Pegida Weihnachtsliedersingen, 12-21-15

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SENSATIONAL TURNOUT !!! Estimated 15 to 18,000

The Elbe River is the setting for the Christmas carol singing of the Dresden Pegidan on Dec. 21, 2015.

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From The Epoch Times

UPDATE: The Pegida venue was first changed to the Silesian square outside the station in Dresden Neustadt. At the last minute it became the Königsufer near the State Chancellery when the demonstration permit for the Silesian square went to another association, one described by Lutz Bachmann on Facebook as an "Antifa-Demo'".

At the Semperoper Plaza where Pegida has gathered from the very beginning, a different group was given permission for this date [apparently calling themselves “Dresden Nazifrei,” even though Pegida has nothing to do with Nazis]. According to The Epoch Times, at 5:30 pm a demo named "Heart Instead of Baiting" filled the square to about one-third, with people spread out with plenty of space betweem them. There was a video shown and about an hour of music and speeches by artists from the Semper Opera and the Schauspielhaus (as best I can understand). The antifa crowd was estimated at only 3,000 to 4,000.

6:00 pm – It is a bit windy but dry at the River Elbe. The demonstrators take the stairs where otherwise one goes to the “Movie Nights.” The Pegida booth is set up there and Christmas music is playing softly over the loudspeakers.

6:50 Siegfried Däbritz opened the rally: "I see that we are sold out!" [referring to the packed area, as you can see in the pictures]
He read out the program plan and thanked all those involved. He welcomed the first guest speaker: Lutz Bachmann.

6:56  Lutz Bachmann announces, in relation to the squabbling about the meeting, that he has asked that "our and the arguments of the other side" be publicly available on Facebook - so that such a thing
could no longer happen in the future.

He also quoted from the reasoning of “Dresden Nazifrei” organizers that Pegida, due to historical bias, should not have permission to demonstrate at the station square - even though the city of Dresden had proposed the Silesian space for Pegida.

"I cannot, with the best will, notice any relation between Pegida and the deportation of people in the Third Reich," said Bachmann.

7:10 Siegfried Däbritz talks about the internal security and terrorism risk.

Ten percent of the entrants are, according to police in recent months and fingerprints, illegal; 90 percent are not. The Federal Police was no longer able to ensure internal security. They tell us that hundreds of thousands of disappeared migrants were on their way to their families or to Scandinavia. In Scandinavia, migrants also disappear, and what do they say there? The British government gave up on seeking 10,000 people in hiding.

"Angie is the Queen of Crime Granten" (Krimigranten) said Däbritz. With her at the bow, the Titanic "Europe" is being steered into the iceberg.

There was a time, in relations between the US and Cuba, where people were allowed to emigrate in a big way to the United States. Fidel Castro was clever: He emptied his prisons and asylums in that moment, and said: “I flushed the toilet to the US." The same applies to us now, and unfortunately we are at the end of the tube (or pipe), said Däbritz.

First the borders should be made fully impenetrable, cost what it may, said Däbritz.

He suggests that we know the vulnerabilities terrorists would use to infiltrate into Europe, a circumstance even the Frontex chief Leggeri has pointed to. "Let's share and save our country and the European civilization, before it's too late."

7:30 Tatjana Festerling is the next speaker.

She gives a speech on "homeland defense". She reads some recent figures for staffing of the Bundeswehr establishment first:

“Armed Forces Base: 42,114 men. The army includes 59,500. The Air Force comprises 28,500 and the Navy 16,220. That is, Navy and Army fit very loosely in the Borussia Dortmund stadium with 81,000 seats and the entire German Luftwaffe can make itself really comfortable in the Dynamo stadium. And the armed forces base we put very easy into Werder Bremen Stadium. Three football stadiums full of soldiers - if all were in the country." That is what Germany has to defend the country, what the homeland defense has to offer.

She also cited headlines of major media:

"Miri-Clan in Niedersachsen [Lower Saxony] displaces the rocker" was a headline. "Lebanese clans in Berlin eager to rent to refugees." For NRW now comes the question: "Failure of schools to combat Salafism?" And a Berlin psychologist warns in the book "Generation Allah", that more and more young people are enthusiastic about Salafism.

"Mind you, these are all reports of the lying Press!" said Festerling.

Security means stability and thus prosperity. Where the security is lacking, the hike from investments, as threatened with economic ruin. [?]

"What have we achieved after one year of Pegida? I mean, we have achieved a lot! The political, the party system has proved to be completely incapable of action," said Festerling.

The intellectuals of the country have failed. The churches as the last moral instances have failed. As in the Third Reich, they arranged themselves in anticipatory obedience. Now the system media is very panicked because of the growing strength of right-wing populism in Europe.

The media are looking across the Atlantic because there is the very popular, stock-conservative presidential candidate Donald Trump on the upswing.

7:40  Homeland defense is going to effect every one of us, sald Festerling. We will definitely not always remain as comfortable as now. In this sense she wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Festerling has more recently kept a toothbrush in her coat pocket, says Däbritz. She explains that since 1989 it is the distinctive mark of those who were prepared not to arrive at home in the evening but if necessary to end up in prison.

7:42  The next song is "Silent Night", followed by a representative of Pegida NRW named Tilo.

