Jan. 6, the Holocaust and the New Year

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2022-01-07 10:19

The huge crowd attending President Trump's speech gathered peacefully in front of the Capitol building as the House & Senate were in session. Some elements of the great throng urged participants to storm and enter the building, while the majority had no idea that was even happening.

by Carolyn Yeager

I HAD LOOKED FORWARD TO WRITNG A NEW YEAR POST on New Year's Day because I love the New Year time and the opportunity to make some “resolutions” (which I have every intention to follow, not just for fun). But on January 1st I felt what I had to say would not be of enough importance to readers, so I waited. Now the Jan. 6th  anniversary has given me an opportunity to make some predictions.

I predict the continuing Jan. 6 "investigation" and trials, along with the midterm elections taking place in November, will be the top political stories this year. The Democrats will try to play up the first and play down the second, while the Republicans will do the opposite.

As I see it, the lying Left is trying to turn this Jan 6 'happening' [if any planning was involved, more of it came from the FBI] into no less than a modern version of the “Holocaust”! They want to use it to irreparably tarnish a rival political regime, it's popular and successful (therefore feared) leader, the main goal being to prevent his return to power. They're going all out on the lie, with full media backing, that the intent on last Jan. 6 was to “bring down” the entire US government, delegitimize the “will” of the American people, and install some fascist, one-party rule with the power-hungry Donald Trump family at its head.

Appearing on a panel discussion with Liz Cheney Thursday on MSNBC, history professor Douglas Brinkley noted that "we have film footage of [what] happened on January 6th, and we have proof. Dwight Eisenhower during World War II, made sure all the Holocaust camps were filmed. [Not historically accurate.-cy] So we've got the film footage, so we're combating the conspiracy theorists, deniers and some, you know, Trumpeteers."

Are you a January 6th denier? Or maybe a minimizer?

Brinkley said, “history will judge those who attempted to minimize the violence that took place during the peaceful transition of power” and praised Cheney as "brave" and a "true profile in courage" for bucking the rest of her party, even comparing her to "brave Republicans" like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and John McCain. 

Can the Democrat party possibly have any success with that? I've thought not, but one has to admit it's been done before so could feasibly be done again.

I still support Trump as the best choice for Republican presidential nominee in 2024. I'm glad he's staying in the fight and holding to the truth. I think he realizes how crucial it is. The left will never stop in its campaign to totally destroy him and everything to do with him. It's exactly as they did and do to Adolf Hitler. There would never be the slightest crumb of acceptance again! Trump won't go so far as to compare and/or link together media censorship now with media censorship and bold-on-their-face lies that were every bit in evidence during and following all America's wars, including WWII. But then, neither will anyone else so it's a moot point for me. However, as I can identify the big-media lies throughout history, I would love to see some public voices begin to point a few out. Does anyone believe the Democrats have just begun to lie about history in 2021? I can always hope that a little more truth will come out, that a few more honest political figures will emerge in the midterms when the opportunity will certainly be there. [My candidate for most honest politician currently serving is Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin--'Mr. Blue Eyes'. And he's decided to run for a third term. In his case, that's good.]

In his Thursday morning speech, Biden urged Americans to

"remember together that we are one nation, under God, indivisible, and that today and tomorrow and forever, at our best, we are the United States of America." 

Apart from the fact that the second sentence doesn't make complete sense to me, we are not “one nation under God, indivisible.” Those are only words, and perhaps aspirations. This nation has been divided ever since the Civil War, and on purpose since the 1965 immigration law was passed 100 years later. Under Democrats.

Biden also condemned Southern Confederates:

“The Bible tells us that we shall know the truth, and the truth shall make us free. We shall know the truth.

Well, here is the God's truth about January 6, 2021:

Close your eyes. Go back to that day. What do you see? Rioters rampaging, waving for the first time inside this Capitol a Confederate flag that symbolized the cause to destroy America, to rip us apart.

Even during the Civil War, that never, ever happened. But it happened here in 2021.”

So the appearance of a flag, born and flown only in America for a large segment of Americans who were not wanting to take over the rest of the country but only to assert their constitutional rights & interests, is considered a symbol of treason because those carrying it lost to the wealthier side. This is what Joe Biden is promoting. The media doesn't tell the truth about the Civil War either. According to them, every war was fought for reasons that suit their current political agenda, not for the real, usually economic, reasons.

Kamala Harris, in her speech, compared Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 [both of which were encouraged or allowed by the Deep State, by the way]. Can delusion get any deeper?

Thus I think this year of 2022 will be devoted to these questions, and these answers. How will it end? I think I have a pretty good idea and will be surprised if I'm wrong. I'm looking for a happy ending. I think we all should. It would help. [Edited on 1-9-22]



Veteran producer Tara Henley, who resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation this week after claiming the network abandoned journalistic integrity to embrace "a radical political agenda," has noticed similar problems at American news organizations. [...]

What does this have to do with the Holocaust???

Well, that's the point. Douglas Brinkley brings it up as though the two events are representative of something similar, but of course doesn't say what because there is nothing that connects them. I'm left to explain why he does this. Kamala Harris does the same with likening the day to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. It's their attempt to give people a reason to accept it was a disastrous day for America.


I should point out that there were agreements made by both sides after the civil war ended that ALL Confederate soldiers would be given U.S. military veteran status, and be entitled to the same honor, dignity, widow benefits, etc. as any other veteran.
By making Confederates out to be the "Bad Guys," Joe Biden is not living up to the proper standard it was agreed they deserve, and that is putting it mildly without getting into a debate on whether he is a "Traitor" or not.
On a side note, I get a kick out of this whole Ray Epps thing. They want us to believe that Mr. Epps is not a Fed of some sort simply because he said so, ( Anyone remember Hal Turner? ) and was removed from the FBI most wanted list and never charged with anything because he committed no crime since even though he demanded others enter the Capitol, ( Protected Free Speech ) he did not himself enter. And yet, President Trump committed the crime of the century by telling people to go down there and "peacefully protest."

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