It's that time again ...

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-01-25 09:42

The 4th Annual Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp” Narrative is celebrated on Friday, January 27.

This year's theme is “Exploring the Origins of the Auschwitz Legend.” As the media continues to huff and puff in support of the United Nations-created “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust” (a resolution that was pushed through the UN general assembly by Israel in 2005 with only a voice vote), the reality is that the 'gas chamber' stories have long been exposed as fabrications.

For that reason, it was past time for revisionists to create their own day of recognition, not for the victims of imaginary gas chambers, but for those courageous researchers and truth-tellers who went up against these organized lies in the past, and continue to do so today.

Go to the website to help us celebrate this special day. Read the latest offerings, view some videos, and leave a comment. We also encourage your support by talking up the site and the articles, especially to those not yet in the know. If you have a website or blog, or participate on forums, post this notice, or one you've made yourself, to bring attention to this 4th Annual Commemoration and link to the website Especially now and during the next few days.




Who still cares about this drivel?
We've entered a New Era on January 20.
From now on, this is the day which will be remembered by future generations, undoubtedly.
Who is this stylish and graceful lady on top?

I hope you're right.

I admire your work and apprciate getting email updates like this. 88!

I still care.  The holocausters are not going to go away.  And as long as Mr. Trumps foreign policy is not directed at them they will be okay with whatever happens.  Is Israel our friend, do you think?  Also, to think January 20th will change history for the better is to know more than I do.  It could go either way.  We don’t know the future.  But to look to Mr. Trump to be our savior is a bit much.  What we must be careful of, though, is the media and the enemies of Mr. Trump.  They didn’t just suddenly become his friends.  So every negative thing that can be materialized will be.  The media and those on the left want to see him fail, even at the price of armed revolution.  Meanwhile, there are still many people who are being persecuted and in jail for speaking out against the holocausters.   The latest farce is the movie Denial where in those who speak out against false history are ignored or ridiculed.  

Carolyn, I've made a post at my blog and have started to spread the word.
Thank you for creating the Jan27 site!

The most powerful Jew (politically speaking) in the world, Ronald Lauder, head of the World Jewish Congress (which I wrote about for Jan27) plays up his "good friendship" with and support of Trump. Lauder was recently on "Morning Joe" Scarborough's TV show talking that up along with the usual antisemitism claims.

The article you link to reads: "Hicks provided a statement from Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress that seemed to criticize Greenblatt and the ADL."

Lauder is quoted as saying:

"It does no honor to the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust to play politics with their memory. Any fair reading of the White House statement today on the International Holocaust Memorial Day will see it appropriately commemorates the suffering and the heroism that mark that dark chapter in modern history."
The WH statement does speak of heroism, which I don't like. But if the White House has traditionally put out a statement for Jan27 (which I think is totally unnecessary and that's why Lauder doesn't want to make a fuss over it; he's glad to get one) then following the latest official storyline is inevitable. Greenblatt criticising it only brings more attention to it. A meaningless squabble over it by Jews brings even more attention.
BOTTOM LINE: Why is the White House required to put out a statement at all? Only in response to pressure from the Jews. So you would be right if it were a first step in ceasing to put out a statement at all. Except that putting out such statements is common in response to requests from all kinds of people and sectors of society.