Leftist Blacks want to remake America in their own image—and this can't be

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2021-04-23 11:33

Sign of the times. Sign designating “George Floyd Square” – a several block area surrounding the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis – a sacred space for People of Color and detailing how White people must behave. See more here.

By Carolyn Yeager

IT CAN'T BE THAT AN ex-con, crime and drug addicted black man named George Floyd is made into a hero-martyr-saint for Euro-American white people in the country they settled and built. Negroes were brought to America as worker-slaves at a time when such things (and worse) were legally done everywhere. This doesn't mean those of us today must live under Negro rules and lowered standards to “make up for it.” Or pay off their descendants.

“The American Dream” is an ideal made real by White European-Americans. Others thought they would like to partake of it. But “a house divided cannot stand.” A united nation must have a unifying theme and principles. To think that a theme of African-style laissez-faire matriarchy should be supported as equal to the more responsible European-style patriarchal family-values and law-based system is magical thinking. Such a nation will fall.

To save our nation it's necessary to protect it as a law-based system. There should be no wavering on this point. To even temporarily indulge activists in creating a closed-off “George Floyd Square” (below) was an encouragement to further breakdown.

Is this the United States of America? (click to enlarge)

How far can "wokeness" go? The fatter the lips, wider the nose and smaller the cranium, the more powerfully the image seems to affect some white people.

Where now—sfter the Chauvin guilty verdict?

Alternate juror Lisa Christensen made the comment in an interview on today's “CBS This Morning” that "I just don’t understand how it got from a counterfeit $20 bill to a death. It kind of shocks me." She sat through the entire 2 l/2 week trial, yet she missed the part when George Floyd struggled with the police officers lawful attempt get him into the police car? Floyd was resisting arrest. Finally, at his own request, he was restrained on the ground and held there for EMS to arrive. I imagine we'll eventually hear from a few actual jurors and what they say will tell us more.

Former Jewish law professor Alan Dershowitz predicts this verdict will be reversed by the Supreme Court. Listen to him here.  While I don't agree with Alan Dershowitz on much, I hope he's right about this case being unduly influenced by “the crowd” because of the judge's refusal to move the trial out of Minneapolis to a more rural area and sequester the jury from the beginning. He thinks that was a big mistake. Read what else he said.

If the Supreme Court takes it up, it would become a landmark case. It should, and it's up to all of us whether it will be in our favor or not. Whites who care must keep the pressure on, and stand up for true justice -- this is not a time to give in to negativity and hopelessness. Not for Derek Chauvin's sake, but so the United States can continue to be a livable nation for European-Americans. Blacks are pulling our country down and we have to be willing to say so. The more numerous blacks and people of color become, the more culturally degraded the USA becomes.

The Black community has been chanting “Say his name” about each new “martyr” they want to raise up. We should also say their names – by calling out by name cowardly officials like Minneapolis' Jewish mayor Jacob Frey who made the mistake of allowing barricades put up on May 25, 2020 to remain in place around the so-called “George Floyd Square” until the Chauvin trial ended—almost a year! Now, predictably, the self-appointed keepers of the Square who imagine they have a moral right are threatening to stay until August and until 24 demands are met! Frey should have known better, but why do a difficult chore now when you can put it off until a later time when it will just be that much harder (irony).

If Black Folks don't like how police handle things, they should stop calling 911

It seems every black person from age 7 on up has a smart phone in hand and is using it at the drop of a hat. A lot of calls are made to 911 from black callers who then react negatively to the actions taken by police responders when they arrive. Apparently, these black people aren't smart enough to add two and two together. If you call the police because people around you are out of control, the police will behave as police are trained to do. If you don't want that, handle it yourself.

And no, there isn't enough money to provide 24-hour on-call babysitters and crisis-management counselors for our burgeoning black communities, most of whose residents pay no taxes, and even receive city, county and state benefits. IOW, they are people on the dole who contribute little to nothing toward their own upkeep but demand the most services. I don't think a single cop should put their life at risk for such people.

What I don't see mentioned by anyone is the role played by Cup Foods manager (still unnamed) in directing a store employee to call 911 and report the counterfeit $20 bill his store employee accepted, and then immediately upon the offerder leaving the store, reported it to said store manager. When employees couldn't persuade George Floyd and Morries Hall to return to the store voluntarily, what should have happened is that the specific store employee had to cover for the $20. That was the agreement the manager had with the employees. However, since the idiot counterfeiters were still parked across the street even after store employees went out twice to ask them to come back in, the store manager decided to have someone call 911.

