Mean leftist teachers rob 4-year-olds of innocent belief in Santa

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-12-06 23:01

Sad little Markus after being told by teachers in his kindergarten that St. Nicholas was dead. His mother holds the Christmas ornament of St. Nic that no longer brings him cheer.

As reported by the Kronen Zeitung -

'MUMMY, YOU KNOW THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS SANTA CLAUS, he's been dead for over 100 years." In tears, four-year old Markus told his mother what he had heard from teachers in his Linz (Austria) kindergarten.

"An effrontery, how children's illusions are taken without informing us parents," said his mother, Nadine. She is angry about the actions of those responsible.

In Austria there has been discussion of whether the figure of Nicholas, with or without a white beard, should come to schoolchildren. Now this Linz kindergarten in the residential area of Gugl has caused a scandal. "My son was told that Nicholas does not exist, that he died more than 100 years ago," his mother angrily told the Krone newspaper.

Her son Mark still believed in the man with the staff - as do most at this age. It is not until the age of 7 years that children are ready to easly let go of the myth of the generous old man in red who brings gifts to children. Destroying it too soon, and by a stranger, can be traumatic. Mark dissolved in tears. "He was really done, did not even want to open the window on his Advent calendar after that. The light in his eyes is gone. This has torn my heart," she said, still outraged that her son Markus was robbed so close before Christmas.

The customs and traditions during the Christmas period are a big part of the culture in Austria. "Parents should be informed if Nicholas is going to be declared dead to kindergarteners," said Nadine, "so they can do  preliminary work."

Nadine is worried now about what's coming next. "Are the little children now being told, because of the honesty of the kindergarten teachers, that the Christ child does not exist?" She is worried that this most beautiful illusion will be lost.

Asked about the incident, the Director of Child and Youth Services at the Muncipality of Linz, Josef Kobler, told the Krone: "We have addressed the tradition of [with?] the Catholic Church." [whatever that means ... bad translation?] 

A rethinking of communication with parents is being considered. I would hope so.


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