The Heretics' Hour: World War I Lies

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-08-26 00:23

August 25, 2014

Propaganda poster combining photography and drawing to emphasize religious symbology that projects the German soldier as the persecutor and despoiler of Christian women. Enlarge

Continuing with the theme of the 100th Anniversary of World War I (1914-2014), Carolyn Yeager focuses on the transparancy of the accusations of barbarism and drunkenness on the part of the German soldier in Belgium. In the second hour, who is telling the most lies in the current Ukraine war is discussed. Highlights include:

  • The theme of the Germans "descending from their past high culture to the level of barbarians" is repeatedly used by the Allies, thus the fire that destroyed much of the world-famous library at Louvain (Leuven) is played up;
  • Most of the stories recounting atrocities are by nameless people, and were later rebuked as false by authorities;
  • Gottlieb von Jagow, German minister of State, wrote that the fire broke out after explosion of a convoy of benzine, which was caused by shots fired during the battle with the illegal civilian shooters;
  • Photograph fakery, both in the form of false captions and in the more sinister creation of fake scenes, events, etc. are much more common than people realize - some examples given;
  • The suppression and/or ommision of parts of the content of diplomatic reports and/or telegram messages was common;
  • Of the nations, Russia was the most extreme in lying, followed by France;
  • The pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and the Putin govt. are using lies as a strategy, meaning they have no shame about it and don't really expect to be believed;
  • Bill Finck writes an article in which he compares the situation in today's Russia with the United States in the 1950's, when the undermining of the White majority began.


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I said this before, just analyze the French military strategy Plan 17 of 1913 to understand Germany's decision to go into Belgium first to counter Plan 17. 
No court historians ever mention Plan 17 and pretend as if the Schlieffen Plan was offensive against innocent neighbors that were totally surprised by the German "agression". The alleged war crimes in Belgium by the German are essential for this narrative.

It's pretty obvious why, during their occupation, the Germans didn't trust the French or the Belgians, and kept a close watch.

Hi Carolyn,
While your comments on the WW1 were OK, your position on Ukraine shows a very low understanding of that area and what is going on. Just to clarify a little bit, those you call 'nationalists' demolished the Ukraine gov. only to put in place the... Jews! Way to go for 'nationalists'!
I think it is better when you stay within the bounds of what you really know well (Holocaust, German WWII history).
With respect,

I have heard from you before, and I do wonder why you even listen to me.

First, I did not call the Ukrainians in Kiev Nationalists. I said the "rebels" and your big man Putin call them that. They don't call them Jews, do they? They call them Nationalists and Fascists, right? And "Neo-Nazis." That's obviously what they're fighting against.

So please don't come here and garble my words. Maybe it is better that you stay with what you know (Romania, as I recall) rather than embarass yourself by trying to act wiser than you are.

I changed the words Ukrainian "revolutionaries" (in quotes) to "Ukrainians in Kiev" because I heard from Margel again and she seems to have difficuty understanding the Engish language. She thought I misunderstood her, but I did not.

She says "We know who took power in Ukraine after the fall of the previous govt., corrupt as it was." Do we know? Does she know?

And she says that I don't know enough about the history of Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire to talk about this present Ukrainian situation. Ha. I don't really think that is a requirement, especially since I have been right all along. When you have something intelligent to say about it, Margel, I'll be happy to publish you.

"I said the "rebels" and your big man Putin call them that. They don't call them Jews, do they?"
Amazing point which should be enough to shut down the 'Putin is fighting the big bad jew' crowd.  I think the concept of 'logic' gets a little hazy the further east you go.