NSU trial update – State Intelligence Service implicated in funding murder weapon

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-06-08 01:10

Tino Brandt covers his face as he testifies in the Munich Higher Regional Court about his interactions with the so-called National Socialist Underground.

THE PROCEEDINGS CONTINUE, NOW IN THEIR 287TH DAY, centered around the testimony of 41-year-old Tino Brandt, who is currently serving a prison sentence for sexually abusing minors. He is being questioned as the possible supplier of the money to buy the Ceska 83,7.65 mm Browning pistol that was allegedly used in the 9 murders of Turkish nationals in Germany between 2000 and 2007.

Brandt is a former police informant who was forced to give testimony by lawyers for Ralf Wohlleben. Wohlleben is one of the defendents, who is accused of supplying the pistol to the two accused murderers, Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos. Wohlleben denies he played such a role and, when he broke his silence earlier this year, implicated Tino Brandt. Wohlleben said or suggested that Brandt had organized the money to buy the Ceska pistol.

Who is Tino Brandt?

Until his cover was blown in 2001, Brandt had been the most important and well-paid source for the state's intelligence service. [While he was a sex abuser of underage kids!] He knew all of the players in the right-wing scene, among them Carsten S., who is charged in the trial with accessory to murder. Carsten S. was the first person to testify in the NSU trial, and the only one to admit having given the accused perpetrators a weapon.

According to testimony, during his time as an informant Brandt and Carsten S. had a lot of contact. But Brandt claims that he never spoke to the NSU trio, nor to Carsten S., nor to Wohlleben about a weapon. Brandt said, "this was never a topic."

Brandt testified that he "couldn't remember" having given money to defendant S., but that he could not rule out the possibility. After all, he had received "a lot of cash" from intelligence officials at the time; estimates presume around DM 200,000, the equivalent of some 100,000 euros today and roughly 100,000 dollars at the time. According to Brandt, some of that money went toward financing a youth group that S. was in charge of organizing.

Brandt's testimony gave the further impression that it is quite possible that cash from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution went toward helping the NSU trio while they were in the underground.

Which means, dear friends, that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution made the money available to purchase the gun that killed the eight Turks and one Greek.


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Could this all be a big fraud? If the mafia has murdered these kurds and turks, how could they all vahe been murdered with the same gun through all these years? And if this is so, how can we trust Verfassungschutz at all? I think that it is still the mafia. Because Verfassungschutz always spies every nationalist, they had to tell something. And this saga covers the truth and makes people belive in the lies about "rightwing-murderers" Verfassungschutz is completely under the jewish influence.

Well, what I take from it is that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is really the Office for Keeping Nazism Seen as a Viable Threat to the Nation. Keeping a small "nazi" movement going by injecting it with infiltrators and money. Same as the FBI does in the US. Of course, they want to know who is attracted to such a movement. But it's a dirty way to do things. The government uses and approves of slimebags and sleezeballs.

Who killed those Turks has not been proven apart from stupid Zschäpe's "confession." She is not politically motivated; she only wanted "love" and happened to fall in with those guys. But the court stooges are not able to determine where the gun came from. Confessions are not good evidence ... except in proving the holocaust.