Putin signs anti-Nazi-rehabilitation bill into law

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-05-05 06:11

Putin signs law banning rehabilitation of Nazism

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning the rehabilitation of Nazism, the Kremlin press service said on Monday [May 5, 2014]. The law, which introduces criminal punishment of up to five years in jail for the denial of facts set out by the post-war Nuremberg trials and for the dissemination of false information on the actions of the Soviet Union during the war, was earlier adopted by the parliament. Publicly desecrating symbols of Russian military glory or spreading information disrespecting public holidays related to the country’s defense will be punishable by a fine of up to 300,000 rubles, ($8,400) or community service for up to a year, RIA Novosti said.

Also see here.

Just in time for the big bash on Red Square on May 9th. Won't it be grand.

I predicted this outcome on my Saturday, April 12th radio broadcast (it was totally predictable) while the big Putin fans  at the Daily Stormer kept down-playing it as "probably not going to happen." So now what? -cy


The Archangel Michael has his wings over Saint Vladimir! Hahahaha!

Carolyn, you ignore that Putin is engaged in a very sophisticated game of geo-political chess and will do whatever he thinks is necessary to win.

WWII is still considered "the Great Patriotic War" by the vast majority of Russians who are not going to jump into the WWII revisionist camp overnight.

Putin would rapidly lose political support at home if he were to go down the route of supporting Hitler and organised Jewish interests would like nothing better than to paint Putin as a "Nazi" and "anti-Semite" so as to gain popular support for the idea that the US and NATO forces should intervene to stop "a new Hitler".

By taking these actions Putin is effectively taking bullets out of the gun they are trying to assassinate him with.

One could debate that Putin's strategy is short sighted, or that he was possibly naieve in believing that making peace with the forces currently in control of the US was possible in the first place, but we should not ignore that the biggest front the Jews are fighting him on is public perception via their most deadly weapon, the mainstream media.

Recent events are almost certainly playing a big part here too. Right on Russia's doorstep in Ukraine, the Neocons have brought a violent right-wing neo-Nazi group to power who hate Russians and whom almost all Russians despise and wish to see dealt with. With their long held WWII mindset (off base that it is) they do not distinguish much between Hitler's "Nazi's" and the Neonazi thugs rampaging in Kiev.

Putin's actions make much more sense in this context and his priorities are different to yours. Setting the record straight is not an immediate priority for him. He is more worried about dodging immediate bullets.

Getting the truth out about WWII is still very important and while perceived setbacks are frustrating, that are decades of propaganda to overcome before the public will be ready to accept WWII for what it was. Hell, even a lot of "enlightened" bloggers struggle with this.

I have heard the reasoning you put forth many times and it doesn't impress me. You state as facts things that are mere assumptions; you parrot Alexander Dugin.

I am NOT and never have asked that Putin SUPPORT Hitler. Putin's game is offensive, not defensive as you characterize it. This has always been the Russian way. Russia colonizes other nations as much as possible, to get a foothold, just as the Jews do. Read what James wrote here; it makes more sense than you do.

Your last paragraph is cowardly, imo. You've joined the crowd that is deserting the Fatherland for the new manifesto and putting your hope in the Motherland. Only it's not your mother.

You need to stop with the Putin attacks. You are too much in sync with the Jew
World Order.

More cowardly advice from an anonymous person.

I am "in sync" with National Socialism ("Nazism" to the Jew World Order) and the German Third Reich which went to battle to defeat the Jewish World Order of Bolshevist Russia. Putin, on the other hand, defends and praises this Order. Nothing could be more clear.

How is an anon person a coward. Perhaps they favour their privacy. Isn't that their right.
Putin is clearly on the defence. NATO troops built up near the Russian borders. Imagine if Russia sent troops to Mexico because of 'American aggression' (although the aggression by America is real to Russia).

I really like Putin, but was greatly disappointed with what has been done in regards to the "Nazi" policy. Why was it necessary? Considering what the Communist regime did in the Soviet Union, I also would think that many people would not be happy that these symbols are displayed at times today.
The measures taken give the message that he does not support the truth being known of WWII. It would be most likely, that he is quite aware of the true history, though it is possible he is NOT.
I have to agree with what Otto Ernst Remer says in regards to his view on things, before he died in the 1990's. The Bismarck polciy of a German-Russian or was it of a Europe-Russian Alliance. In any case a Europe-Russian Alliance solves all the problems really.
I imagine there is great resentment, especially in the Eastern European countries against Russia, where marches in support of the SS are still carried out and Russian protesters are said to be present. This causes a big problem for proper friendship. Without the Truth and the differing views, a strong long term friendship would be difficult.
The thing is, I can't see the Russian benefit in the 'Nazi" policy at the U.N? A European-Russian friendship is in Russian interests also, is it not?
The Full Disclosure could have the reverse effect, if it is done with the hand of friendship held out with Europe. It would have a dramatic would effect, that would not be easily dismissed. Maybe, just maybe people like my Father might listen to me.
There needs to be a European Army independant from foreign influence. There needs to be a EU body, but the current EU body is serving interests outside of Europe.
The world today, atleast most of it, is never going to go down the right path unless the truth of WWII is revealed and understood by everyone. The sad thing is, if we have not already passed the point of no return, we are certainly not far from it. Perhaps the Final Victory is only possible now with the hand of God.
In the interest of disclosure, I have some Jewish Ancestory. My Grandma on my Father's Side, who was raised Jewish.
I am a ardent supporter and defender of National Socialism. I would like to replace the Union Jack with the Swastika, and create a "Australian style" National Socialism. I am wearing a Geuine German National Socialist badge on my singlet as I type this.
I look upto people like Rudolf Hess! Who inspire and demonstrate what TRULY HONOURABLE people look like when they are in Government.