Holocaust lies continue to be used to rationalize fear of the Right

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2021-01-27 16:44

Observant Jews monitor the "Remembrance Day" service taking place in the German Bundestag, marking 76 years that Europeans have been burdened with this Big Lie. Why aren't we doing all we can to end it?

by Carolyn Yeager

I AM SO TIRED of the stale “holocaust” lies that are still used as a basis for current boogyman fear-mongering such as against 'far-right domestic terrorists' that supposedly roam our streets today in large numbers.

The theme by all mainstream news outlets is that “far-right” ideas, ie. dislike and rejection of the conformity of globalism, threatens 'democracy' and all 'democratically elected governments'. [If a government is not far-left or internationalist-communist enough, then it must not have been elected democratically, according to this lock-step way of thinking.]

Now, I'm not saying anything that all you reading don't already know. My point is, it's high time we stop wasting our time talking about the problem, or looking for more articles to read about it and comments to compose, and instead move into the street and protest in very well-behaved, well-disciplined groups that cannot be portrayed as “anti-democratic” or “dangerous to the constitution.” We have to police our own protests by preventing violent language and super-wierd costumes. But we also have to demand protection from our police and elected representatives as we make use of our First Amendment guarantees.

I'm disappointed in academics like Kevin “Hitler was a disaster but I've never really looked into it 'cause I'm a scientist not a historian” MacDonald and his do-nothing followers, along with other 'white nationalist' or 'white identitarian' academic-appearing websites who publish article after article that continue to ignore or downplay the elephant in the room: the Demonization of the Third Reich, and the crimes of the British, French, Americans and Russians against National Socialist Germany, including the ongoing “Holocaust” lies. This narrative was engineered by those personally ambitious politicians who really wanted to control the world - FDR, Churchill, Stalin - not by the actions of the beseiged Adolf Hitler.

The fake Holocaust is key. Today, January 27, the UN-ordained Holocaust Remembrance Day, articles are being posted on mainstream media that posit a direct connection from “the extermination of 6M Jews” by National Socialist Germany in the 1940s to what's being called today's “far-right domestic terrorists” (by which they mean the national, indigenous people within their own countries, otherwise known as “the people”) who simply object to the loss of their freedoms and the giving away of their ancestral homeland to poverty-striken foreign 'migrants' who would like to move into them without changing anything about their culture.

The Lie in this is so blatantly unmistakable and ugly, there are now "pandemic" lockdowns in place all over the Western world to keep 'the people' from organizing themselves. At this time we have 7000 plus National Guard troops stationed in Washington DC, troops that are to be present the first 100 days of the illegitimate Biden Administration because it intends to jam through measures counterproductive to the American people's welfare.

What is to be done? We the people must protest wherever we can. We MUST make our voices heard and our physical presence seen. Instead of writing useless repetitive comments on free speech sites, write to your elected representatives at all levels. Keep it up. This is far more worthwhile, even though not as easy or as much fun (a bit of work) as engaging in annonymous venting.

I wrote to Senate leader Mitch McConnell and gave him an earful; he has since come out as not supporting impeachment. Not saying I was instrumental but every little bit is helpful. As much as we might hate our politicians, they need to know we mean business. I have written to others and will continue to do so. This is the least I and anyone wanting to maintain their freedom should do. (I just this minute got a call from my congressman inviting me to a telephone town hall tomorrow night. I will have to take the time to join in and help push the conversation in the right direction.) You might recall that Jews launched many highly-successful letter-writing campaigns throughout the 20th Century while Anglo-Americans remained quiet--Henry Ford's newspaper attested to it.

Back to the Big Lie of the “Holocaust,” U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday urged coordinated global action to build an alliance against the growth and spread of neo-Nazism and white supremacy and the resurgence of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and hate speech.

He called for stepped up education on Nazi actions during World War II, stressing that almost two-thirds of young Americans do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

Guterres said U.S. authorities have warned that neo-Nazis are on the rise across the country and around the world. (Who are these “U.S. authorities?” None are named. This is scurrilous fake news by a globalist hack, just like the hack running the World Health Organization, Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.) The UN hack also said:

"The continued rise of white supremacy and neo-Nazi ideology must be seen in the context of a global attack on truth that has reduced the role of science and fact-based analysis in public life.”

