The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs, 4

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-11-04 00:42

Nov. 3, 2014

Carolyn Yeager continues with her study of Poland and how it became the country that we know today, that gave Adolf Hitler so much trouble. 1h37m

Image: Fictional portrait of King Jagiello and young Queen Jadwiga


“Unfortunately, the vaccine against the Nazi virus, developed at the Nuremberg trials, is losing its effectiveness in some European countries. A clear sign of this trend is open manifestations of neo-Nazism, which have become common in Latvia and other Baltic states,” Putin was quoted by the Russian agency RIA Novosti as saying.
“Today, our common goal is to counter the glorification of Nazism, firmly counter attempts to revise the results of world war II and consequently fight any forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism.”
The Russian sticking his nose into European affairs again. 

We all know Putin plays for the lies.The Soviet Union and Russian history is nothing to be proud of. I think they only fear the rise of the neo-nazi's and also revisionism as they must know the truth will come out sooner or later. People are already starting to question the official history.
I am suprised that it took almost an hour for Carolyn to get to what I have said on this blog before. The Poles act like Jews. They make up things and always play the victim even when they are not. On another note something that I have noticed. Countries that dont have a rich history of art also dont have a history of technological advancements. There must be a connection between being able to think abstractly which is needed in technology and art.
Russian advancement only came after WWII from all the German scientists and technology. We know that as we can see how after WWII it hit its peak to where they are today. Back at square one depending on the sale of minerals, oil and gas.

This is the perfect time to say what I been wanting to say. Polish religious freedom is total con job. I smell jews helping them big time it is a LIE. Where is PRUSSIA ?? you know that county that ounce was. You know that GREAT Problem after WW1, What was that Great problem of Gemanic people that lived in the Land of Prussia. I will start with the least reason first and the most imortant reason last it is more cronological that way. Lets look East PRUSSIA White Russia and Russia we are no in Russia. Why are these German Aryans taking up a very SLAVIC NAME. It kind of shows unity with them Dont it.
In very anti Nazi fashion and pro Russian with love for FDR Webster Tarply Sayed this. The reason England did not get involved with the American Civil war Was not that Russia Had it ships off are coast and was ready to go to war with ENGLAND. The Real reasion Prussia would have joined with RUSSIA and with that Germany my have joined in. That Civil war was not that inportant to them. ENGLAND can not have WW1 with Russia and Germany on the Same side.   Hey Webster you never mention the obyious England Whated a World War against Germany they also wanted a WW2 and the land of Palistine for the Jews. By the way they were planning WW3 by 1880 that is scarry.
Back to Prussia the Main reason The Center of the PROTASTANT FAITH WAS PRUSSIA on the world stage.  Are we to forget that as the POLES brag about religious Freedom. I dont want to be hard on the POLES this Religious freedom brag is shit they say because the jews are telling them to do it.
The jewish hated of the Protestant Christian faith is way over looked.
I have heard in circles that are not pro white that Germany was not evenly bombed. It was the NORTHERN EUROPEAN CITYS that got it much worse not the Southern Catholic parts of Germany. The people directing the bombing had a kill the Protastant faith agenda. I do not have his name but I believe every thing I say can be proven if people just look.

Might I ask what nationality you are? To say that Germany was not evenly terror fire-bombed, is crazy? My family was from Germany, and southern Germany WAS fire-bombed VERY heavilly! My family personally, was forced to endure these terror fire-bombings! Your information is wrong!

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