Ivanka Trump's rabbi pulls out of GOP Convention spot

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-07-15 23:05

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein in a recent photo. 

JEWS ARE CAUSING THEIR USUAL TROUBLE, in this case for the Republican National Convention.

Ivanka Trump's rabbi, Haskel Lookstein, has pulled out of his scheduled speaker spot of giving an invocation at the Republican National Convention next week because of “backlash from the Jewish community.”

[You will recall my previous post about one of rabbi Lookstein's conversions to the Jewish faith being rejected by a high Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem. However, this decision was subsequently changed by the Supreme Rabbinical Court in Israel, which accepted the woman's personal committment in court.]

Lookstein said he had been personally asked to speak by Ivanka, the daughter of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, but added that when his name appeared on the speakers’ list, another Jew from the Ramaz school where Lookstein was or is the principal started a petition urging him to decline because of Trump's association with "White supremacists".

The petition gained 800 signatures among the Ramaz alumni network. The complainant, Jacob Savage, wrote this in the petition:

When Donald Trump was asked about David Duke, Trump said he didn’t know anything about the guy. When a Jewish reporter [Julia Ioffe] wrote an article about Trump’s wife, white nationalists sent her death threats and Photoshopped pictures of her at Auschwitz. Wolf Blitzer asked Trump point blank to condemn the threats; Donald Trump just shrugged. Rabbi Lookstein, do you also shrug in the face of virulent, violent anti-Semitism?”

This led the rabbi to announce:

“Unfortunately, when my name appeared on a list of speakers at the convention, without the context of the invocation I had been invited to present, the whole matter turned from rabbinic to political, something which was never intended. Like my father before me, I have never been involved in politics. Politics divides people.”

So the rabbi has withdrawn his name from giving an invocation due to Jewish tribal indignation. I don't think he'll be particularly missed, do you?


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Lookstein is playing the race card without playing the race card.  The excuse that he thought he would do the invocation without being on a list of those who are speaking is absurd.  He will speak without speaking.  He really makes religion into a political pawn.  He didn't have to accept in the first place.  But if he were a man of his word he would not have allowed himself to be played by the race bating Zionists.  What he should do now is apologize and ask if he can give the invocation.  But the damage is done, the media can now use this in its propaganda to elect a Marxist.
Also, I do not think David Duke is any more a white supremist than is Rabbi Lookstein a Jewish supremist, and on the same grounds.  Duke is just not ashamed of being a European white.  Further, I have never heard Duke speak but that he denounces white supremacy.  This anti-semite bating is just another way the Zionisst use to silence those who don't agree.  The Zionist does not want dialogue but obedience or else.  

First, I find the expression "white supremacist" offensive and this is particularly true coming from a Jew, whose people call any white expression of acting in their self interest to be "racist", while the Jews do virtually everything that is in their own interest.  The hypocrisy and double standards from the Jews, who sterilize african immigrants and give DNA tests to immigrants to verify their Jewishness are the most extreme examples of racism that I have ever heard of,  So, firstly the hypocritical, insulting rabbi should shut his ugly mouth and speak in a more respectful manner about others.  
Second, the rabbis comments fits well with what my advice to President Trump would be even if he hadn't spoken them..  Mr. Preseident, I don't think you should visit Israel, but if you feel you must, I think it is exremely important that you visit Europe first.  I would suggest the first two countries you visit are Great Britain and Germany, in whatever order you choose.  I would also suggest you meet not only the governments of those countries, but the parties like AFD (in Germany) and National Front (in France) that appear to share some of your values.  I think visiting Israel before visiting Europe would appear as one more example of bowing to the Jews and you should put your own people's interets (whites/Europeans) second to no one else.  Also, I think Great Britain and Germany are the best choices for the first two countries for you to visit because they are the countries of your parents and grandparents and they are among the biggerst countries in Europe.

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