PEGIDA Dresden rally today - another big crowd

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-02-15 11:07

Livestream from the Neumarkt and Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) 


From The Epoch Times:

Speakers: Siegfried Däbritz, Agnes from Hungary, Manuel from Erzgebirge and Tatjana Festerling

6:50 Siegfried Däbritz opens the rally with a "minute of silence" for the victims of the air raids on Dresden 71 years ago. It is quiet as a mouse. "Never again war!" Däbritz ends the minute's silence.

Before rumors can get started, he says: "Lutz is sick, he is coming back, but it's all good. Get well soon, Lutz! "

"If we do not manage to stop the influx, the other problems will be quite small," says Däbritz with respect to the coming migration stream in spring.

The Merkel plan is to forge a "coalition of the willing" to import daily over 600 refugees from Turkey by plane. (Resistance-calls)

6:55 Däbritz says there is talk in Egyptian diplomatic circles of up to 4 million "travelers" who already were in Egypt and Libya and are just waiting for good weather for the crossing.

"Active intelligence spoke to me of 2 percent religious, religious-motivated," said Däbritz - ie potential Islamist terrorists. Others thought it was even more. This 2 percent were 20,000 people in a mass of a million refugees.

7:00 Däbritz reads again the statement of the [Christian] Archbishop of Mosul (Iraq), Amel Nona Shimon, which comes from 2014.

"Our present suffering is a foretaste of what you will suffer in the near future, you Europeans and Christians. I lost my diocese. The premises of my apostolate were occupied by Islamist radicals who want to see us either converted or dead. But my church is still alive.

Please try to understand us. Your liberal democratic principles are worth nothing here. You don't have the reality in the Middle East in mind, for you welcome an ever growing number of Muslims into your countries. But you're in danger.

You believe that all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all people are equal. Your values ​​are not theirs. If you do not understand this fast enough, you will be the prey of the enemy whom you have welcomed into your home. "

7:04 Hungarian Agnes is the next speaker. "The proud woman of Europe" begins her speech with a song quote. Agnes said: There have been shown in Paris, Malmö, Cologne and many other cities how defenseless Europe has become. Europe has recovered after the terrible wars. Younger people know the reconstruction efforts that have cost us so much only from books and films. "We want to get as our proud woman Europe, as we know it [??] - without war, destruction and fear and protect the common culture. It is our common heritage," said Agnes.

She criticized that now schools are cleared out to serve as an asylum accommodation, or accommodations arise in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens. This is awakening fear for the children, incomprehension and anger.

"Are our children, who will build our future, to suffer and dodge around containers?" She asks. "Have parents and grandparents not done enough for their country?"

"Will our children live, in the future, with this inconsiderate and unwanted neighbor and be hit out against?" She asks. "I say no."

"I say no to multiculturalism instead of our heritage" said Agnes. She calls for peaceful resistance. The majority must resist as in 1989. Then we could succeed.

7:10 The next speaker is Manuel from the Erzgebirge. He has participated in various protests for a year, joins with Pegida "because it is our great, shared opportunity."

The spirit of Pegida is no one-man show. Pegida is "the European launch of resistance against Islamization, people's betrayal and the media mass idiocy," said Manuel.

A "transformation of our society into a self-determined democracy" is possible only through protest in the street. Internet cannot help there. It must be followed by physical actions.

"Turn off the TV! Disconnect yourself from this state simulated matrix that suggests this mass immigration to you as an alternative," he calls.

"In fact, we are already in a state of Vorbürgerkriegs" [civil war], he says. However, the media reports all related incidents as unrelated, random events. At issue is the conversion of free sovereign peoples into mindless masses of the population. The immigrants are only pawns in this process and a "migration weapon". He refuses to abandon his home without a fight, said Manuel. "Throughout Europe, we can see the decline of centuries-old ways of life", and we may be required to conform to Muslim immigrants. It should not be that a free society must bend to accommodate the Muslim way of life, he says.

Especially at Christmas time he felt in the Ore Mountains, which means home and tradition, "our Christian roots" that are not empty words. There crowds come to visit the old villages.

7:17 Siegfried Däbritz opened the walk. 

7:57 Tatjana Festerling is the last speaker of the evening. She quotes from the opening lines of the Berlin Archbishop Koch, who said the other day about Pegida:

"I think, on some of the developments in the Third Reich, when they were still avoidable, we responded too late or too ambiguously. This must not happen again."