From https://www.dailysabah.com/world/europe/german-security-agency-considering-surveillance-of-far-right-afd

We all know it is science that proves the “Holocaust” narrative to be a Big Lie. One day, science will be used to prove the Covid-19 pandemic a Big Lie also. But if we don't change our relationship with truth, that will continue to be distorted by the majority, too. My wish is for the United States to remove itself from these global behemoth organizations (which Donald Trump both threatened to do and in some cases did). Who was it that organized the horrible United Nations and when? It was Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_United_Nations

Also read about “the holocaust revisionists who are now deceased” at http://jan27.org in honor of their bravery and sacrifice. Keep fighting.


Yes! Yes! Yes! What a passionate and heartfelt article. I could just see you pounding away on the keyboard. This nest of holocaust lies must keep getting exposed. Its actually embarrassing that so many intelligent whites have fallen for this head shake or stutter move on the national stage. Thank you for putting heart and soul into this one. Its exactly what I needed.

And you're right. I did just go ahead and pound it out.

Yes. Hats off to you to continue to promote 27th January. Because of the fake Holocaust narrative we now have the fake Pandemic narrative which Trump went along with whether he agreed with it or not. In one of Trump's SOU speeches he actually paraded a "Holocaust Survivor" who was in fact a total fraud. The original cause or seed of all the lies we get today from the Globalist agenda is the biggest lie of the 20th Century, namely the "Holocaust"

"we now have the fake Pandemic narrative which Trump went along with whether he agreed with it or not. In one of Trump's SOU speeches he actually paraded a "Holocaust Survivor" who was in fact a total fraud."

Always have to get a "Trump-attack tirade" in there somewhere, don't you. Well I don't consider it intelligent of you. Consider this: Donald Trump may go along with the USA historical-US Army narrative that all American institutions embrace (No deviation allowed, and certainly there is no chance of getting anyone in that office who did not go along with it, don't you agree?), but President Donald Trump would never set the law on you or I for having a different view or opinion, which is now being done in the Biden administration. Think about that please.

As to the pandemic, he quickly tried to open up the country for normal business and expose China as a perpetrator in purposely spreading it, for which he was labelled ANTI-SCIENCE by just about everybody. And what about your European white leaders - they fully cooperated in locking down, no resistance at all

Donald Trump believes in the First Amendment 100% and practices it and protects it. The current Dems do not and do want to make speech illegal. The same applies to the Second Amendment gun rights and with that gone so are Americans' freedoms. Is that your goal?

Are you even an American citizen? If not, your opinion on our national leadership is misplaced. I welcome your reply, Jos. I'm open to a conversation on this.

Dear carolyn, thank you for your well-wriiten, well-researched, and enthusiastic articles. Yes - I am in total agreement - we need to expose these shameful lies, and put an end to them, once and for all. I once phoned a school administrator, and expressed my disapproval in taking school children to the holohoax museum (I said holocaust of course) especially without this trip being mentioned in the Washongton DC trip itinerary! I stated that these were lies against the German people, and that this was psychological abuse for children! All I got was excuses, and that many teachers and children went there, and no one was bothered by it! I also called the Governor's office in Michigan, and told the secretary that these state mandated holocaust education programs were slander against the German people, and that this mass murder of jews, did not take place. I also told her that these lies are damaging to children. She was kind, and thoughtful, and wrote everything down that I stated, but received no response from the governor, nor his staff.
I also wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper, and explained why children should not be forced to go to that museum in DC. My letter was refused, and one man said that the allies were fighting the "nazis". I sincerely hope that more people will follow in our footsteps. Thank you once again, Carolyn for your great articles.

My thought is to protest the current administration and its labeling of Trump supporters as "domestic terrorists" - to the point of keeping National Guard troops in Washington at our expense and all the other treasonous activity that goes along with such an insane mindset.

I said "write to your elected representatives at all levels." Elected represetatives means those who ask for your vote. That doesn't include school administrators or newspaper editors. It does include your own state and federal congressmen and senators who are supposed to be representing you.

