Mike Harris and Veterans Today Re-Invent David Duke

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2011-12-01 20:10

By Carolyn Yeager

Gordon Duff’s Veterans Today is known for having writers representing every viewpoint on the spectrum from left to right, along with every race, and religion, too. The result is reminiscent of the ancient Tower of Babel where everyone spoke their own language and could not understand the others. This, by the way, is a hallmark of disinformation.

In this spirit, a new writer (a former financial advisor who worked for banks and financial institutions for many years, which is where he may have met Duff) has joined the VT roster of contributing editors. Co-incidentally, Mike Harris has also recently been given a 2-hour daily talk show at Republic Broadcasting Network—replacing John Stokes, who often spoke on-air about his great friendship with Gordon Duff. And as it turns out, Duff will be Mike’s special guest on Friday, Dec. 2 on his 8 to 10 a.m. Central-time program.

Harris has written: “I choose to write for Veterans Today because this is one of the very few media outlets that actually tells the truth, warts and all. I would rather have an ugly truth, than a beautiful lie.” Well, that is questionable.

On Nov. 30, Harris posted to VT something titled “David Duke Kidnapped by German Government.” VT editors gave it another headline in red “Free David Duke,” although by Nov. 30 Duke had already been freed. On 11-27 an announcement was posted on Duke’s website that read: “Dear Friends, I am free now …”

In his article, Harris makes some incorrect statements about David Duke, his philosophy and beliefs, and also about Germany. Read it and see for yourself. Since I think there is an agenda behind these falsehoods, I point them out with comments below. It has become difficult to comment at VT directly, so I’m doing it here where I won’t be subject to having my comment denied or removed.

In the article, Harris writes:  Duke says Israel is running a Nazi type police state, with concentration camps torture, the whole thing.  I have never heard Duke say such a thing. He doesn’t describe Israeli crimes as “Nazi type,” nor does he refer to “Nazi concentration camps torture.” Making out that Israel is “Nazi” comes from Harris and Gordon Duff, not from Duke.

Thus, his history of right wing causes, albeit “ancient” and his former relationship with the Klan are used to defend some very bad things being done now and damn Duke for a life spent undoing the wrongs of his own past.  Duke’s support for right wing causes is “ancient?” ... that is, "of the past?" He has spent a life “undoing the wrongs of his past?” I’m sure he would not say that. How about using some quotes from Duke instead of putting words in his mouth. This appears already to be another VT fantasy article.

Since then Mr. Duke has done a complete turn around and has actively embraced the diversity of cultures around the world.  Adolf Hitler embraced the diversity of cultures around the world too … as long as the diverse cultures remained in their own lands. He did not embrace them in white lands, and neither does David Duke.

Mr. Duke has reached out to American Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan and many others throughout the world.  He did so because Farrakhan is a black separatist.

Likudist extremist elements within the German government set an ambush for Mr. Duke … These elements within the German government are not Likudist but American. The American occupation force is still in control in Germany and demands allegiance to the American-imposed “constitution” for Germany that criminalizes speaking against Jews or minimizing 100% German guilt for WWII and the “holocaust.”

German President Angela Merkel who has recently been outed as a communist spy for the former East German government during the Cold War, is suspected of being the instigator behind the arrest of Mr. Duke.  This is trademark VT rumor-mongering; it is not fact. Merkel ordered the arrest of Duke? VT nonsense! Makes me wonder if it was Harris or Dean & Duff who wrote that sentence.

The obvious conclusion any reasonable person will come to is that the Likudist extremist(sic) who have infiltrated the German government still hold a grudge against Mr. Duke … It is not obvious or reasonable that the ‘Likudist extremists’ have infiltrated the German government. The American-Jewish occupation forces have run the FDR (post–war Federal Republic of Germany) since 1945. The “de-Nazification” of the German people and culture was carried out via the Frankfurt School, a group of Jewish intellectuals who had left National Socialist Germany, took over the intellectual life of America, and then returned to impose their anti-Christian, anti-German, pro-Jewish materialist social construct onto disenfranchised Germans. It had little to do with Israel or Likudists.

Today he is held as a political prisoner of Soviet/Communist Jews who have infiltrated the German government, because David Duke has the courage to speak the truth.  Duke was only held overnight and was already “free,” as stated above, when these words were written. What is the purpose of saying that Soviet/Communist Jews have infiltrated the German government, when it was U.S. Jews who took high positions in Germany following the U.S. occupation, which is still ongoing? The purpose must be to deny that the United States and its Jews and Bankers control Germany. I would ask Harris to clarify whether it is the ‘Soviet/Communist Jews’ or the ‘Likudist extremist Jews’ who infiltrated the German government, as he has stated both..

We demand that David Duke be freed and an official apology be issued to him immediately, there is no excuse for such crude, thuggish behavior from the leading government of Europe against an American Citizen, this behavior is inexcusable, and smells of Soviet era repression of thought and free speech.  Doesn’t it also smell of U.S. repression of thought and free speech in Germany—the result of the U.S. imposed “constitution” forcibly installed, without the approval of the German people, after 1945? The “crime” of David Duke is a crime against this constitution, and specifically article 130, which the entire Western world continues to insist on keeping.

Why don’t Harris and Veterans Today mention that? Maybe it’s because they want the U.S. and its Jews to be seen as the good guys, and Israel and the Germans as the bad guys. It's that same old Ashke-Nazi connection Gordon Duff loves to make.


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