The Heretics' Hour : Why Tolerance is the 'toxic trait'

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Feb. 23,2015

The idea of Tolerance as a total good  has insidiously been incorporated into our modern social thinking, and is still increasing in strength and reach. Some of the points brought up in this program:

  • Tolerance has replaced Truth as the major aim of education;
  • Adolf Hitler made it very clear from 1925 up to 1945 that he did not believe in nor practice tolerance;
  • Tolerance is contrary to the idea that life is an eternal struggle for survival;
  • Survival depends on 3 things: the quality of the race, giving significance to the individual personality, and recognition that life is synonymous with struggle;
  • Hitler's 1927 paper The Road to Resurgence written for Emil Kirdorf is discussed;
  • In 1944, Hitler said "tolerance is only understandable as signs of inner insecurity" and "It is madness to imagine that political views must be tolerant."

Carolyn uses these sources: Mein Kampf 1925, "Road to Resurgence" 1927, Table Talk 1942, and  "Talk to Officers at Platterhof" 1944.


Two things Fritz Berg said on The Realist Report on 2-16 that are grossly wrong:

Quote: "Hitler was a great admirer and follower of Friedrich Nietzsche who preached the Overman." 

No, he was not. He is on record as saying he was not personally interested in Nietzsche. Just because his photographer and friend Heinrich Hoffmann took a well-known photo of Hitler staring at a bust of Nietzsche, as a kind of gag, doesn't mean a thing. I would ask Fritz, or anyone else, to come up with a direct statement of the Fuehrer on his admiration for Nietzsche.

According to Leni Riefenstal, Hitler said to her: "'No, I can't really do much with Nietzsche. He is more an artist than a philosopher; he doesn't have the crystal-clear understanding of Schopenhauer. Of course. I value Nietzsche as a genius. He writes possibly the most beautiful language that German literature has to offer us today. But he is not my guide.'"

Quote:  "Hitler wanted Germany to evolve racially as a people, and I don't think he had any fixed ideas about, of who or what races could be part of this German gene pool, even blacks, even Asians were accepted."

This is pure fantasy. Fritz needs to retire.

Interesting info on the Trotzky Club. Aren't the Neo-Cons Trotzkyites, covering up their true intentions vs Bolsheviks, who are straight forward (pretty much)? 

The neo-cons are supposed to be EX-Troskyites. Cool

The Sudeten-German umbrella group gave up their claims to get their property back and their rights to be the rightful owners of that land. 
The Czech president replied that this is necessary for good relations.
Where is the multiculturalism police protesting against Czech Supremacy? Where is the right of return for Germans?,varian...

Most people won't be able to read it, but someone sent it to me. As usual, the Czechs and Poles are still making Germany out to be the bad guy -- in the process of "reconciliation" it is total give on the part of Germans, total take on the part of the Slavs. I'm going to discuss this on Monday.

This appeaser Bernd Fabritius, a Romanian-German, has taken over from Erica Steinbach and it's his doing. The article points out that Erica Steinbach took a "hard line" and was so unpopular with the Poles, especially. So what, I say. What can you expect? But people get worn down. A quote from the article:

He is trying to refashion the group as a voice for other refugees at a time when fast-rising immigration and a sharp increase in the number of asylum seekers has unleashed a backlash in Germany.

“We are born bridge-builders,” Bernd Fabritius, a member of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union who was elected chairman of the federation of ethnic German expellees in November, said in an interview. One of the responsibilities of expellees and their descendants, he said, is to remind others “that deportation is never and for no reason justified.”

Can you imagine?

I bet you have seen this already. But in case you haven't.

"The Czech Republic has been the single island of democracy in central Europe. And [Israel] is the single island of democracy in the Middle East. ..."

And Zeman is an ex-communist. Figures. He's no"democrat" at all, except in the sense of a liberal flunky of the Jews. As Vincent Reynouard said of Hollande, president of France, he is a servant of the Jews. and  Hollande says in a speech to French Jews (CRIF), "If you don't teach the Shoah, you have already denied it." 

Yes, they ALL serve the jews. And who do the jews hate the most?

The Sudetenland was part of Austria, NOT the German Reich or any of its confederate states. Thereby, two things are clear: Austrians are Germans. Germans as a whole get punished. 

Constituted herself as such in 1919.
Article 1: The state is called German-Austria (including Sudetenland).
Article 2: German-Austria is part of the German Republic (German Reich with "Weimar Constitution")
German-Austria's national anthem:,_du_herrliches_Land

I found them really moving, Markus, even in English. I'm sure they're even better in German. Thanks.

Good points about the egregious double standards against Germans here. I want to know why more so-called white nationalists aren't denouncing the Czechs and Poles as anti-white for continuing their discrimination against the Germans? Alot of these guys are so quick to denounce National Socialism, and call anyone standing up for the Germans and their former allies (like the Ukrainian nationalists, who alot of supposed white nationalists also hate), as being "against white people." I guess you have to be the right kind of white person for these guys to stand up for you: anti-German, anti-nationalist, and pro-Soviet.  

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