Poles Behaving Like Jews

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By Carolyn Yeager, May 30, 2012

Polish Prime Minister angrily attacks the U.S. President for using politically incorrect terminology in describing WWII camps in Poland.

Donald Tusk demanded Wednesday that President Barack Obama explain his reference to "a Polish death camp" during a high-profile White House ceremony posthumously honoring Jan Karski with the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom, a prestigious award given to civilians who serve the programs of the global elite.

The Polish PM accused Obama of exhibiting "ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions" and of "distorting history" by using the phrase “Polish death camps” when referring to Nazi concentration camps in Poland. Obama's actual words were that Karski was smuggled "into the Warsaw ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself."

Poles looking out for Poles

While the Poles make the most of the tourist business the camps bring to their country—thus they are intent on preserving and expanding them—they want it made absolutely clear that Poles were only victims and Nazi Germans were the only perpetrators. Poland has for some time been on a campaign to stop people and media from using the term “Polish death camps.”

Obama's handlers were quick to defuse the situation by claiming that Obama “mispoke,” which is the usual response. But everyone knows that Obama reads everything off a teleprompter, not seemingly being able to keep his sequence of ideas in mind, nor even able to select the best choice of words. The Poles were not satisfied with this explanation, pointing out that "Obama was seen reading this phrase off a teleprompter. The President must acknowledge his mistake and apologize for it.” (Alex Storozynski, president of a Polish-American foundation)

Tusk said he expected American administrations to “eradicate the phrase 'Polish death camps' once and for all” in the interests of “historical truth.” In Poland, Obama's remarks were being described as “scandalous.”

Poles claim to know what is "historical truth"

What is scandalous in this writer's opinion is the Polish assumption that its version of history is the historically truthful one. The entire Polish narrative of WWII is based on falsehoods, just as is that of the Jews to whom they are so similar. I will list three of their major falsehoods.

1. Jan Karski (birth name Jan Kozielewski) lied about the “Nazi atrocities” he claimed to have witnessed and/or have evidence of.

    Born in 1914, he grew up as a Catholic in a majority Jewish neighborhood. He told Yad Vashem he identified himself as a “Christian Jew.” He was already working in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (under Josef Beck) when the Poles instigated war with Germany in Sept. 1939. He served with an artillery detachment in eastern Poland which was quickly taken prisoner by the Red Army. By concealing his true officer rank (already gifted at deception!), he escaped the Katyn massacre of Polish officers carried out by the Soviets by being handed over to the Germans during a prisoner exchange.

    In Nov. 1939, he allegedly escaped from the German POW train heading back to Western Poland, went to Warsaw and joined the ZWZ “resistance movement.” He is said to have worked as a courier, making secret trips between France, Britain and Poland. In 1940 he was arrested in Slovakia by the Gestapo, after which he says he was tortured (my understanding is that the Gestapo did not use torture, but skilled police work and skilled questioning) and then sent to a hospital in Nowy Sacz. Instead of killing him as a resistance-criminal, the Germans let him escape again to serve once more in the underground Home Army. This all seems a little too easy, doesn't it?

    In 1942, Karski is selected for a big job—to go on a secret mission to London to inform Prime Minister in exile Wladyslaw Sikorski about the Nazi atrocities taking place in occupied Poland. In order to see them for himself, Karski was “smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto” and also into a camp that he claimed was Belzec. Since his description of that “death camp” bore no resemblance to what is known about Belzec, he eventually (many years later) admitted he was at a small transit camp which was not Belzec.

    Along with his personal eye-witness account, he took with him to London “microfilm with further information from the underground movement on the extermination of European Jews in German-occupied Poland.” Polish Foreign Minister in exile in England, Count Edward Raczynski showed it to the Allies, who were not impressed by it. Later it was published as a leaflet titled “The mass extermination of Jews in German occupied Poland.”

    Karski remained safely in the West, telling his story to any diplomat or journalist who would listen, and in 1943 even took it to President Franklin Roosevelt in the United States. There, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, a German Jew who was familiar with the German character, was openly skeptical of Karski's report. In general, his lurid descriptions of torture and murder of Poles was not believed, and rightly so.

    After the war, Karski had no trouble entering the U.S., gaining a PhD from Georgetown University where he then taught for 40 years. In 1965 he married 54-year-old Polish Jewess Pola Nirenska, a dancer and choreographer. His pivotal role in the Holocaust was not widely recognized until a book came out in 1994 titled How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust. By that time, the Holocaust Industry was in full swing, looking for heroes to market. The Polish Government itself was eager to build Karski into a major Holocaust hero.

    Today, even U.S. Presidents have become true believers who would not dream of questioning any story presented to them by Poles or Jews.

    Above: Obama and Tusk in 2011

    2.  Obama said, "Jan served as a courier for the Polish resistance during the darkest days of World War II. Before one trip across enemy lines, resistance fighters told him (Karski) that Jews were being murdered on a massive scale, and smuggled him into the Warsaw Ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself."

    What did Karski see? We only know what he said he saw, as the so-called “microfilm evidence” is not conclusive. Obama is guilty here of joining in the lie by repeating things he does not know are true. What the leaders of the “free world” did not believe in 1943 and 1944, Obama is accepting on faith (or agenda) in 2012. No wonder he looks so foolish.

    No Polish Death Camps?

    3.  Prime Minister Donald Tusk said there were no “Polish death camps”—but, in fact there were after May 1945 when the Polish “Home Army” began expelling ethnic Germans from their homes and lands. Polish Jews, with the support of the new Polish government, took over existing camps (rather than tearing them down as hateful places) for their own use.

    Many ethnic Germans living within the Polish pre-war borders were used for years as forced labor in  camps such as the one run by the monster Salomon Morel, a Polish Jew. These Jews were allowed to torture ethnic German civilians and German PoWs as a means of satisfying their desire for “revenge.” Among these camps were Central Labour Camp Jaworzno, Central Labour Camp Potulice, Łambinowice, Zgoda labour camp and others. At least 200,000 ethnic Germans died in these Polish/Soviet run “death camps” in Poland.

    The Polish government had made several declarations that the German population should be exploited as forced labor, instructing a minimum of 60 hours work per week with no rights for breaks. The salaries were insufficient for survival, usually 25 or 50 percent of Polish salaries.

    Does President Obama know anything about this part of the “Holocaust?” Donald Tusk certainly does, but prefers to lie about Poles as victims only.

    More untruths

    Tusk also said Poland was “Europe’s most affected country by World War II.”  The Poles like to tell themselves that and push the idea, but it can't possibly be true. They have doubled the number of Polish losses from 3 million to 6 million by manipulating population charts … and it wasn't even 3 million.

    The Poles are as comfortable with deception as are the Jews, although perhaps not as talented at it. Who is telling the truth in this Obama-Tusk, America-Poland dispute? No one.


    I like this title, Carolyn, because it is so true! "Poland" - aka, occupied Germany, is always sticking its nose into the Germans' business, and is ALWAYS extorting the Germans to death while enjoying a great life on stolen German land and while living IN Deutschland (there are an estimated 3,000,000 of them) while making the German's lives miserable! A German commenter from Prussia, once told me that after WWII (which poland caused with England and France) Germany built/rebuilt "poland's" infrastructure and gave poland BILLIONS of DMs, which totalled more than 100 billion in DMs!! Now poland is seeking ONE TRILLION euros in "reparations" from the German tax payers based on false "Nazi" atrocity claims!! I just have one question - when does this huge extortion racket end??

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