The Heretics' Hour: Nick Kollerstrom, author of "Breaking the Spell"

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May 4, 2015

Carolyn interviews London-based Nicholas Kollerstrom on his new book Breaking the Spell: Holocaust Myth & Reality. After being thrown out of his British university, where he had spent 15 years as a science historian, for daring to publish 3 simple research papers on how Zyklon was used in WWII, including in the German labor camps, Nick had nowhere to turn except into the Revisionist movement. Lucky for us!

Subjects from the book under discussion:

  • The non-existence of homicidal gas chambers, and the science behind that claim;
  • "Holocaust" as the new world religion featuring 6 million martyrs put to death in fiery furnaces;
  • Bletchley Park Decrypts: How cracking the Enigma code may have helped the British win the war, but undermines the extermination camp narrative;
  • The Reinhardt camps controversy - David Irving, the Korherr Report and Höfle Telegram;
  • Appendix IV: Know Your Rights when it comes to "holocaust denial," "hate speech" and "inciting the public";
  • and much more.

Kollerstrom is an engaging personality who also authored Terror on the Tube (2009) on the London 7/7 subway bombings. His website is


Kudos for Kollerstrom and his mighty book. This Holocaust myth has to go, it shields Israel and gives them free reign and they might  trigger WW3 one day, we have to stop them before they kill us all.  Kollerstoms book seems capable of capturing a mass audience, hope it does.   Great show Carolyn.

Very interesting show yet again. I found the last 10 minutes the most interesting as it asks the question --- why keep it alive. You put a new spin onto the reason as I always viewed it as being to keep Israel where it is and justified. To keep milking the Germans and also to allow Israel to do as it pleases using the Holohoax as an excuse. I never thought about it the way you discussed today - keep hate flowing. It reminded me of a video on Youtube where in a speech by Hitler he says that the Jews like to pit people against each other. They like to keep the hatred flowing and simply keep everyone fighting while they run off with the cash. 
Its in this video at 2:20
As for David Irving. I do feel sorry for him. He is one person standing alone fighting the good fight. Surely by this time he must have considered just throwing in the towel and calling it a day. Maybe by simply standing back a bit it gives him more breathing space. 

In this interview Kollerstrom mentions a positive review of his book in the Occidental Quarterly publication. Does anyone have a link to this piece/issue?

I don't think it's online ... maybe in 4 or 5 years. One has to buy the physical magazine.

Ms. Yeager, I'm glad that you are back into doing shows that inspired your program's title in the first place. It was a joy to listen to. This book is my next purchase. However, then I've got to think of ways to pass it on to a good friend here on campus that believes in the Holohoax-- I believe it simply compliments her very humanistic and universalist posture. I might have to appeal to her much vaunted liberal open mindedness to see if she accepts to read this book. I'm also sad to say that when I first very lightly broached the subject she immediately mentioned reading Elie Wiesel's book 'Night' in the 9th grade that made her into a believer without any doubts. So it's quite correct to assume that for most, especially for young girls, that book makes a lasting impression on them. I only read it once on the 10th grade, but I went back to reading German history and quickly forgot about it. I'm glad for that now however. Anyway, great show and I can't wait for the next one. Cheers!

I'm glad that you are back into doing shows that inspired your program's title in the first place.

You are so right, this is what The Heretics' Hour was named for.

There will be much more on Elie Wiesel's book Night next week.

Good interview there Carolyn.
As a host you were on best behavior and bit your tongue, here and there, in the interest of keeping things comfortable for Nick.
A point that I would like to clarify is Nick's comment (around the 25:00 mark) that Germany has been giving Israel "nuclear submarines". Actually, the subs are Dolphin class, powered by diesel motors. The weapon system though contains cruise missiles that the Israelis are fitting with nuclear warheads. There's an article on this here:

Carolyn it is always enjoyable to hear your interviews and this one was top notch.  You were composed and in control and as katana said you kept things comfortable for Nick.
After hearing the show I did a little more research on David Irving and found they are going to be doing a movie called "Denial" that revolves around the libel suit that David Irving put against Deborah Lipstadt.  It sounds awful but it is bound to inspire young minds.  Many gentile girls look up to the likes of Ann Frank already and adopt bizarre fantasies about being Jewish and persecuted by "Nazis".  
Another point I recently tried to watch the documentary "Hellstorm" but I confess it is really difficult to get through.  The thing about the Jewish "Holocaust" fables is that they are romanticized, sterilized, and don't have the gruesome details of reality.  The Jewish "Holocaust" narratives amount to a series of Penny dreadfuls with the happy Hollywood ending where "good" triumphs over evil.   

I think that the first British historian trying to be objective about Hitler was A.J.P. Taylor. Taylor assails the proposition that Hitler had wanted war.
Taylor does not even seem to scratch the surface on the deathcamp myth, however. He calls even the camps in western Germany "murder camps" long after the gassing claims about those places had been officially discarded.
I have to think that David Irving was influenced by Taylor.

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