NYTimes “resistance letter” op-ed seems totally fake

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-09-06 01:51

“Does the so-called ‘Senior Administration Official’ really exist, or is it just the Failing New York Times with another phony source?" asks the President in a tweet today. That is the right question to ask.

By Carolyn Yeager

SORRY, BUT i JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT A REAL  REPUBLICAN – even a RINO – who actually went to work for the Trump White House and who wants the President to succeed, would think that publicizing such a letter would be helpful to that goal. This letter is clearly intended to deepen the impression made by the Bob Woodward book of fiction that's just come out, and to keep up as many distractions as possible from Trump's positive accomplishments before the midterm elections in November.

I mean the timing of this is just so suspicious!

The New York Times has been in Jewish hands for four generations at least. It is this paper that ran all the completely phony “6 million suffering Jews” news items throughout the 1920's and beyond. Not one iota of proof or evidence was required by them to do so. The Times staff also published lies for and about Elie Wiesel (the first to do so!) which helped him win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. So the idea some may have that the “prestigious” Times wouldn't jeopardize its reputation by taking part in a hoax is not borne out by the facts. They have done just that many times already during their “illustrious” past as the US's “newspaper of record.”

We're going to find that some of the most ridiculous lines in this letter will be used by all the networks in sync. It is naturally the most respected members of Trump's administration who are given words to say that make Trump look small and ridiculous. Even when they flatly deny they ever spoke them, networks like CNN and MSNBC just continue repeating the words without mentioning the denials.

The Democratic Resistance to Trump has settled on a few key attack words. They appear in this letter in the following order:

Amoral: not moored to any discernable first principles. Evidence of this? “He shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people.” And his “impulses are generally anti-trade and anti-democratic.” All that is provably false.

Impulsive and changeable: In meetings he is said to veer off topic, engage in repetitive rants, and come up with half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back. In truth, Trump has kept to an agenda he created early in his campaign and has been checking off his “done” list one by one as they are accomplished. His sometimes seeming impulsiveness is simply his way of doing business ... a way that has worked for him. I would say he actually has a long-term plan he is carrying out. 

Childish: Trump is portrayed as petty and thin-skinned, but things still go alright because “Americans should know that there are adults in the room” who “are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t.” Adults who write anonymous poison-pen letters to newspapers about their boss, you mean?

Unpatriotic: Shows a preference for dictators; avoids confrontation with Russia. The letter writer also praises John McCain as the better man and a “lodestar for restoring honor whom Mr. Trump fears." Now that's a dead givaway if I ever saw one.


Donald Trump, Fake News


It's funny, I started to read the letter and saw the phrase: "free minds, free markets, and free people," as well.
"Although he was elected as a Republican, the president shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people. At best, he has invoked these ideals in scripted settings. At worst, he has attacked them outright."
That suggested to me the writer is a libertarian.
Who is a libertarian affiliated with Trump?
Jew Larry Alan Kudlow.   He talks about "first principles."
Then, I googled, and the Weekly Standard has Cudlow as the Number 1 suspect.
The Weekly Standard is (son-of-a-Trotskyite) Bill Kristol's rag.
Basically, the NEVER-TRUMPERS are behind it.
They are kin of communists. The never-trumpers are war-monger Jews and cucks united for open borders; which is, CONSERVATIVE, INC...exactly, what grass roots republicans REJECTED. They are inside Trump's swamp.
The letter in the NYTimes was released 6 days before 9/11, gving Trump a six-pointed stab in the back.
Wikpedia tells us Kudlow was a member of Students for a Democratic Society. I didn't know that before.
Basically, he is a Wall Street Communist/Zionist.
The adminition to listen to monster McCain and "break free of the tribalism trap" ...also suggest Jews. That admonition is directed against the appeal of racialist movement.
The letter finishes by asking people to "shed labels," in favor of, a single noose: "Americans," which for the neo-cons, means global hegemons under Jews.
There are no "shared values" in Jew-run America. Diversity is the goal and diversity makes that impossible.
So, America will be paralyzed and overrun.
If Trump was a true anti-Semite, he wouldn't be getting rolled by Jews, because they wouldn't be inside his base.

