New German antisemitism minister attacks AfD straight away

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-05-05 14:08

World Jewish Congress panel on antisemitism in June 2017, with Felix Klein expounding at far right.

By Carolyn Yeager

FELIX KLEIN, THE JEW WHO HOLDS A NEWLY CREATED GOVERNMENT POST tasked with fighting antisemitism, said in remarks to online newsite on Thursday that the AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) tolerated party members calling for a new “culture of remembrance”.

“I don’t want to say the AfD is antisemitic, per se, but it tolerates representatives who are demanding a new policy of remembrance,” Klein said. “They initiated this discussion about drawing a line (under the Holocaust) and that is very dangerous because it helps make anti-semitism presentable again.”

It is Klein, of course, who is very dangerous because he has a high level post in Merkel's government that he is already using to uphold the dominance of 'holocaust' guilt for Germans, and going after those who are tired of it after 70-plus years. He has a strong platform from which to go after duly elected representatives of the people who express pro-German rather than pro-Jewish views, while he himself is not elected, but appointed.

The "representative" spoken of being "tolerated" by the AfD is Björn Höcke, a state party leader in Thuringia whom I have written about several  times.

In June of last year, Klein spoke on a panel at the World Jewish Congress as the German Federal Foreign Office’s Special Representative for Relations with Jewish Organizations, and said that in his country, the “far right, according to the numbers, is the most important danger in terms of antisemitism.”

Klein’s post was created by Merkel’s conservatives and the left-wing Social Democrats as part of their coalition pact amid complaints from Germany’s small (but overly influential) Jewish community about what they see as rising levels of prejudice and hatred against themselves.

Klein told that he would raise the issue with the German Conference on Islam, and encourage Muslim groups across Germany to take on the fight against antisemitism.

“This would not only send an important signal, but would allow Muslim groups to ask for solidarity when a mosque or a woman wearing a head covering are attacked,” he said. What he means is, if Muslims support Jews, then Jews will support Muslims in a common fight against the Germans. They will win and Germans will lose.

And this insanely harmful government post was created under Angela Merkel. You can be sure she will very happily go along with a purging from the AfD of its most pro-German patriots. The Antisemitism Commissioner post was created to weaken the popularity of the AfD (which has taken voter percentages from the CDU as it has risen) and Klein knows what his job is. This is why more votes for the AfD are needed, not criticism and denigration for it not being antisemitic. Same with Trump and Republicans.


Felix Klein


"Klein told that he would raise the issue with the German Conference on Islam, and encourage Muslim groups across Germany to take on the fight against antisemitism."
Translation:  The Poisonous Mushroom Federation encourages the Moe-Ham-Head Trucks And Rape-Gangs Of Peace Coilition to help them continue to enforce spiritual leprosy, racial oblivion and justshutupanddie-ism upon the White people of the world.
That about cover it?

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany's President, says the US administration "no longer sees us as parts of a global community where we act together." Hurray! Finally.

Trump is more like Hitler, who wanted to make a better, freer world, not run by Jews. Hitler first wanted a better Germany, then Western Europe, then all Europe. Trump wants a better world, but first comes the USA, then maybe the Western hemisphere, then Europe and other advanced countries, and so on.

Don't forget his 'shithole' remark. He knows.

How free is the German government and media from American control and influence really? Is Germany a real independent and free country?

Hi Bill,

I think Germany is pretty independent, especially in day to day affairs. If there really is an agreement to 2099, it would be just to prevent a Hitlerian or NS resurgence in the country. Which is why the repressive laws against that will stay in place. 

But I think the Fed. Republic could loosen the reins on German people without bringing any complaint from the US or Allied powers. The country used to be more democratic than it is now! I think its the political parties who are so afraid of losing ground, losing influence, losing votes to more right wing parties, which they are actually doing now.

But these theories that the US is still controlling everything in Germany, I don't believe.