I don't know if you are aware that World History is not a required subject in highschools. All that is required is 2 years of American History in order to graduate. It is also not required to enter university.

January 27 is being pushed particularly hard by the media this year, even the conservative media. I found this link to a UK Daily Mail article at Citizen Free Press, which is a good conservative news aggregate site, under the heading 'Horrific unseen photos from Auschwitz... Children walking to the gas chambers...'. I was rather excited to see it, as no wartime era photographs of the gas chambers have ever been found, and so I was led to believe by the headline that finally the elusive photographs had been unearthed. But no such luck.
I really can't think of anything original to say about this article and its 50+ 'rare' photos, except that visually, the contrast between the prisoners and the guards is striking. The guards look handsome, the prisoners ugly - and stupid and mean.

There certainly is no business like shoa business! 

David, Every year on Jan 27th, sites like theDaily Mail, the Guardian, etc. dredge up old material like this and claim that it's NEW!! None of this is new or unseen - I've seen it all many times, in many places. Totally fraudulent. Just these (you're right) hideously ugly Eastern Jews who were brought to camps, showered, disinfected, and assigned to barracks. That's all that was happening.

This is not a big year for it at all. Last year was the 75th - it was big.

Yes, by contrast the German guards look especially tall, straight and handsome. In retrospect it's too bad Hitler didn't just leave these ignonant people where they were. It just created much ado about nothing ... or one could say, conspiracy theories.

Oh the lies! Anyone German here, look at the Video from Volkslehrer.
He is interviewing a lady, Marianne, who has a wealth of information about what happened to millions of Jews after 1945. They got new ID's and settled in GERMANY as Germans! 
Within one year they had more children than all the Germans and Austrians together.
"Displaced Persons Centre" - created for Jews & inofficially Gippsies under "Joint"  head of all Jewish organisations - establ. by Henry Morgenthau financeminister of USA. 
This is in german but she shows many book that reveal things I had never heard of before. The Jews in those camps, which were impounded German institutions such as schools, museums, univerisities, huge farms, had everything they needed including plenty of food while the German population was starving. The camps were called UNRRA transvere camps but were soon renamed and the vast majority of Jews stayed in Germany. There were UNRRA Univeristies where they could study any discipline to Phd. Soon only those people got Jobs in Germany and no German could find work. 
All this was already planned in 1941.

Thank you for the link. I had only a very superficial knowledge of these postwar operations. Am deeply shocked. Will there ever be justice for the German people.
Klaus Borgolte

I am just as shocked. Just when I thought I had a good knowledge of what when on, then I came aross this!
Lately I've also come acorss info where it was revealed that the pictures of dead, starved, and massacred Jews are in actuality of Germans soldiers from the Rheinwiesen Lager and other such camps.
If only the Germans knew! Herzliche Grüsse, Brigitte

Grüß' Dich Brigitte
The history of Germany, say for 200 years , is so completely misrepresented today to the immeasurable detriment of the German people. Am born shortly before the beginning of the war and only since a few years increasingly awake.  Had actually hoped that the day of the restoration of our honor would come. The so-called pandemic directs our energy in a completely different direction in the face of an impending tyranny.
One thing I know by now is that at least a decisive part of the "chosen ones" was already the enemy of our distant ancestors and still is today.
But we must not forget, the burden of restoring our honor lies with ourselves - and here most of us must be ashamed.
Glück auf

'One thing I know by now is that at least a decisive part of the "chosen ones" was already the enemy of our distant ancestors and still is today.'

A great statement, Klaus. So restrained, which makes it more powerful and thought-provoking. Thank you for all your comments here. In my eyes, you're a great German!

Yes, you are right. I, too, had hoped for some sort of peace and honesty of German history especially apropos WW2. Sometimes I wonder, were we close to it and does the plandemic serves a certain agenda in that respect? An old saying: Der Frieden der Welt läuft über den Rücken Deutschlands. Und natürlich: Am deutschen Wesen wird die Welt genesen. 
These two sayings have to be prevented from manifesting, which is why, I believe, Germany never got a peace treaty. 
Servus, B.

Klaus, Marianne was in court today. https://www.bitchute.com/video/imivAr97B5O1/
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