The Racial Awakening of the German People by Dr. Rudolf Frercks, parts 9-10

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This booklet by Dr. Frercks, the vice-director of the NSDAP's Office of Racial Policy, was originally published in 1935. The edition on which this translation was based is dated 1942. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014.

Translated: "The right choice of a mate is the prerequisite for a worthy and happy community of life. Make your decision only when you have a clear picture of the hereditary traits of the other's kin. Marry only the offspring of congenitally healthy, racially kindred stock. Mental and physical heritage is resurrected in the children. In your choice lies the destiny of your lineage and of the nation." Enlarge

Part 9 - Miscegenation

Our leader has coined the saying, "What is not race on this Earth, is chaff."* With that he conveyed that the value of a people lies in its race, its blood. A people that ceases to be loyal to its image, to its kind, and to its mission in history, has lost its right to life and is on its way to its demise. This has already played out many times in history. The descendants of the ancient Greeks and Romans no longer have anything physically and mentally in common with their ancestors who created those high cultures of antiquity. The men that live there today are different from those whose artworks we still admire today, whose philosophy and writings we still study today.

The Heretics' Hour: Patriarchy and Homosexuality are the "New Right?"

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Oct. 1, 2012

Carolyn has two main topics  – continuing in the first hour with circumcision funding from the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. Government agency that hands out $31 billion annually for medical research.  She talks about some of the pro-circumcision personalities and also some organizations for circumcision fetishists like the Gilgal Society, the Circlist, and the Acorn Society.

In the second hour, Patriarchy is the subject, and whether it can return as the new social order.  Carolyn discusses it’s history and the way it is embraced by homosexual men, including at the Counter-Currents website. Matt Parrott’s article Patriarchy and Apprenticeship is reviewed; also mentioned is New Right, Old Bottles in which Parrott reveals his inherent traditional conservatism and that he considers himself a member of the “New Right.” But how does he square his Orthodox Christianity with his homosexual partners, Carolyn asks.

The Heretics' Hour: Absurdities and Insanities All Around Us

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Sept. 24, 2012

Circumcision is again the lead topic on The Heretics’ Hour. Carolyn discusses some famous iconic figures who are circumcision promoters:  Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey (thru Dr. Phil and others on her network). Oprah promotes SkinMedica, a skin product made from harvested foreskins. Infant foreskins are also used to make new skin for burn victims and wounds that won’t heal; it is highly lucrative for the hospitals and clinics that sell them after they are cut off of helpless infants. Oprah also involved herself in “The Holocaust” by teaming up with Elie Wiesel and endorsing his fictional book Night as non-fiction.

Image: Bill Clinton with his close friend Stephen Lewis, an outspoken feminist and vehement promoter of male circumcision. Lewis is Jewish and former head of UNAIDS.

In the second hour, Carolyn turns to the BUGS view of Adolf Hitler,  the Goebbel’s collection of youthful writings to be auctioned off, the Daily Mail atrocity of a review of a new book on German WWII soldiers, and more.

The Heretic's Hour: Circumcision - An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

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Sept. 17, 2012

Carolyn Yeager starts up an anti-circumcision awareness campaign by reviewing the ‘cons’ of circumcision (there aren’t any ‘pros’ ) – while our mass media and medical establishment refuse to mention that there are any ‘cons.’  Female circumcision is banned in every White European-descent country, but not male circumcision. The easy answer as to why: because Jews practice male circumcision as a religious rite.

Topics include:

  • The lack of any positive benefits from circumcision beyond vague health claims that don’t withstand scrutiny;
  • Stopping Jewish terminolgy – the word’ intact’ used in place of ‘uncircumcised;’
  • Original purpose of circumcision was to reduce sexual pleasure;
  • U.S. has highest circumcision rate among White countries, but it has come down drastically since it’s peak in 1965;
  • Problems in boys, from ADHD to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may relate to circumcision;
  • The banning of circumcision by a regional court in Germany and all the ramifications that have followed;
  • The history of circumcision in Jewish scriptures;
  • Alan Dershowitz cries “Shame on Germany!

Mothers, don’t trust your boyfriend with your children

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By Carolyn Yeager

In a national news story, cases of single mothers whose live-in lovers’ abusive behavior ended in death for their child brings us face to face with a growing problem. In today’s society, where so many women are “on the loose,” living alone with one or more children, often disassociated from the child’s father and even their own original family, women easily “hook up” with men who they do not know well. For these women it is enough to be attracted to a man and to be getting some of her needs met, to justify that her children’s best interests can come second.



Why it’s OK to settle for Mr. Good Enough

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My Comment:  Settling. It doesn’t have a very good sound to it, yet down through the ages probably millions of women have done just that when they accepted a proposal of marriage from someone who was not the “man of their dreams.”

The reason that it’s not as bad as it sounds is that word ‘dreams.’ Do some of us live more in a dream world than others? Is it harder for some women to come down to earth and accept reality for what it often is? Yes, it’s true some women claim to have found their soul mate and married him, and they’re probably not lying. So should we all expect to have the same luck? It seems we can’t because we don’t, even though it’s very likely that some of us let “Mr. Right” go by because we didn’t recognize him, or recognized him too late.



National suicide and demographic decline in France

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My Comment: My only problem with this great interview (comments at site) that I found at


Motherhood, Race

Vaccines: Common vaccine spawns superbug

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Common Childhood Vaccination Promotes New Superbug

The use of the vaccine Prevnar, which has successfully curbed pneumonia, meningitis, and deadly bloodstream infections in young children for the past seven years, has now unleashed a superbug that is resistant to all currently available drugs.

Prevnar covers seven of the 90-odd strains of the strep bacteria, and although diseases from the seven covered strains have declined dramatically, one strain called 19A has developed super resistance and is spreading.



Suicide rate jumps for young girls

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11-year olds will receive free birth control pills at school!

My Comment: Doesn’t this tell it all? What more do the sleeping Moms and Dads need to hear in order to storm the school board meetings in furious protest? I would like to know what race are these 11 to 14 year old girls who are “turning up pregnant?” But we will not be given that; all girl children will be told they can get the pills. The boys, of course, know it too, and will convince the immature girls to get the pills so they can have sex with them.

This is where our multiracial society has taken us. It is a sick society, with incompatible people being forced to live under the same rules and laws, which are needed only by some. There was a time when Maine was a clean, white, conservative state; is it now leading the nation into decadence? (Katelyn Kampf, recently in the news, is located in Maine, too.)



The most dangerous additive: MSG

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A silent killer that’s worse than alcohol, nicotine, and drugs is likely lurking in your kitchen cabinets and even your child’s school cafeteria. It’s monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer that’s known widely as an addition to Chinese food, but that’s actually added to thousands of the foods you eat.

Why? Because MSG, as dangerous as it is, makes food taste good and it is dirt cheap, just like sugar.