Newly-elected AfD state parliamentarian speaks at PEGIDA rally on May 9th

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-05-10 16:03

AfD deputy in the Saxony state parliament, Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, speaking at the Pegida rally in Dresden on Monday, May 9, 2016.

Islam expert Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, who is freshly elected by direct mandate to represent the Alterrnative für Deutschland (AFD) in the Saxony state parliament, was a speaker at Monday's Pegida rally in Dresden.

He said he will always support Pegida because it deserves support.   Pegida has laid the groundwork for the current Islam-policy of AFD, and Pegida was against the EU and wants instead a Europe of nations.

Pegida was also against Islamization, said Tillschneider. Islam is just fine in it's his home territory, but "we just do not want it here with us, in our home, where it is foreign," he said. "Don't let yourself be persuaded that position is xenophobic and Islamophobic".

The accusation of xenophobia is meant to silence criticism of mass immigration. To insinuate he is personally Islamophobic was ridiculous, he said. He had devoted 16 years of his life to the study of Islamic culture, learned two Islamic languages, studied Islamic law, lived in the Orient and he appreciates elaborate mosque architecture, said Tillschneider (left), "in Cairo, Damascus or Tunis. But please, not in Dresden, Leipzig or Cologne!"

"If the Islamic organizations are working to implement more and more Islam here, then it is the duty of every German to resist."

"Dresden demonstrates not only for Dresden, but for all of Germany. Established politicians should follow the example of the Pegiden, rather than rail against it. Lutz Bachmann deserve the Order of Merit First Class instead of a conviction for sedition," said Tillschneider.

One Pegida stroller has more courage and patriotism than all members of the Bundestag together, the Islam scholar said. He critivcized the fact that the established parties anticipated the wishes of the Islamic associations. In 2006 a German scientist from Göttingen had to leave a conference convened by Schäuble because his critical attitude did not fit with the presentations of the Islam lobbyists. The Islamic associations have forgotten that they are a stranger here. Instead, they demanded privileges, of which Christian churches in Islamic countries could not even dream.

Freedom of religion and multiculturalism had nothing to do with each other, said Tillschneider. Free exercise of religion, as guaranteed by the Basic Law, does not mean that Germany would have to put up with multicultural relationships. "There is no human right to large mosques."

The real problem in a multicultural society that their Islamic laws do not apply in Germany for them - but at the same time the German laws are not theirs, so that they believe they move in a legal vacuum.

The problem is therefore "the confrontation of foreign cultures in our cities. The problem IS the multicultural society, " said Tillschneider to applause.

"I am the first AFD deputy speaking at a Pegida demo. I'm proud of that. And I hope I will not be the last."

You can watch this and the other speeches here.

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