The 'Nazis' did not burn books - that is more fake history

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-03-15 12:21

By Carolyn Yeager

NAME ME ONE SINGLE INSTANCE WHEN THE 'NAZIS' - properly known as the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) - publicly, or privately, burned books.

You can't - because there is none.

Yet a letter from 'Walter' to Jeff Bezos has been circulating, in which he makes he following statement:

What would happen if other companies followed your lead? Where would it all end? Burning books like during the Nazi years?

Walter means well, but he is very much mistaken. I have seen similar sentiments in connection with Amazon's blacklisting of Holocaust Revisionist books, so I am setting the record straight. The one-time book-burning that did take place in 1933 was done by university students, not the NSDAP.

Compare the Geman students of that time to the students in our American universities today and you will recognize they were much tamer, less violent and destructive in 1933 Berlin than in 2017 Washington DC, Seattle or New York City.

This Bundesarchiv image is labelled simply "Opernplatz, Berlin book burnings." No further details. It is the photograph that is used to represent "Nazi book burning" even though it is only one of two of such activity that exists. The other is a different view of the same scene. And apparently, these books are from the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin.

In spite of their best efforts to make it sound bigger than it was, the best Wikipedia can come up with is this:

On 6 May 1933, members of the German Student Union (DSt) [which had been in existence since 1919], made an organised attack on the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin's Tiergarten area. A few days later [May 10], the institute's library and archives were hauled out and burned in the streets of the Opernplatz. Around 20,000 books and journals, and 5,000 images, were destroyed.

Preceding this event:

On April 8, 1933, the Main Office for Press and Propaganda of the German Student Union proclaimed a nationwide "Action against the Un-German Spirit". Local chapters were to supply the press with releases and commissioned articles, sponsor well-known Nazi figures to speak at public gatherings, and negotiate for radio broadcast time. On the 8th of April, the Student Union also drafted the Twelve Theses which deliberately evoked Martin Luther and the historic burning of "Un-German" books at the Wartburg festival [in 1817] on the 300th anniversary of the posting of Luther's Ninety-Five Theses.

It is claimed that some burnings took place at other universities, but no photographic record exists of this.

Some were postponed a few days because of rain. Others, based on local chapter preference, took place on 21 June, the summer solstice, a traditional date of celebration.

The only photos I have ever seen are the two from Berlin on May 10, 1933. The facts do not attest to general "Nazi book burning" under the National Socialist regime 1933-1945, but that is what is insinuated by the MSM and even by 'historians'. It is the usual 'fake news' and 'fake history.'


James J. Kilpatrick pointed out in 1973 that book-burning, figurative or literal, was a commonplace event. The incident at hand was the burning of copies of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five by a school board.
Nowadays Canadian customs routinely pulp books that are considered "hate literature." Why is that not notorious? Why do people reach past all the contemporary examples all the way back to 1933 for an example of book-burning, when it happens all the time?

To satisfy a curiosity several months ago, I read a short account from one book I found in the library on how the Third Reich dealt with homosexuals for retraining or prison or enlistment.  The account was written by German historian Gunter Grau, about one "book burning" event that the Nazis made concerning the Institut for Sexualwissenschaft overseen by the Jew (and homosexual) Magnus Hirschfield.  The historian, I remember, mentioned with great specificity (how did he know this?) the actual books and their authors that were subjected to the flames.  Of that list, I only remember on it were Andre Gide's novels and Marcel Proust's big novel, both homosexual works, and I took note that Gunter Grau specifically noted that a lot of the so-called "books" burnt were not really books at all but were "medical files" containing detailed descriptions of all the sexual problems of several of the leading men who were in Hitler's SS, men who came to the Hirschfield's Institute for understanding or problem-solving or the like.  Hitler's men had the Institute destroyed as well as the books or novels burnt but the items weren't final extant copies from the Institute but were trophy prizes (signed copies) Herr Hirschfield put on display at the Institute because these authors visited the Insitute and had helped make Hirschfield and his Institute famous. Gunter Grau noted these details as well. Actual copies of the burnt items were stored away for only historical reference and were not permitted for public consumption.   Grau's story sounded kind of plausible to me, although what the Jews later did with the event was exploit it and used it to turn themselves into marytrs or victims.
The link attached is an article that reminded me of the brief account I had read.  At the time that I was reading the account and trying to satisfy a historical curiosity about the Third Reich, finding this account made sense to me.  If you are trying to provide positive propaganda for a people whose lives have been ruined by the Jews and degenerates as was the case with Germany in the the first three decades of the 20th century, eliminating some books from the general reading public while maintaining the privacy of one's soldiers from exploitation was a practical move.  Such novels couldn't help the State and its goals and they couldn't provide iits citizens intellectual food for a new or restored culture.  Also  foreign intelligence (Jews) did not need to know about the sex lives of Hitler's men in the Third Reich.
The way the Jewish media portrays the event (if indeed this one event described by Gunter Grau is real) and the way it continues to portray it is that the Third Reich had book burning as one of its Nazi princples, which is totally false, and that book burning was a regular event.  I've never discovered an actual historical account of a book burning by the Third Reich, except for this one.
If true, what the Third Reich did for the State d was reasonable, in my view, but eliminating books from an American company such as what Jeff Bezos did, because these books question and cast doubt upon Jewish lies, in a country and cuture that prizes and esteems free speech and open intellectual inquiry is indefensible and merely giving lip-service to those values. 

Except for the fact that there's absolutely no proof that Hirschfeld's institute was frequented by any Nazis.
It's just another example as to how anything to do with National Socialism is constantly twisted and inverted.  For example, Auschwitz had a brothel. It's pretty hard to explain why prisoners were being given the use of brothels while they were allegedly being gassed at the same time. So Jews came up with some degenerate narrative claiming that Nazis spied on these brothels to satiate their evil Nazi lusts. even though German soldiers were the most law-abiding and honourable of all.
Same with the book burning of 1933. They can't admit that the Nazis were simply burning degeneracy.  So shills have to twist it claiming that the Nazis were really arranging for secret materiel on them to be burned. Even though there's NO proof of this. These would have been really sensitive materials, yet we're supposed to believe that the Nazis would have allowed a bunch of school kids and students and other members of the public to have access to them. Puhlease.
This kind of propaganda is pushed by shills/useful idiots with NO proof whatsoever.

I am 84 years old and remember photos of the book burnings-so say what you will-this is a truth!

Well Joyce, I am 80 years old (almost 81) and I can tell you that photos are 2nd hand information and can be of anything, anywhere  and also altered. So photos are not considered proof or even evidence in a court of law.

Also, where were you living? In the same or a different country than the book burnings took place? I think you're more than likely someone sitting in Israel trolling the Internet.