"Yes, exactly, we warned before too!" counters Festerling. "We warn, for example, in front of a church and before the authorities, will they bend [knuckle under] as in the Third Reich, will they be instrumentalized?” And she adds: "We warn against Germans who stand behind their windows and curtains and look out cowardly, then and now.”

She cites an example from Nuremberg, where 160 Pegida 'protesters shouted together ... [the rest not understandable to me -cy].

The churches were "not to be taken seriously as a moral authority." On the contrary: One looks at their statements "with the greatest distrust," said Festerling. She recalled that the churches adapted to the rise of Hitler very quickly.

On 8 June 1933 the bishops put out in a joint pastoral letter "a far-reaching commitment to the new state.” 

[The authorities are, of course, trying to compare PEGIDA to the "Nazis", just as they do with AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland). -cy]

8:06 Then Festerling insulted the press. "Are you really blind or stupid?" calling to the editors:

After a year of swimming pool incidents, Cologne assaults and "verified countless violations of the law", the German press landscape continues to adhere to their mantra of the "alleged" Islamization and still deny their submission to Islam. One has the impression that "the whole inciting State-informer-German editors share a single, politically-correct cerebrum," said Festerling.

The FAZ [Frankfurt newspaper] has even brought the National Front, Putin and PEGIDA into the context of an axis of evil.

Festerling also mentioned the George Clooney visit to Merkel, as well as the 10-minute "applause-orgasm" for Merkel at the CDU party congress.

8:15 She reported on her appearance on Saturday of last week in Poland {The Fortress Europe rally]. The reaction of the Poles was "overwhelming": From the initial suspicious skepticism before the speech, there became "a stunning friendly and above all patriotic solidarity". "The Poles are relieved that the majority of Germans are not on the Merkel course" said Festerling.

She proposes "to develop a vision for the post-EU Europe" together with Germany's Eastern European neighboring nations. This should be based on friendship and trust. "Trust you give voluntarily"; thus did "this forced EU community not do in the least".

The EU is "a pompous, vain, self-righteous power structure that does not reply to the pressing questions about the survival of the European cultural nations".

She stressed that Pegida's protection for "genuine asylum seekers - ie of political persecution" has never been questioned.

8:18 "We stand for the freedom of the European cultural diversity and enlightened values" shouts Festerling. The European enemies are those who open the door to Islam.

She adds that the most sorry people are "that small elite that thinks they have to reorder the world".

Festerling closes her speech with the famous quote by the philosopher Immanuel Kant: "Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity.”

Sapere aude! Have the courage to use your own understanding!"

8:24 The National Anthem was led by volunteer Einspringern (because Ramona had to cancel). Siegfried Däbritz declares the event ended and called for all to participate tomorrow at 7:00 pm in an event at the "Nischl” in Chemnitz [53 miles away- about 1hr drive].

*       *        *

Visegrad countries meet today

Victor Orban:

"The very serious phenomenon endangering the security of everyday life which we call migration did not break into Western Europe violently," he said. "The doors were opened. And what is more, in certain periods, they deliberately invited and even transported these people into Western Europe without control, filtering or security screening."

Orban's plan will feature prominently Monday at a meeting in Prague of leaders from four nations in an informal gathering known as the Visegrad group: Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Visegrad group, formed 25 years ago to further the nations' European integration, is marking that anniversary Monday. Still, it has only recently found a common purpose in its unified opposition to accepting any significant number of migrants.


Here is a good comment to the latest opinion piece at Deustche Welle:

Well, I live in Berlin (although right now I'm out of the country). The general mood is of concern and confusion regarding Merkel's strategy. A few days ago I asked a friend of mine if the mood was changing since I left in December and he said that people are more concerned, but that they are confused because on tv they only see good looking, educated, young nice "refugees". Germans are being brainwashed on a daily basis with news of successful integration cases and lovable Muslims.

I've seen brainwashing in action, big time in my country, but not like this. People are also concerned when an apartment is empty. They all think maybe a group of refugees would occupy the place. Many Germans still have no idea of the long-term consequences this has for them and the whole continent.

*      *       *

This is the same way it went for us in the US in the 1960's with our Negroes. They seemed so harmless on TV. We couldn't help but sympathize. But it was orchestrated. And what we always forget are the massive numbers of them, and the way they propagate.