Leftist Minister in Merkel's cabinet whines that Germany no long recognizes "our America"

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-02-17 20:42

FOREIGN MINISTER AND VICE-CHANCELLOR SIGMAR GABRIEL of the failing left-wing Social Democrat party, the governing coalition partner to Angela Merkel's ruling center Christian Democrat party, made this strange statement at the Munich Security Conference attended by national defense representatives—including Trump security adviser H.R. McMasters from the United States.

Gabriel, in his speech to the gathering, emphasized how the established order put in place by the Americans following the end of WWII is in great favor with long-ruling political parties and they don't want anything to change. Unless it would be more U.S. involvement in subsidizing Germany and Europe, not less.

Gabriel spoke as though the Third Reich formed by Adolf Hitler in 1933 was the most terrible place to live because it lacked 'democracy.' He said his country “eagerly learned” principles of democracy, multilateralism, international law and free trade from its relationship with the U.S. These were globalist ideas the Third Reich had rejected, but the Social Democrats, representing the International Big Labor Union element, welcomed them back to Germany. 

“No country in Europe benefited as much from American help as Germany since WWII,” Gabriel declared. Except that several million Germans died of deliberate starvation, abuse and outright murder between 1945 and 1950. The Germans were forced to agree to endless reparation payments to Israel adding up to billions, adopt an open invitation to the world's Jews to immigrate whenever they wanted, and sign away permanently all German territory taken by neighboring countries after the war. In return, they got American army forces stationed in their country for decades; they are actually still there.

“Maybe this can explain why we Germans in particular are so perturbed when we look across the Atlantic—because we no longer recognize our America," Gabriel said in a jab at President Trump. "Is it deeds, is it words, is it tweets we should look at to measure America?" President Trump's stated policy of “America First” and the pursuit of individual national interests is not welcome—is anathema to Social Democrats.

Gabriel suggested the U.S. was going in the opposite direction it should, drifting toward approaches taken from powers like China and Russia who are "constantly trying to test or undermine" the European Union. He actually warned that “no one should try to divide the EU, not Russia, not China, but also not the United States.”

[In the most recent national poll, the popularity of the SPD had dropped to 18%, the lowest in its history, and the Alternative fuer Deutschland (AFD) had risen to 17%. I look forward to the day the AfD becomes the second largest party in Germany. Go team!]

In response, McMaster said the United States is still strongly committed to its traditional alliances, but emphasized that "we must all share responsibility. For this reason, President Trump has called for stronger alliances and partnerships based on shared values, shared interests, shared responsibilities and shared burdens."

Poland and its new holocaust law

Also at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Poland’s half-Jewish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki rejected criticism of the new law passed by his country that criminalizes public statements that attribute “crimes of the Nazis” to Poland. He said that it wouldn’t be punishable to say that there were Polish perpetrators of atrocities in WWII. But critics accuse the wording to be intentionally vague, thus legally ambiguous, designed to scare but with little power of enforcement.

Unfortunately, there is no one to speak up for Third Reich Germany in any of these matters.


That traitor should be deported to the USA or Israel.  Those are his people.  Germany is barely recognizable today already.  In another 30 to 50 years the Germans will have been wiped out.  Then this commie can celebrate with his Jew friends.

Is this man german ??, can't believe such amount of lies and nonsense. But what can we expect from a communist...

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