Only one Jewish speaker during the four-day Republican nominating convention

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-07-18 02:26

One of the entrances to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

THE ONLY JEW I COULD IDENTIFY FROM THE SPEAKER'S SCHEDULE WAS MICHAEL MUKASEY, George W. Bush's Attorney General. Out of over 60 speakers, that is pretty amazing.

I know you will quickly tell me that Ivanka Trump, who has the honor of introducing her father on Thursday night for his acceptance speech – is Jewish. Yes, of course, she certainly is. But she is not an “invited” speaker, she is family so no way to avoid her. Then, too, she is considered the greatest thing since sliced bread by everyone, to the point that she was seriously suggested as a good choice for Trump's running mate!

Jewish running mate, anyone?

But there's also the caveat that she's a convert, not Jewish by blood. Therefore she's not really a Jew, but only thinks she is. Like Marilyn Monroe. But unlike Marilyn, Ivanka has children and they are Jewish by blood through their father. Shucks.

Unfortunately, Trump's two oldest sons have also brought Jewish blood into the family. Eric's wife is a full Jew and Donald Jr.'s wife had a Jewish father (although she doesn't consider herself Jewish, note the Christian cross around her neck). So it's a very sad business, but that's all the more reason to be impressed by the way father Donald has kept his nominating convention speaker list so Jew-free.

It's also a consolation that Donald himself never married a Jewess (although it's possible the Czech Ivana could have had some history, which would explain her children's choices). His natural inclination is for his own race. So far so good, but he failed to imbue his children with that same inclination. They, being rich and famous and growing up in New York City, were natural targets for this avaricious, infiltrative race. It can only be hoped that Tiffany and Barron don't follow in their older siblings footsteps. But you can bet the opportunities to do so will be placed in front of them. 


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Perhaps Trump's family will get the message by this slight.  The Jews do not accept your father so, in essence, they do not accept you.