"Hitler's Table Talk" Study Hour: Episode 7

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-04-24 11:44

Above: Despatch dog brings hot rations and bullets to WWI soldiers holding on to an outlying German position. How sweet is this? Click to enlarge.

April 24, 2014

Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the Sept.  25 to early October, 1941 dinner table monologues by the German Führer, as taken down by an adjutant and checked for accuracy by Martin Bormann. Main topics in this episode:

  • Life is a cruel struggle
  • Soldiering makes a man
  • Vienna's art treasures
  • National types of Christians, and more.

The edition being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.


I mentioned the Platterhof "speech" in this program. First, it was really a long, private talk to high-ranking military officers in July 1944, not a big public speech.

Second, he said this at that time, which is so similar to what he said in Sept.-Oct. 1941 in these private dinner table talks:

Perhaps I am not what they call a sanctimonious hypocrite or pious. I am not that. But deep in my heart, I am a religious man; that is, I believe that the man who, in accordance with the natural laws created by God, bravely fights and never capitulates in this world-that this man will not be abandoned by the Lawgiver. Instead, he will in the end receive the blessings of Providence.

Carolyn, thanks for continuing this series.

Ray and Carolyn can now really go into this matter without censorship. The difference between Austria and the other German states, united in the Reich, is indeed that Vienna is a multicultural Capitol, while the other German states are very ethnocentric and not everything is centered in Berlin. I am very glad that you two continue your work. Your work is very much appreciated, Ray and Carolyn. 

Your comments are appreciated too.

Hitler's concern over the preservation of natural areas was briefly covered in this episode and was of interest to me.  It would seem that an desire to converve the environment goes hand and hand with an interest in preserving one's people.  Unfortunatley environmentalism has been hijacked by the left, not out of love for the natural world, but as a weapon against Western culture and as a weapon against the excesses of capitalism (nevermind the horrible environmental track-records of the communism).  One example is when Morris Dees (a Gentile from the $PLC) ran for a board member of the Sierra Club to stop "nativist" attempts to curb immigration.

Great to have "Hitler's Table Talk" up and running again.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks Carolyn and Ray for the first 6 episodes of the Table Talks discussion.  This is tremendously interesting, and I especially appreciate the manner in which you two are approaching controversial topics therein.

PLEASE continue! 

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