Major new video from Vincent Reynouard with English subtitles

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-10-28 16:45

Let's rehabilitate racism and let's liberate speech

One hour Video by Vincent Reynouard

I'm all for that! How about you? Yes? Then watch this video carefully, because it covers a lot of territory in order to arrive at Reynouard's dazzling conclusions. After that, make a real effort to spread it around to people who still need to learn what racism really is, and what liberty really is.

Reynouard presents devastating arguments against the common portrayal of Hitler's “racism.” He quotes from different “racists” from the past (some of them black), none of whom wanted to exterminate or enslave any other race. He shows that every great civilization was brought down from the mixing of the ruling race with the subjugated race, thus the wisdom of keeping Europe White to preserve its current civilization. Reynouard also smashes the hypocritical assertions that France is a democracy where people can say what they want (freedom of speech).

As a master of precise thought, Reynouard is the leading revisionist today, in my opinion. See how you can help him continue his work with needed financial support on this page. Please go here to watch the video full screen and don't forget to click on CC (closed captions).

[Unfortunately a few of the English subtitles are not right, are confusing; that is a problem when depending on volunteers instead of professionals. I am told it can eventually be made right, but not for 2 months.]




This video is ground-breaking, it seems to me, in that it deals with racism as a legitimate position to take, and shows with examples that some “racists” still believe in the equality of all humans while others do not. IOW, racism has various points of view within it.

Racism is defined as the belief that mankind is divided into races, that each race is different from the others in many ways, and that these differences should be preserved.

Vincent also shows that Hitler, though “racist”, never intended to “exterminate” an entire race, nor even part of one. His numerous examples do not reveal a single “racist” author in history, even if he did not believe in equality, who advocated hatred or extermination of other races. On the contrary, racial differences were accepted as the work of Creation.

Vincent is asking, Why can't we talk about this? He answers by saying there is now a cultural taboo against holding any view except the current politically correct one that racism is bad and even evil in all instances. This “correct” view that 'all humans on our planet are equal', or must be seen as equal, is the only accepted view. To think otherwise leads to hatred and persecution and other mean things. Discussion closed.

The same is done with “the Holocaust.” Discussion closed.

Freedom to responsibly say what you want to say (rather than what you're told to say) is being quashed in France, in all Europe, with harsh laws that level fines and imprisonment. Vincent himself had to flee France and Europe in order to retain his freedom to continue his work. His situation is dire, it is painful, there is no joy in it.

I see this as a fantastic piece of work that is the culmination of Vincent's over 20 years of work on these subjects.