The Heretics' Hour: Response to a radio program

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-06-07 16:58

An under one hour monologue by Carolyn Yeager to answer the charge that she is "conducting a smear campaign" against Wayne Prante and to comment on other aspects of the "Spingola Speaks" radio program of May 30th. A few highlights:

  • To smear someone is to tell lies about them, not to tell the truth about them;
  • Deanna Spingola's main guest in the Spring of 2011 from whom Wayne was getting his education was Carolyn Yeager;
  • Wayne's comment of approvel for Carolyn's exposé of Rodney Martin in Feb. 2014
  • Wayne insists on presenting Adolf Hitler as a committed Christian and calls Table Talk unreliable.

Wayne Prante on Blogger since 2008.


Carolyn, I want to thank you for this program.
 You were such a classy person and respectful person.
 Things will come up with Wayne within the next many days/weeks. Yet you exposed him but were fair.
 Wayne on the other hand is a fire-cracker. Classless and has no respect.
Thank you!

Carolyn, Wayne also claimed he worked as "security" for the Bundesbahn, which would actually mean Bahnpolizei, which in 1992 the railway security mission was transferred to the Bundesgrenzschutz ( which resulted in the merger of the Bahnpolizei into the Federal Border Guard Force. The BGS had already taken on these duties in 1990 for the territory of the former East Germany, replacing the former East German Transportpolizei. The Bundesgrenzschutz was then renamed the Bundespolizei (Federal Police) on July 1, 2005, and this force is currently responsible for security and passenger checks on the German railway system.We are talking military here, not some "security diploma", see the above link attached. Impersonating a German Federal Border Guard is a very serious criminal offence, as he did on the Spingola show, and if he does not recant these lies or proof validity of a said claims, Interpol can be alerted, as at the moment in Germany, "United States Army Europe - USAREUR" is on high alert for terrorism ( &

Wayne probably worked as a Bahnkontrolleur not as Polizei. They chase Schwarzfahrer...

I was going to suggest something like that. There are various jobs within any particular agency.

If he had this job, why did he work as a bricklayer for half a year? It was maybe better pay than working for the Bundesbahn.

I want to note down. I listened to the middle part of the program again and heard this:

2008: He left his Canadian 9/11 group that he had helped to form because members started doing things differently than he wanted. After that, some of them "stabbed him in the back" and did other mean things. He started another very small group that went out in the streets. He helped Splitting the Sky (STS) conduct a speaking tour in many cities of Canada.

2009: Geo. Bush was coming to Calgary, so STS (and others?) came up with the "Arrest George Bush" protest. Wayne was often on the radio shows of Kevin Barrett, Bill Deagle and a local fellow, Geisler. Wayne "bought into" the Reichstag Fire and Gleiwitz false flag because all these people in the truth movement believed it.

Says that at this time he knew nothing about National Socialism. But ... he always says his parents "grew up under National Socialism" and told him how nice it was. However, later he knew nothing and condemed it ??

2010:  He speaks at a local conference put on by Geisler on false flag flu. But he needs to rest and drops out of the alternative truth movement. He learns that STS is dead.

2011: It was in the Spring of 2011 that he first opened his mind to a different view of National Socialism and all the rest followed. That's what I've wanted to pin down. And I've talked about who was on Deanna's shows in the spring of 2011. Rodney Martin's last guest appearance with me was August 4, 2012. So Wayne didn't hear Rodney on Deanna's show until well after that. He was probably listening to my shows ... I know he was! So he is not really honest; he is portraying his own selective picture of his "development" and leaving a lot out, maybe adding a few things in. This is what interests me - the honesty, or lack of, in what he says about himself.


