clinton". But if you have powerful countries, such as USA, forcing something on the small contries, there's not much they can do about it, unless they're suicidal.

I understand their feelings about the Germans, but maybe they should think more about how they traded the Germans for the Soviet tyranny, and now for the "powerful USA forcing things on them." Small countries should face the fact that promises of independence for them are just that - promises - and accept the better of the choices for who will be dominant over them. Their best bet was back in the 40's with Germany.

Here we have to differentiate regular people, nationalists and the political establishment. From what I understand, before WW2 the Baltic and Polish leaders were allied with Britain. But the British turned them over to the communists. They advised them not to negotiate with Germany. The people in Baltic were against letting the communist bases in, but their nationalistic leaders were locked up. Estonia had won the War Of Independence against the bolshevik red army, it had pretty advanced army for the time but they were not allowed to fight. Only later the Germany enabled them to fight for their independence. But even then not all of them could fight, because Germany was running short on weapons and supplies. The communists would have been "done" if it weren't for the "powerful USA" reinforcing them.
Today there really isn't much choice for them other than west, the Russia is clearly hostile against them. The nationalist know that "promises of independence for them are just that - promises", they would like to see an allience formed between Scandinavia, Finland, Baltic and perhaps Poland, because they have similar regional concerns.

With this you've gone far away from the topic of "Holocaust" Revisionism, and how historical deceptions uphold political power. What these countries "would like" now is immaterial to me and not my concern. Unless it's where Klaus Lund fits into it.

An alliance between these nations would still not give them any power. Where is their military? So enough already.

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