PEGIDA Dresden has a rainy, but still large rally

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-02-22 17:58

A steady drizzle did not deter a large turnout for the Monday PEGIDA Walk.

The Livestream video can be seen here:

Timeline translated from The Epoch Times

6:30 It's raining in Dresden, a constant drizzle. Speakers: Tatjana Festerling, Sigfried Däbritz and “Ed the Dutchman” who was arrested yesterday in Holland for wearing a pink plush hat with pig's snout and face. He was still wearing it in Dresden! Another guest speaker is Lothar Hoffman, former head of the police union in Saxony-Anhalt.

One banner seen: “People, wake up already!”

6:45 Siegfried Däbritz opens the rally

“If you see the news flow, it is only a cold horror. Germany is isolated, Merkel is moving like a ghost rider and is a threat to peace across the continent. Time has run out. We can not wait until the election in 2017, that will be too late."

Everything Pegida predicted a year ago would happen, has occurred. For the sake of retaining power, the critical voices were ignored, were defamed and criminalized, says Däbritz.

He quotes from Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan:

Democracy is just the train, on which we ascend until we have arrived.
The mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers.

Däbritz reports that Finance Minister Schaeuble said today: "We must do everything so that no more people come to Europe." Schäuble became a xenophobe with this statement. He is now looking at options of what surrounding countries have done: Switzerland, Norway and Britain.

7:05 The next speaker is Ed the Dutchman. He congratulated Geert Wilders for the 10th anniversary of the existence of his Freedom Party.

"We Dutch have a big problem. There is a so-called emergency decree that the police can arbitrarily blow off events and arrest demonstrators.” Therefore, he was arrested this weekend for wearing a pig hat (pictured right), which he also wore during his short speech. He suggests that  Pegidans wear it as a sign of resistance to Islamization.

7:07 The next speaker is Lothar Hoffmann, former head of the police union in Saxony-Anhalt.

He is part of the organizing team "Democratic Awakening" in Sebnitz in Saxon Switzerland.

The promise of the Federal Government to stricter border controls and limiting illegal entries was a farce.

There is not a single case where an apprehended asylum seeker was sent back again, said Hoffmann.

Addressing Merkel he explains: "Recognize finally and take note:. Your European policy has failed" The Eastern European Alliance shows quite clearly that they are no longer willing collaborators in Merkel's "disastrous" policy.

"We want a new, free Europe [...] "We do not want abolition of national self-determination. We say no to TTIP and CETA, no to negotiations with Turkey."

"We want no flooding and no increase in crime by criminal asylum seekers. Women and children are also not fair game. It is bad enough that there are criminal Germans. Do we need additional criminal foreigners? I say no," said the ex-cop.

"We do not want mosques in Germany, Islam does not belong to Germany, let alone an Islamic party". The mulitkult mania must come to an end. The recently adopted "asylum package II" was "ridiculous and only opium for the people". He asks how deportation of offenders would be done if their countries of origin and identities can not even be clarified. And what is it with the hundreds of thousands in hiding, of which no one knows either their location or the source of their livelihood? On all these questions citizens receive no answer.

"We do not want our police overstretched, which is allowed by the policy in the lurch," said Hoffman.

He believes that the police could no longer protect citizens. The security of citizens is disappearing daily. He thanked the police who were protecting the demonstration.

"We want to preserve our culture and tradition. I am proud to be a German, I say it openly, honestly and consciously". He is also proud to live in Saxony.

He hopes that one day "our grandchildren" will thank the Pegida, and other demonstrators who went week after week on the road for freedom and democracy and against foreign domination.

Addressing the government, he says: "The intellectual arsonist for excesses in Germany are not in Pegida, but they sit in Berlin." (Applause)

"Your failed refugee policy is to blame for the current situation."

7:18 Siegfried Däbritz opened the walk after some words about Dresden Mayor Hilbert.

8:10 Tatjana Festerling is greeted with a chorus of "Festerling, Chancellor!"

She mentions Clausnitz and what caused the demonstrators to block the refugees' bus. The phrase "We are the people" is nothing other than a finding of fact.

"I stand fully behind the Clausnitzer and I will justify it in this speech,” said Festerling.

She warns, "it is self-evident" when an alleged 15-year-old asylum seeker in Clausnitz uses an "IS [ISIS] Cutthroat gesture" towards his hosts.

She quotes the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk on the refugee crisis. "The Europeans have to find new thoughts about their own attractiveness for refugees". There are different models but "an overly attractive nation must erect a defense system, just as a well-tempered cruelty is necessary." That was the main problem, because: "The Europeans define themselves as benign and not cruel."

About the media outcry over Clausnitz, she says: "For Heaven's sake, the citizens now go to the barricades. And yes: It's bad that it had to come so far. But what other choice remains?" asks Festerling. How should citizens who "were relegated to being forced hosts" defend themselves?

The protest of Clausnitz was nonviolent. Neither firecrackers or incendiary bottles were thrown, and there were no metal rods in use, as come from the left fascist perpetrators of violence at demonstrations against Pegida.

"There is no moral obligation to self-destruction,” she quoted the philosopher Sloterdijk. If now we take to the street, this is "our gasp" against the post-democratic Europe.

For umvolkung, which is currently taking place, there is no legitimacy. [Great! Umvolkung generally means for a German to become less German, to assimilate more with non-Germans, including loss of language and origin. The term was used in N-S Germany.]

8:16 "I am not ashamed for the Clausnitzer. On the contrary, I understand and respect the courage of citizens because there are citizens who take responsibility for their immediate environment", said Festerling. People who knew beforehand that "the bloodhounds of the press" would fall on them.

[She continues in this vein about Clausnitz; it is idiomatic and hard for me to make sense of.]

Festerling states: "Muslim criminals are protected. For non-violent, patriotic German, there is no mercy. "

8:25 To the tearful television appearance of the 15-year-old immigrant from the Clausnitzer bus, Festerling says: "The strategy with the kid's tears is known, for example, as a strategy of Hamas - For years exploited in Israel, where Islamic guerrillas deliberately bomb hospitals, kindergartens and schools to lead the world to condemn the brutality of the Israeli army. [Not sure this is correct.]


"Do we seriously believe that resistance to the asylum disaster and the associated turbo-Islamization of our country is a walk [easy]?"  asks Festerling.

8:26 The National Anthem is sung, led by Ramona. Flashlight ritual. Däbritz declares the event ended after he has asked to please still bring relatives, friends and family next Monday. Demonstrators shouting "We'll be back!" flow off. It is still raining.