Carolyn a good show and thank you for once again looking deeper into the issues.  We all must be wary of false prophets, charlatans, cheats, and psychopaths whose goals revolve around their own egos, power, and greed.  I have actually received letters from "white nationalists" asking for money for a white youth camp and a phone call from an unknown individual calling me "brother" and asking if I wanted to "help the cause".  How they got my phone number and address I do not know but perhaps because of a past membership I had with the American Freedom Party.  Craig Cobb said in an interview that he was swindled by "white nationalists" and I am sure there are counter operations looking to set people up.  I have been involved in environmental movements in the past (before I grew tired of their association with Marxists and the far left) and know very well about scams and disinformation campaigns corporations will use; however the forces against white unification and enpowerment is much more covert.  On top of this we have bad apples within our own ranks.  We must always be vigilant against our enemies and those who would invite our enemies in.

On June 6th while Carolyn was giving this talk I was at the Truth and Justice for German's BBQ party and I camped overnight at Wayne's place. We had a fun party with eight of us in Wayne's back yard. I can say, having visited his place that Wayne has a humble existence. He doesn't own his own home. He rents a room in a house and does his Justice for Germans work from there.
I listened to the Heretic's Hour but it stops after three minutes. How can I hear it all?
I am the Secretary of the Turth and JUutice for Germans Society at
Brian Ruhe


You and Wayne keep setting up strawmen so that you can knock them down. I have never said or implied that Wayne was a rich man or that he lives lavishly or even well. I live in a humble manner myself, although I am not short on money. You are repeating what he has already said himself, anyway.

On the May 30 program with Deanna, he made the point several times that some of the jobs he held required a clean criminal record. I am not aware anyone accused him of being a criminal. At the end he strongly implied that I have an arrest record. I do not. This he got from the scumbag Rodney Martin whom he says he admires so much. Is he going to make Rodney an honorary member of your T&J Society? I'm starting to notice a number of similarities between Rodney and Wayne.

I am glad you had fun at your camp-out and I'm sure it WAS fun. You can listen to the 6-6 show by cleaning your computer OR by downloading the podcast. Regards ...

I also want to mention that Wayne was talking German with our Vice President, Chris Sandau and with Ted, a German friend who was born in 1937 and he described for us the Russian rapes in Eastern Germany when he was seven years old. 
I saw Wayne's German passport, his German social security cards and his German Driver's Licence. Carolyn, do you speak German in your posts?

SmileLaughing  It's well known I do not speak German, Brian. It's funny how you brag on Wayne. You are really impressed! Keep us updated on his exploits, please.

Hi Brian,
Regarding the definition of who is a German and who is not, there is very little room for speculations and disputes. My question to you: Who is considered a German in the context of the TJGS? Is it based on race and ethnicity and hence based on the latest sovereign German citizenship laws before the Allies installed various temporary occupation administrations within the still existing Reich, or at least the 1913 laws?
Or is a German also anyone who possesses papers from the foreign operated Federal Republic of Germany quasi-government? In other words, foreign blooded Jews, Arabs, Nigerians etc handed out FRG papers by the enemy occupiers as an act of genocidal destruction of the indigenous gene pool through outcrowding?
When you refer to Wayne's German papers, you might not be aware that the FRG is not a state and it is only assumed that the passport holder is a German. Now, I don't doubt Wayne being born to German citizens and hence being entitled to German papers, but again, anyone can obtain these papers. Does TJGS include non-German “Germans” that for some reason or other are considered German by the traitors of today? Would TJGS defend Germans if all of Germany's native population be replaced by foreigners as long as they have FRG papers or speak German and identify as German or at least Turkish German etc?
Here the fact that the FRG is not a state:
"It is upheld (viz., e.g. resolution of the Federal Constitutional Court, 1956-08-17, 1 BvB 2/51, BverfGE 5, 85 [126]) that the German Reich has outlasted the collapse of 1945 and has never gone under or fallen, neither through capitulation nor through the exertion of foreign state authority in Germany by the Allies, nor in the later course of time; it still is an entity with legal capacity, even though it is not fully operable as a government due to a lack of organisation. The Federal Republic of Germany is not the successor of the German Reich."
Here is a municipal website that states that the FRGerman -personnel cards- and passports do not prove German citizenship, but it is only assumed that the possession of the papers relates to having German citizenship as well. Prove of citizenship in the FRG is based on the 1913 Reich laws and not by possessing a German passport. A foreign occupation administration cannot issue its own citizenship papers, but can only act as trustee for the time of occupation.
So again, who is a German in TJGS' terms? The definition in your About page is very vague and could mean anything. Thanks for clarification. 