That is why the police showed up. I understand they are required to; they cannot decline a 911 call. During everything that happened, the Middle Eastern store manager remained safely inside his store. In my opinion, he should carry some responsibility in all this, along with the black employee who took the bad bill believing it was bad. Accountability is not only for law enforcement; citizens should be held accountable also.

And now, on a personal note: I don't internd to continue posting on this case, concerning and important though I believe it is, and hard as it might be when something really major happens … because I choose to focus my attention more on my spiritual interests and investigations that I find fascinating and fullfilling, and which I may or may not write about here. The super fast-pace of breaking news events is proving too demanding for someone closing in on 80—an age which I am proud to have reached in good shape, so rather than hide my age, I'm more likely to brag about it! I'll probably let you know when I'm actually there.

In the meantime, don't expect too much from this site, although I won't ignore it entrely. Know that I'm well and happy, and doing what I consider important work, as well as keeping myself up on the current scene. As a curious person, I always have and expecr I always will. 


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Thanks Carolyn.  On the bright side, more and more sheeple are waking up and sporting blacks are going to find themselves lesser idolized and marketable.  Be well and HUGE thanks for all the years of terrific work.  God bless you.

Thanks AJ.

many slave traders and owners looked white, but they were Jews. Merchants and slave traders from all over Europe, especially Portigal. Google the black historian Professor Tony Martin and watch his videos or read his book, "The Jewish Scourge"
Jewish people are up to their necks in guilt, yet they continue to play they victim and inndeed are teaching blacks how to do the same. This is how they control, through manipulation of groups if people.

The book by Tony Martin you're referring to is "The Jewish Onslaught." Did you actually read it? Martin is an Indio black man, born in Trinidad off the coast of Venezeula, not an African. He received his higher education in Britain.

But I'm not concerned with 'White guilt' here, just to be clear. I don't believe in guilt because it's looking back rather than forward. Since everyone is guilty, therefore no one is. What is best for now and going forward is the question to be answered. Or maybe more clearly stated : The better question to ask is "what actions NOW will take us to the best place we can reach ?"

In Latin America, slavery of Blacks was part of the catholic ideology of power: It was God's will (justified by the "Holy Scriptures") and therefore within the natural order of things - the slaves had to behave well, etc... In the same way, Islam enslaved Blacks and everybody else they could on this premise; very convenient for the elites.
So why are you blaming the Jews??!!

Christianity and Islam are both Judaic offshoots.  You might want to look into the names and origins of the people who owned a large number of the slave ships.

I never read that book, but did watch an hour long video of Tony Martin discussing this theme. He handled the subject quite competently, including how reading the records of Portugese shippers of slaves is difficult because the Portugese names of that time obscure the ethnicity of the ship owners and crew. But yes, the transport of African slaves across the Atlantic was heavily dominated by Jews. As to the question of guilt, it is absolutely clear that it is Jews as members of various committees and organizations that are behind the denigration of Whites as responsible (that is: guilty) of every historical transgression throughout the ages. No other people than Whites are so evil (according to Critical Race Theory). Jews started the NAACP and led the board of directors until well into the 1930s (and were always essential to funding and organization of the same). Jews were instrumental in guding/herding Martin Luther King. Jews lead in advocacy for unrestrained immigration into formerly White European/Western nations. Jews = agitation, overturning the social order of whichever country they reside in. "Guilt" is a weapon they have used for ages. All the while asserting they themselves since Roman times are fully innocent of ever doing anything that would warrant the (justified) harsh treatment received for millenia.

You're 100% right, Baldur. I was just thinking yesterday that I would like to post the following somewhere:

The National Socialists ("Nazis") were basically only trying to remove Jews and their oppressive influence over Germany so that GERMANS could be in charge of their own country again. This was opposed by Britain, France, USA, Russia, etc. ... just think! The long-simmering disputes with neighbor Poland were used by those Allies in the "Great War" as a pretext to initiate war again with Germany.

Further, Hitler and his government found that as Germany prevailed and was forced to occupy nations both east and west, millions of new Jews were added to their load. This noble effort to free Europe from Jewish dominance and parasitism was cleverly interpreted by the enemy as a program for "world dominance" -- that was/is actually the Jewish program and goal.

Making this clear and convincing case to the public has gotten bogged down/sidetracked by the "Internet warriors" compulsion for arguing over every new claim by every new false witness that the Jewish lobby puts forth. These worthless "arguments" are endless, and that is their purpose. Our forces are also deeply infiltrated, and sometimes it's  even obvious, but people are having too much fun to call them out!