7:50 Tilo of Pegida NRW (North Rhine Westphalia) reported:
"We have now carried out 42 walks and events in NRW." It all started with having 50 people, now there are at the top 800 to 900 people.
"Your charisma, your light shines from Dresden to Duisburg and gives us strength and motivation to go on and on. We have properly roughed up the red-green comrades and their cronies. (...) For example, once a ZDF team came to us on the court. They came with glued Hitler mustaches and wanted to distribute them among our protesters."

Of Gewalbereitschaft the Antifa and their actions against Pegida NRW he says:
In recent weeks there has been massive damage to cars and attempted attacks on protesters, said Tilo. Fourteen days ago even police horses were attacked with pepper spray and batons.
"All the provocations, defamation and patronizing backfired. We are still there and we stay. We offer the citizens in NRW a platform to express their opinion."

"We do not want all-powerful Islamic associations. (...) We want no radicalized preaching of hate to the children and young people. We are against child marriage where aged men want to act out their pedophilic desires. We are against honor killings that are increasing in NRW. Therefore, also in NRW every week people come to the streets.”

Because the Constitution of NRW in the oath of office, "For the good of the German people" is deleted and replaced by the phrase "for the benefit of the population of NRW", Pegida NRW has taken this as an additional requirement in its catalog. 

7:55 Now "O Holy Night" is sung by the demonstrators.

The Pegida anthem will soon appear as a download from official download portals and have thus the potential to climb the charts, said Bachmann.

Download page for the Pegida anthem

8:00 The next speaker is Markus, a representative of Legida from Leipzig. Lutz Bachmann proposes that Dresden pauses on January 11 to support the Leipziger Legida.

8:15  Tatjana Festerling reads a poem writtem by a Dresden homeless person who has participated in Pegida demos for over a year.

Bachmann announces that police reported that a Ford Fiesta at the Carolabrücke (bridge) was on fire. A second car standing beside it is also affected.
Lutz Bachmann announces that Pegida money will be donated to six persons whose cars were set on fire in recent weeks - and also to the evening's concerned(?). Even an injured walker, who was in the hospital. will receive a donation. [Remember when that person got hit by an anti-fascist with an iron crowbar? He must be the one. cy] And 3,000 euros will be donated to a charity for the homeless.

Also, an estimated 15-18,000 participants tonight, based on the number it taken to fill the area in prior events.

The National Anthem is sung, the demonstrators shine their cellphone lights.

8:19 Siegfried Däbritz declares the event ended. Next Monday, Dec. 28 they will not meet. The next Pegida demo will take place on 4 January.


Stupid Merkel welcomes “all refugees” from a country half controlled by ISIS, and is now spending a fortune in government funds to try to undo some of her mistake without ever admiitting her error. So the "refugees" are allowed to keep coming! Can you say "Merkel must go"?

At least a dozen "wrong Syrians" have been recorded in Germany and now submerged (disappeared). They came with passports from counterfeiting workshop of IS in Rakka, as did two of the Paris-bombers and the two migrants who were arrested in Salzburg. This comes from the continuous interrogation by the secret services. It is believed that they could be part of a series of attacks in Europe at Christmastime.

With these people now submerged, somewhere in Europe, perhaps even in Germany, their fake passports have disappeared with them. tThe BAMF has only copies.

Two of the assassins of Paris have already arrived with such Rakka passports, coming as "refugees" to Europe. The two recently arrested in Salzburg migrants, an Algerian (28) and a man from Pakistan (34), came with the Rakka-passports. They are under suspicion of terrorism.

But there are many thousands of asylum-seekers in Germany who have disappeared. I've lost the actual number. They're just not suspected of terrorism ... as of now.

I think this skinny wimp is trying to give a warning to Pegida that they won't continue to be tolerated, but he's not sure if he has public backing.

From N24

Given an increasing number of attacks on refugee homes, Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) (above) has called on the Germans for more civil courage. The silent majority must "decide to speak up so that our social debate is not poisoned by incitement and hatred," Maas said to the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper.

He means for the public to defend themselves against racism and xenophobia, “since we are all called together in our daily lives, whether in the subway, at work or in a sports club," Maas said. At the same time, the state policy must take citizens' concerns seriously, but not stir the pot.

'Rights arsonists' [those who would destroy civil rights] must be opposed with even more determination next year, Maas said. Concerning the Pegida movement, he said it should not be allowed for a radical minority to destroy a free and open society - "not even by the men at Pegida and elsewhere." The message should instead be: "Help those in need, rather than rushing against refugees."

However, the debate persists on the registration of incoming refugees in the context of the stolen or counterfeit Syrian passports.

Fake passports: Özoguz warns against generalization

The Integration Commissioner of the Federal Government,
Aydan Özoguz (SPD), [a Turkish woman] warned not to throw refugees and [Muslim} extremists in a pot. "It is very important that we distinguish between refugees and criminals," she told the "Berliner Zeitung". It must be clear "that we will always fight the criminal structures".

* * *

It always amazes me how these “leaders” care more for foreign immigrants than they do their own citizens who are being put at risk. What kind of human beings are they? They don't empathize with common people at all. Their loyalty is to one thing and one thing only: Globalization run by the “elite.”

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