The Heretics' Hour: On the significance of the lynching of Leo Frank 100-years ago

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-08-17 11:56

August 17, 2015

Phagan family photos: left, Leo Frank hanging from a tree; center, Phagan family at Mary's funeral; right, Mary Phagan and her aunt Mattie. Below right: New York City event poster. [click on both images to enlarge]

Carolyn gives her views after a thorough study of the Leo Frank murder case. Among her observations and conclusions:

  • Why Leo Frank is the murderer of Mary Phagan, whose guilt has never been legally erased by a pardon;
  • How organized Jewry tried to subvert justice during Frank's trial, its aftermath, and still today;
  • The impact of Govenor Slaton's commutation of Frank's death sentence the day before he left office;
  • How the Leo Frank case compares to the Dreyfus case (France) and the Beiliss case (Russia), which were contemporary events;
  • Defense lawyers accusations of "antisemitism" in the prosecution of Frank were unfounded libels;
  • Memorial events put on by Jewish groups today treat Leo Frank as a hero-martyr.

Jews succeed through applying pressure. They are emailing the Cobb County Board of Commissioners and the Marietta City Council asking them to make some sort of statement of contrition about the Frank lynching. YOU SHOULD WRITE TOO, saying you think Frank was guilty and the lynching appropriate for the time, asking them to remain silent on the matter.

Go here for a very informative interview with Mary Phagan Kean that appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper in 1999.


Very interesting program.  many thanks!

I left out an awful lot of details about the investigation and the evidence. The Frank forces carried out a slew of dirty tricks that ended up failing. So one can't say the investigation was "sloppy"; the police detectives, coronor and prosecutor's office were sincerely trying to find the truth of what happened.

For example, when it was forensically determined that Mary died within an hour or so after she had left home around 11:30 a.m. (after eating a small meal which was still in her stomach), then negro night watchman Newt Lee, who didn't come to work until 4 pm that day (then was sent away by Frank to return at 6) was no longer a suspect.

There are a lot of things like that that show it was not any kind of a frame-up based on "Get the Jew." That's entirely a fabrication.

You might also enjoy the show Hadding Scott and I did two years ago on the anniversary of the murder:

LEO Frank will live on for anouther 100 years. Hear is why jews will still be murdering others in mass. They will not let go of the alibi victim status.
Leo Frank needs a new perspective that promotes true understanding.
The insperation for to kill a mockingbird war the Leo Frank case
To Kill a Mockingbird is what I realy am hearing the more I look at Leo Frank. Look at it as a oppertunity to talk to the young white minds. They almost all must read the book in hi school. This is the guided amgination tour they get. There are forces of good and evil. Lots of Black good but whyb are the at ther bottom lots of white evil at the top. And this evil is the common white man of very low to medium staus himself. Whies Rape a whie women and frame a negro. And as for whites living with there oun kind that is evil.  Be force of good not evil advocate for the negro dont give a shit about your oun kind.
When thev topic is to kill a mockingbird I always talk of Leo Frank.
Leo Frank is the Real Jewish Comminity,  to kill a mockingbird is fiction dont let them act like this is the real you. 

Carolyn, Alonzo Mann's claim of seeing Jim Conley carrying Mary Phagan's body is not inconsistent with the case the prosecution presented against Leo Frank. Conley, who testafied that in the past he acted as a watchman when Leo Frank took prostitutes and sometimes female workers at the factory into his office, stated that Leo frank asked him to remove Mary Phagan's body from the bathroom where Frank had put it and take it to the basement. The time that Alonzo Mann claims he saw Conley carrying the body was probably a liitle off, but I would tend to take Alonzo's statement at face value -- it does not exonerate Leo Frank.
You missed some of the most compelling evidence against Frank -- still an interersting broadcast.

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