Pegida-Dresden today 11-2 in the Neumarkt square

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-11-02 16:04

Birds-eye view photo from Ignaz Bearth disproves the low-ball numbers that are given in the media for the PEGIDA-Dresden paticipation. The date is 11-2-15.

Comments from other cities:

From Dusseldorf: "Respect and greetings from Dusseldorf!"

"I tip my hat to you."

"Carry on!"

From Switzerland: "Wow!!!! PEGIDA - here to stay!"

"and tomorrow morning it's probably only 10 thousand and all Nazis."  

"Feeling proud"

Best Video of the speeches by Lutz, "Bambi", Siegfried, Tatjana, and Michael Stürzenberger, plus the walk through the Newmarket area - 2 hours

A sea of patriots on 11-2-15. A tribute to the Dresden organizers and to Lutz Bachmann.

  Are these the "extremists" and "haters" - as stated by the German Justice Minister Heiko Maas - who attended the PEGIDA demonstration on Nov. 2, 2015?  Maas needs to get out more.


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These pictures are great! I am happy that we begin to stand up against all of this injustice, which is fabricated by todays politicans, lobbyists, media, ngos, and so on.
Now a little bit off-topic:
Carolyn, during my research i found three internet-archives which offer an enormous amount of materials about National Socialism. Most of these materials are written in german - however, i wanted to share with you what i found, cause you can maybe discover something interessting there and let them then translate in english or there is at least a good chance that some of these german books, movies, etc. are allready translated in english (so it will be possibly also a good direction sign for you). 
- Nr. 1.) --> this is an amazing archive which offers great stuff; it is a little bit unorganized but it is really worth it (my little starting guide: Bücher = books, Reden = speeches, Filme = movies)
- Nr. 2.) --> this is a mainstream archive, which will generally offer documents that try to proof how horrible the NS was; however these documents are not uninteressting, there is also a section called "arguments against Auschwitz denier"
- Nr. 3.) --> this archive is not specific for NS, but it is one of the biggest internet-archives, so it automatically contains much materials about NS
The archive Nr. 2) includes two documents called Hossbach Memorandum and Schmundt Protokoll, which will paint a picture that Hitler was already planning 1937 or even earlier to make war for "Lebenraum im Osten". Here I found an english translation of this text at the english wikipedia website
I think that Hitler tried to avoid the war and tried to create peace as long as possible - however there was a tipping point, which did make the war no longer avoidable and during the war he recognized that he should at least use this situation to get "Lebensraum im Osten", which is more space for his own people (and which is in my opinion absolutely legitimate). However these documents try to contradict this point of view.
So, what are your thoughts about this?
And could you possibly make a podcast about the economic structure in germany during the time of National Socialism... I dont really know what I should think about the circumstance that many people from the left wing in the NSDAP did leave the party - cause in economic questions I am pretty left (while I am pretty right in society-questions). The archive Nr. 2) has another protokoll about this with many allegations (there is a good chance that there will be possibly also an english translation of this in the internet). This would be also very interessting for me and maybe many other visitors of your blog!
Thank you very much!

Emil, there is a Pegida-Vienna. You can get active with it.

They have over 12,000 likes already after just starting 11 months ago. If I were over there, I would be doing what I could to help promote Pegida. Boy, the establishment really hates them!! LOL. DW is now lying about the numbers at today's demonstration.

And here's a great website for all of Austria: http://www.pegida-ö

I just found it. I have special fondness for Steiermark , Leoben and Kärnten.

I think that Hitler tried to avoid the war and tried to create peace as long as possible - however there was a tipping point, which did make the war no longer avoidable and during the war he recognized that he should at least use this situation to get "Lebensraum im Osten", which is more space for his own people (and which is in my opinion absolutely legitimate).

I agree with that completely. You stated it well.

And could you possibly make a podcast about the economic structure in germany during the time of National Socialism
I have been unable to find anything real about the economics under NS. Everything on Wikipedia is such rubbish. I found some points here:
If you know anything else it would be REALLY great.