I have called out and presented the evidence against quite a number of traitors and I've always been proven right.

I'm with you. None of us are guilty.  What is important, if anything, is now and the future.  We can't change the past.  However,  it is true that Jews are making money off of the false narrative of the so-called holocaust, which you have so graciously exposed in your writings.  Now the 6 million false narratives have become fact. If it is not cleared up it just shows that history itself is a lie.  
One of the things I like about your writing is that you do not use the word black to describe a race, but negro.  VP (qualified) Harris is not black.   If she is black then i am  Snow White.  On that front, I don't think we should talk about Jews as being a race.  One is no more born a Jew than they are Christian.   But being a Jew has its advantages if it is classified as a race.  I dare not be anti-Jewish if it is a race.  But I can be anti-Jewish (or Islam, or Christian) if it is a religion.  It would be the same as if I were against cannibalism.   Religion has a way of cannibalizing anyone not of the chosen class.  

Denying an ethnic connection to Judaism displays ignorance on your part.  Jewish tradition recognizes a person as Jewish if they have a Jewish mother.  Older traditions also recognize paternal lineage.  So there is very much a genetic aspect to Judaism.  Outside converts have only been accepted fairly recently.

I saw the Dershowitz interview. You seem to miss the point that he said the verdict was justified and what Chauvin did to Floyd was inexcusable in the immoral. Dershowitz thinks the case will be thrown out because of procedural mistakes.

I stated what I found useful in the Dershowitz interview. Because I don't see things the way you do, as a fellow Jew with Dersh, doesn't mean I "missed the point." I have no point of agreement with you.

Tony Martin's contribution to the discussion of Jews in African slavery involved his research into rabbinic literature. He discovered passages in the talmud that were extremely denigrating of black Africans. And Martin contends that these passages were used later by European Christians to justify a racialist form of slavery.
Martin points out that slavery in the ancient world was non-racial. Conquered peoples were enslaved as were criminals. Race did not even come into the discussion.
The book 1493 by Charles Mann suggests that African slavery originally was purely economic and not racialist. He writes that malaria was endemic in the American Southeast and Farmers discovered that black laborers were healthier in the malarial environment than Scotch Irish indentured servants. And thus the door was opened for African slavery.
People forget that many cultures were complicit in the African slave trade. African tribal leaders would sell into slavery Africans who had been captured as prisoners of war. They happily sent their own fellow blacks into bondage. Likewise Muslims were actively involved in the slave trade. I read a book recently about the history of Mecca and he contends that to this very day and there are open air slave markets in Mecca in the vast majority of slaves are black Africans.

 By your argument, it would be impossible for me or anyone else to become a Jew.  I do recognize tradition and I know about the Jewish mother myth.  But the Jewish religion is made up of many different races.  The Black Jews of Zimbabwe, whose DNA can be traced back to the diaspora are of the negro race, wouldn't you say?  And they certainly have Jewish mothers.  But I don't think they can become citizens of Israel simply by moving there.  
Also, Christianity was founded by Jews and with a Jewish Messiah.  And there are many orthodox Jews in New York who disavow any dealings with modern-day Israel.  There are all kinds of ethnicities who are Jewish just like there are all kinds of ethnicities who are Christian.  The idea that there are pure Jews sounds like racial superiority to me.  
So what difference would it make if we recognized Judaism as a religion and not a race?  Any?  

This is disgusting and I know you will not accept this. It does not matter what colour skin they have, their race or their religion, no one deserves to be insulted in this way after death. Neither do they deserve to die, no matter how horrible the crime. None of the criminal offences that you mentioned is worthy of death.

You're confused about the nature of death and dying. No matter what kind of death it is, it always involves the cooperation of the one dying. Death is only a step – and a happy one – into a slightly different experience of Life. Don't concern yourself with the dead, but with the living. In this case, Derek Chauvin deserves [your language] our sympathy since he agreed to play a thankless role in this little drama and accept the consequences.

You are coming from a very limited perspective and spouting platitudes. Will you accept this perspective as possible?

Thanks for sharing your view.

T/y your brave & good works done Carolyn Yeager; and here's to continued good days ahead for you & yours.

Here's what get's me. As best I can tell the 14th Amendment that supposedly made blacks citizens was added to The Constitution illegally . Shortly after the Civil War the Republican Party did not allow the Democrats to vote on the Amendment. Blacks were forced upon us against our will . But I guess that's how a Democracy is supposed to work.