Our constitution states clearly
"(m) Whereas the German Reich remains under foreign occupation by members of the Allied Powers to this day, we demand that that their provisional, occupational government finally be dissolved and replaced by a form of government which represents and reflects the will of the German people, with a constitution written by and for the Germans, and thereby, restore full German sovereignty, with equal rights in the world."
(o) For the purposes of the society as outlined in our constitution, the terms “German” and  “Germans” do not necessarily refer to citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, but rather, to all people who identify themselves as being ethnically and culturally German.
In other words, when most people today think of "Germans", they think of the citizens of the BRD/FRG. We have already stated that true Germany ie, "the Reich" is occupied. Here we are saying, that it does not necessarily refer to citizens of the BRD/FRG, although obviously most there are "ethnically and culturally German". Germans might also be Ex-DDR Germans, or ethnic Austrian-Germans, Sudeten-Germans, Hungarian-Germans, Romanian, Yugoslavian-Germans or Russian-Germans, or those Germans who emigrated to America, Canada, Australia etc after the war (or their offspring) but who are no less of German descent, and who may also feel victimized by the false "victor's version" of WWII history. Do you, Markus, want say that no FRG/BRD citizens are "ethnically and culturally" Germans? Or that those who emigrated after the war are not Germans? 

Thanks for the response. As of today, a majority of FRG citizens are still culturally, racially , lawfully and ethnically German. This will change soon. 
What about all those foreign blooded people with FRG papers? Are they included as Germans in TJGS? Or other non-related races that "identify" as German for whatever reason? Same goes for foreigners in Austria etc or Austrian Jews for example. 
Your response was still not precise enough. 

the terms “German” and  “Germans” [...] refer [...] to all people who identify themselves as being ethnically and culturally German.

Do you mean by this that one can be culturally German while not being ethnically German? Like Veronica Clark, who says she "feels like" a German so considers herself German (though only able to claim around 5% actual German genetic material)?

To be ethnically German (of majority German ancestry going back several generations) is the only marker that one is German. Adding the word "culturally" confuses the issue. A similar situation exists today wherein people are allowed to DECIDE based on their feelings whether they want to be male or female, or some combination. It can come about that people will also DECIDE what ethnicity they want to be, and it becomes legal.

The purpose is to destroy traditional sexual identity AND to destroy traditional racial/ethnic distinctions. This is the goal of the Jew World Order/One World advocates ... the people you say you are against.

I don't know if I made myself clear, Brian. I'm not talking about Volksdeutsche (Germans living outside of any of the German states and/or without German/Austrian state citizenship) in any way shape or form. I'm talking about foreigners that obtain FRG/FRA citizenship (due to traitors and occupiers making it possible), regardless of their race, ethnicity or tribe.
Does TJGS recognize foreigners such as Turks, Arabs, Africans etc with FRG/FRA citizenship as Germans (or Austrians for that matter), yes or no? Don't you want to answer this question? 

Hi Marcus,
Nothing in our constitution deals with immigration in the BRD/FRG. The whole conversation does not relate to us.

The work that you do is really very much appreciated. Please don't stop doing what you are doing because we need more people like you. That was a well done response and summary. A lot of the things that you have pointed out are actually what some people are also thinking about but can't be bothered to ask and don't have the skill to investigate further. I just wish Wayne and his friends would stop giving the impression that he qualifies as some kind of expert revisionist historian. He is a blogger.  It just isn't fair to unsophisticated users. 

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