How Jews distort the nations they live in

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The following news article is an example of how Jews distort a nation's meaning and historical lntegrity. Martin Luther is one of Germany's greatest sons, of whom all Germans are rightfully proud, but some Jew, speaking on behalf of some council they formed in Germany, calling themselves German Jews, puts himself into a superior position to Luther by demanding that today's Protestant church officials censure and condemn their founder because of his 'anti-Semitic' text On the Jews and Their Lies (shown below left as the original publication in 1543). 

From this example we can see that, contrary to Jewish propaganda, Jews do NOT enrich other nations with their presence. Instead, they behave as a foreign element which seeks to alter the native beliefs and ideals of a people for the purpose of getting this people to make a special place in their nation for these Jews and their progeny. It is exactly the same practice as that of the cuckoo bird (right, disgustingly voracious baby cuckoo being fed by a brown warbler after taking over its nest).

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German Jewish leader asks Protestants to condemn Luther’s anti-Semitism

BERLIN (JTA) — Germany’s top Jewish leader urged Protestants to confront and condemn anti-Jewish teachings of Martin Luther, who began the Protestant Reformation.

Speaking at a conference in Berlin last week, Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said he hopes for a clear sign from the Protestant Church condemning Luther’s anti-Jewish writings, ahead of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. 

Luther’s statements on Jews were “not at all acceptable,” the Juedische Allgemeine weekly quoted Schuster as saying at the June 10 conference titled “Reformer, heretic, enemy of the Jews – Jewish perspectives on Martin Luther,” which was organized by the Central Council and the Evangelical Academy.

In his voluminous 1543 text “On the Jews and their Lies,” Luther called Jews a “base” people and urged faithful Protestants to burn down synagogues and drive Jews from their homes. Luther was responsible for regulations barring Jews from working or living in his region.

Nikolaus Schneider, former council president of the Protestant Church in Germany, told Schuster during a public discussion at the June 10 conference that the church has begun to confront Luther’s anti-Jewish sentiments, adding he was fairly sure the council would issue a declaration on the matter in time for the anniversary, the Juedische Allgemeine weekly reported.

In 1517, Luther disseminated his Ninety-Five Theses condemning various church practices. According to some, he posted the theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

But while Luther took church leaders to task on their abuses, it has taken too long for Protestants to take Luther himself to task, critics have said.

For Jews, there is “no good or bad Luther… just the Luther whose encouragement to burn synagogues and drive out the Jews” they cannot forget, Doron Kiesel, the German-Jewish council’s director of educational programs, said at the conference, according to the Juedische Allgemeine. 

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Further comment: Oh boo hoo, the poor Jews, they cannot forget. How about the 'Protestant Church in Germany' telling the Jewish councils that they must censure and condemn the Talmud for its hateful statements concerning Jesus, Mary and everything to do with Christianity. Why are they able to overlook that while they agree the Jews are not expected to overlook what Luther said? Probably because Church people are not patriots; they are more than willing to "love their enemy" even more than themselves. They are willing to sell out their nation's heroes for the pacification of Jewry. A distorted state of mind.



He doesn't like it at all, however, when conversation touches the subject of the relationship between Jews and Germans. "That always makes my blood pressure rise a little," said the doctor. "Such phrasing would imply that Jews aren't Germans."

Jews are Germans? I would say not, especially these:

The ongoing integration of numerous immigrant Jews from Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union into Germany, which increased particularly in the 1990s, is also a concern for Schuster. "Of course, it is also a challenge if a minority wants to integrate into a majority." Overall, however, Jewish life in Germany has benefited from immigration. In his own community, numbers have risen from 200 to over 1000.

How can these Eastern Jews be Germans? Of course they are not. And they are bringing foreign blood into Germany. I wonder how Wayne Prante classifies "German Jews," but he's not saying.

Jews know, you can only be a Lutheran or you can't. There is no "moderate Lutheranism" which German Lutherans try to construct here. Jews always take extreme standpoints and it is mandatory to take the opposite extreme standpoint to theirs to prosper. There is no middle way. The Jewish statement on Lutheranism  in this article is very clear. 

I have read The Jews and their Lies by Martin Luther. It is a very well reasoned work. It is not a racist rant. 

To any one interested, I've put together an e-book of "On The Jews And Their Lies", using the translation published by Gerald L.K. Smith.
I've also added an introduction and notes, making it (to my knowledge) the only critical edition available that is sympathetic to Luther's view on the Jews.

Bill Fink did an excellent series, well researched and thought out,  on Luther on the Jews and their lies, here
10 podcasts!!! A lot. Nevertheless I found them most interesting and was compelled to listen to them all once I had started! Luther believed however that the Jews were "Gods Chosen". Bill Fink points out that that was an erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures.

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