Cold meds send 7,000 kids to hospitals

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By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer, Jan. 28, 2008

ATLANTA - Cough and cold medicines send about 7,000 children to hospital emergency rooms each year, the U.S. government said Monday in its first national estimate of the problem.

About two-thirds of the cases were children who took the medicines unsupervised. However, about one-quarter involved cases in which parents gave the proper dosage and an allergic reaction or some other problem developed, the study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.



The Deballing of Masculinity with ADD drugs

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Spitzer and the ‘Deballing’ of Masculinity  


By Patrick Grimm

       Did you know that a Jewish psychiatrist (and that includes about 90% of psychiatrists) Dr. Robert Spitzer invented the whole sham diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder? Would you even think that it could have been any other way? The ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) labels have been branded on our children like scarlet letters and the bureaucracy and the education czars and apparatchiks have used this faux psychiatric diagnosis as an excuse to drug our young people. Since boys are more likely to exhibit all the symptoms of ADD or ADHD, they are the first guinea pigs used by the social engineers that run our warped leftist government schools.



Does your child display signs of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? Here’s what to do (instead of drugs):

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This is the program recommended by The Optimal Wellness Center for kids (and adults) who suffer from ADHD:

·         Increase their intake of omega-3 fat. This is the single most important nutrient for ADHD children. The best source is krill oil, which can be taken in capsule form. Other excellent sources are salmon oil, high-quality fish oil, and flax seed oil. Egg yolks, tuna, seeds and leafy green vegetables are dietary sources.

·         Allow them to drink only water for a beverage, taking care to avoid fruit juices, soda, and pasteurized milk

·         Restrict or eliminate all processed foods, sugars and most grains from their diet. Processed foods contain artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, which may aggravate or cause ADHD symptoms.

·         Spend more time in nature



Pregnancy and Childbirth should be a joyous time

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Even if it occurs totally as planned, pregnancy can still be a lot to adjust to. Subliminal recordings that send positive messages to your brain can help you deal with all the physical and emotional changes that normally take place. InnerTalk® self-empowerment CD’s are available in a wide range of topics.



Positive “subliminal” statements can help your children boost their performance and overcome prior negative programming.

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Subliminal audio technology is based on how we learn and process information. Our brain has two hemispheres, left and right. The left hemisphere (in right-handed people) is called the rational mind because it analyzes and organizes the information it receives for logic and reason. The right hemisphere is the creative, intuitive mind; it absorbs information without question or analysis. It’s here where those early childhood self-defeating messages are stored, where they cannot be changed by conscious efforts.



Ideal weight important for bearing a healthy baby

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Dr. Mercola says:

It is important for women to take extra care of themselves physically and mentally before they plan to become pregnant. A healthy body that is capable of supporting a growing fetus is really the best gift you can give your new baby.

This, of course, includes not only eating plenty of healthy foods (including omega-3 fats) while avoiding dangerous ones (fish, coffee, and alcohol, for instance), but also maintaining your ideal weight.

If your body weight is too high, your body may naturally try to resist pregnancy until you have reached a healthier weight. Still, as obesity continues to rise in the United States, so too will the number of obese women who become pregnant.



Eva Herman, defender of stay-at-home Moms, under attack in Germany.

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October 11, 2007


Firestorm over German TV Presenter's Nazi Remarks Grows

Author and former German TV presenter Eva Herman got kicked off a major talk show this week for refusing to apologize for statements she made that allegedly glorified Nazi-era family policies. Herman is now at the center of a growing culture war.

In Germany, portraying any aspect of the Nazi era in a positive light is a great way to quickly destroy a career. Just ask Eva Herman, the controversial TV presenter and author sacked by the public television station that employed her for 19 years last month.



Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter

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 By Jayne Gardener

Who drives the abortion industry in the United States? Want to hazard a guess?

If you said that the main movers and shakers behind the pro-abortion movement in the U.S. are Jews, you win the grand prize.

While there are, of course, pro-life Jews who are disturbed by the abortion rates in both the United States and Israel, I would venture to say that they are certainly in the minority, especially in the U.S. Their low regard for Gentile life at any stage of development is reflected in the number of abortions performed by Jewish doctors (about half of all abortion providers are Jewish) [1] in Jewish owned "women's clinics" (about a half of all such clinics are owned by Jews) [2] which is way out of proportion when you consider what a small percentage of our population Jews comprise.




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There are several articles below for pregnant women, beginning with:

Women in labor may feel less pain on hands, knees

By Eric Nagourney | New York Times News Service

October 23, 2007

Women who go onto their hands and knees while in labor may be able to reduce the pain of childbirth, researchers say.

Midwives often recommend the position in the belief it makes deliveries less painful and faster by encouraging the baby to shift into the best position.

The researchers, writing in the current issue of The Cochrane Library, said there was good evidence for the first proposition but not for the second.

The study also found no support for the recommendation that toward the end of pregnancy, women go onto their hands and knees for 10 minutes, twice a day, to help the baby get into position.