My advice to Donald Trump: Ditch your daughter

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-02-02 12:52

From the campaign, that is. I'm one of those diehard Trump supporters, so I can overlook almost any reasonably normal human failings in the man and his family. But I just don't like the precious Ivanka, and I don't think anyone else does either. She comes across as too perfect, and even though smiling and trying to relate she remains someone living in a very different world than you and I and she is looking down from there. The terrible video she made to help her father in Iowa (pictured) was way too focused on herself, as though she's a selling point.

Trump needs to be convinced that Ivanka is not an asset to his campaign; nor would she be an asset to his presidency. He kept repeating the line, “Wouldn't it be great if Ivanka had her baby in Iowa?” when no one cared where she had her baby. She is not popular, he is. We don't love her, he does.

So Donald, encourage your wife to play her given role as loyal helpmate, which she has now started doing, and drop your daughter from any major role whatsoever. Let her tend to her family responsibilites; it's a perfect excuse for her to stay off the campaign trail.


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Those Iowan Evangelicals are really dumb.   They don't like Trump bc they think he is racist, so those idiots vote for the Cubans Cruz and Rubio.   Our foremost problem is not the Jews, it's the braindead Whites.  I bet Trump is gonna win in Vermont where Evangelicals are a minority.  Trump wall 16!

Absolutely agree with you on this.  Ivanka is a tad too full of herself and adds nothing to the campaign. She sounds more like a TV Shopping club pitch gal for some fragrance or cosmetic line.

I watched Donald Trump's speech in Little Rock, Arkansas tonight (one of his best) and noticed that between 2hr30min and 2hr31min (in the long version on youtube) Trump brought up his daughter to praise her, and threw out his arms saying "You know my daughter, Ivanka ..." expecting a positive reaction, but there was only a faint sound of it from way back. The people that could be seen on camera were expressionless and did not react. Trump looked just slightly disappointed or chagrined and said "a terrific person, she's really a terrific human being." But no reaction.

Well, I hope he gets the message. I do believe it is just as I wrote above.

I agree.

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