Kudlow has been a supporter of Trump for years, and along with fellow supply-side economist Stephen Moore, designed the tax plan that helped Trump win the election and was enacted (partially) into law. Kudlow - who is friends with VDare's Peter Brimelow, and recently got into trouble for it - came around to Trump's views on immigration around the time of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, and after being appointed Trump's chief economic advisor, came around to his views on tariffs as well. He's now one of the biggest advocates of the trade war with China, and you must have read about Kudlow's stance on this in the news, surely?
I know about Kudlow because I listened to Kudlow's radio show for years, and I bother to read American conservative publications (which frequently run Kudlow's op-eds). Yes, Kudlow is a converso - a Jew who converted to Catholicism - and is not on board with Trump a 100%. But writing that anonymous op-ed is not his style, and would be a career-killing move. It's not in his character.
As for the neoconservative / Trotskyite connection, that's a myth. See here. I don't know why you brought up William Kristol, he's a nobody now, and the neoconservatives have largely disappeared from public view. Robert Kagan has disappeared into obscurity, and as for Charles Krauthammer, he just died.
Has Trump rejected 'neocon warmongering'? Trump has largely carried out Lindsey Graham's interventionist policy in Syria / Iraq to a tee, which is: support the Kurds in the north, destroy ISIS and leave Assad alone. The US has been bombing Syria (especially in the ISIS-controlled regions) steadily since 2014, when Obama was when in office, and has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Arabs, depending on whose figures you believe. I mention this because many in the 'movement' (e.g., Hadding Scott, who otherwise does an amazing job) seem to be completely unaware that this intervention by the US is taking place.

Very familiar tactic used by the Deep State adherents. They know that the American people are for the most part gullible and trusting of their "leaders" and media. Trouble is, neither "leaders" OR media is "theirs." Citing McCain in such a positive manner is indeed a giveaway. One must remember that whoever the media lauds is being praised because of the committment and dedication by that individual to Establishment (Zionist) lies and policies. The higher the committment, the higher level of praise by the government and media. McCain was truly a great servant - of Israel.
Conversly, whoever resists such an agenda, no matter how reserved, is set upon by that pack of hyenas (my apologies to those animals!). Trump is at least TRYING to serve those who elected him.
Ray Goodwin 

It's a given any more that the (((Left))) accuses President Trump of whatever it itself is doing -- keeping a low-level of discourse about the President, erratic behavior, and praising the nation while trying to tear it down. McCain, when he was alive, was an open enemy of Trump so  . . . the logic that President Trump now fears a dead man and that the latter needs to be revered as a national patriot is sanctimonious lip-service and blatant hypocrisy.  

Carolyn, I don't know the name of the woman who produces these "Headlines with a Voice" videos, but on September 6th she read aloud the letter from the New York Times and then gave her commentary afterward at 7:19.  She's not sure who wrote the letter but she claims it's a felony to have published it since it affects national security.

I've been reading from the NYT daily for the past thirty five years. I recognize the style and diction of the so-called anonymous letter. It is obviously written or heavily edited by the NYT staff. There probably is no high placed official responsible for it. As Kellyanne Conway has remarked it could be someone outside the White House--possibly someone that is not very high on the totem pole. 

The op-ed shows how desperate  the Dems are.  But it has the opposite effect of that intended.  Just let them keep it up and they will assure the President's reelection.   Next they will be saying that Trump is the senior staffer who wrote it.  Mr. Trump gets them every time, though.  Go to the Untruth About Donald Trump with Stephen Molyneux for the real Trump.  He is the real man of the hour, honorable, truthful, and a gentleman.  Ya gotta love the man.  God bless President Trump, the Flag, and the US of America.  
And thank you Carolyn for your insights.

Finally, someone is saying what I have said above; the one behind this is the NYTimes itself. Diana Blackstone writes:


"The letter by Mister or Ms Anonymous is very well written. By someone like, say, Thomas Friedman. That is, someone on the NYT staff. It is very cleverly composed to achieve quite obvious calculated aims. It is a masterpiece of treacherous deception."

"Was the New York Times oped written by the paper’s own writers or by the CIA? It hardly matters since they are so closely entwined."

Exactly right. And that explains their previous hoaxes, like the "6 million dying Jews" and the image showing "Elie Wiesel in the Buchenwald barrack" where he never set foot in actuality. They're in league with the intelligence services. I am surprised that so many people on the right are caught up in playing the guessing game. Silly fools.

And now someone just sent me this: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/09/06/i-know-who-the-senior-official-is-who-wrote-the-ny-times-op-ed/

I agree with PCR's estimation of how dangerous this letter is. It is treasonous in the highest degree and needs to be investigated. But by whom? This is why Trump is right about Jeff Sessions too.

As my former response, what do you think about Pres. Trump and Pense's support of Israel?  He ran on not being a nation builder and being able to talk with Russia.  I like what Trump is doing and his 'putting America first'.  But his support of the Zionist terrorists state of Israel is beyond reasoning unless he has been turned.  I am really sincerely asking your opinion.  

Al, I told you once that I was never, ever going to answer another question from you ... remember?

I will say this, I have already answered this question many times. But you can't hear it or can't grasp it or don't care, and that's why I said I wouldn't answer any more.

Here is a question for you. You say Trump has been "turned" to support Israel. Turned by whom? During his campaign, Trump touted his support for Israel as well as 'America First.' You like one and not the other; so do I. But he likes both. Obviously, he doesn't see the world exactly as you or I do.