We must not forget that Ukraine and European Russia is vastly undeveloped or underdeveloped, even to this day. Just as Germans were a major force in the development of Central-East Europe, either by Prussia or Austria, having Germany a major say in Far-East Europe, would only benefit the locals, just as it helped Hungarians, Czechs, Romanians and others. Even today, Germany helps all these countries through the EU. If Germany had its own government and used its might for its own benefit, help would exceed handouts and bailouts, but would truly benefit Europe as a whole and not serve the Jews that use Germany's leverage against the smaller countries that rely on German money. One thing is clear, most Eastern European countries are simply too weak to be an independent force under any circumstance. The Jews even fuel nationalism of these nations, but only so far that they are against German hegemony. Incorporating them into their USSR or EU is what they gladly do, as long as it's not NS-Germany incorporating the lands into its sphere of influence. 
Russia as such would have disappeared, but so would the Soviet Union and Ukraine and European-Russia would be far more developed today. Asian-Russia might have been cut off from Europe, so that the majority non-White Turks, Asiatics and other Asians in those areas be apart from Europe. Maybe not, but rather keep it as separate protectorate or hand some to Japan. 
Europe had survived with a natural fortress along the Urals and Italy patroling Europe's South. Who cares if Italy occupies Albania and Greece if this secures Europe's Eastern Front? Again, the Jews fueled Greek nationalism to disrupt this process, just as they celebrate the French Resistance but hate any resistance today as they are in charge, be it Pegida or any other national uprising. 

Hossbach-protocoll is a fraud. But still there is no more "Lebensraum" than Bohemia and Moravia in it.

What exactly did Lutz Bachmann say about Justice Minister Heiko Maas that the Dresden prosecutors have jumped on to try to build a case of "slander." I had to go to the British Daily Mail to find the full quote.

Lutz Bachmann said Social Democrat (SPD) minister Heiko Maas was the 'worst spiritual fire raiser' since Goebbels and Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler. [Deutsche Wella translates it "worst intellectual arsonist since Goebbels." They put a period after Goebbels as if that were the end of the sentence -- so the tagline "lugen presse" is perfectly true. -cy]

Von Schnitzler was a television commentator in Communist East Germany who strongly criticised Western governments and media.

The SPD politicians don't mind being compared to a member of the former Communist government, but only to the former "Nazi" (National-Socialist) government! No one in the German mainstream press even mentions the second part of Bachmann's statement.

More from Deutsche Welle:

Our excellent Justice Minister Heiko Maas doesn't have to let himself be compared to the Nazi Goebbels by the wretched PEGIDA rabble-rouser Bachmann," tweeted SPD deputy leader Ralf Stegner.

Is that slander against Lutz Bachmann? No one evens asks the question. But Lutz knew what he was doing, for he defended his statement on Tuesday: "It wasn't a comparison - listen to the original. I said 'since,' " he told DW, before refusing to comment further.

On his Facebook page, Bachmann wrote: "Even if the Shariah Party of Deutschland (SPD) and the entire press hit the ceiling and demand a hundred thousand investigations, YOU WILL NOT SILENCE ME! I will continue to speak my opinion openly, because hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in 1989 for that, as I did too, at a tender 16 years of age!"

Bravo Lutz!

Berlin (AFP) - Police clashed Saturday with [leftist, pro-migrant] activists who took to the streets of Berlin to shout down thousands of anti-migrant demonstrators protesting against Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door refugee policy.

More than 40 people [antifa] were arrested and one officer was lightly wounded, police said.

The scuffles erupted after police broke up a sit-in by counter-demonstrators, some of whom tried to break through the barriers separating them from the anti-migrant march. Officers also intervened to stop angry exchanges between rival demonstrators. [they say that just to try to even out the need for the police.]

Police said around 5,000 people turned out for the main anti-migrant protest, which was organised by the eurosceptic, populist-nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party under the banner "Asylum Has Its Limits -- Red Card for Merkel".

"We are demonstrating against the asylum chaos caused by Angela Merkel," AfD member and European Parliament deputy Beatrix von Storch said at the rally.

Participants at the demo waved German flags and chanted "Merkel must go" and "Traitor to the people".

Five counter-protests in support of migrants were attended by a total of around 800 people. Organisers had expected a turnout of several thousand.

More than 1,100 police were deployed in the capital to prevent trouble between the rival demonstrators. [all that expense is necessary just because of the antifa troublemakers]

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