A Race to the Bottom

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2013-12-23 13:55

Just how bad can it get in the blogs and comments? How carried away can people get with their fake personas and their efforts to make a living and influence the foolish entertainment-seeking web-surfers of today?

I came across some incorrect statements written about myself today and thought I probably should address them ... in what is probably a futile attempt to check the growing number of inaccuracies, untruths and sloppy wording directed toward myself.

It was on this page: http://therealzcf.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/zcf-sounds-like-an-arab-or-something-neanderthal-american-redneck/comment-page-1/#comment-2862

Ace Militant, 

"White nationalism needs no enemies, ZCF. It is in a state of permanent implosion…completely self-inflicted. Mr Martin revealed in a podcast recently that Carolyn Yeager’s webmaster is married to a Jewish woman and they have several mixed-race children. All one can say is “wow.”

Fact: the person she is referring to is not "my webmaster." Please, let's pay better attention and use correct terminlogy. Also the family information about this person was not "revealed" by Mr Martin, because it is not a secret and was made known by the person himself several years ago already! Ace Militant should try not to make a fool of herself by passing on "news" that only she is still ignorant of. 

Ace Militant 

"…but since you wrote that you did not upload it on Ms Yeager’s blog, I accepted your statement."

Fact: Neither Ace Militant nor the person she's addressing has ever been on my blog. She is referring to the Comment section for a radio program at The White Network. Hardly a blog. I resent having comments confused with my blog.

"You gloated over her Platterhof speech presentation. Do you think it is a fraud? A hoax? That I wrote it myself, as Ms Yeager suggested in her broadcast?"

Fact: I never once suggested that VKC wrote the Platterhof Speech herself (either in speaking or writing), nor did I say I thought it was a fraud or hoax, but only stated accurately that some thought it was and that it was a possibility and why. How would I ever think that she was capable of writing such a speech? It's ludicrous. She doesn't actually write anything except for her Thesis.The point I did make was that the speech doesn't support VKC's theories about Hitler at all, and that her evidence for Hitler's tolerant racial views has always been extremely weak.

I already refuted this "misunderstanding" by VKC in the Comments section referred to above prior to her now repeating it in this comment section just 2 days ago. What up with that? It seems VKC takes delight in repeating false and already refuted statements in as many places around the Internet that she is still welcome. 

Ace Militant 

"For example, to shed these white nationalists before I ever went on Deanna’s show, I employed a specific psyop. I posted something along the lines of enacting a psyop to infiltrate their movement and covertly promote multiculturalism to get them to balk. It worked well. So well in fact that many of them still think that is my agenda today. They will fall for anything they see in a random post because they are extremely paranoid.

My advice to you, ZCF (and you by no means have to publish this), is to never let these people know who you really are or what you really believe. You must be a chameleon to them. They may call you an “unstable kook,” but better a nonsensical label than for them to know the real you. They are dangerous, which I’m sure you realize."

Fact: I recall one show with Deanna when Veronica tried real hard to convince listeners that she shared the solidarity with Whites, but these non-whites were here so we had to make alliances with them. So much for a psyop.

I first met Veronica Clark quite some time ago (2008?) through Friedrich Paul Berg, who introduced us via email because she was a promoter of N-S (or so Fritz thought), but she was also already then a multiculturalist, a lover of Blacks and Mexicans. Fritz thought I might be able to "influence her" in some way. Of course, I didn't even try, just explained what my position was; she politely disagreed. So VKC is not "pretending" anything.

Zander C. Fuerza 

"Btw, the white supremacist granny Yeager is batshit insane. I would bet that a good portion of her readership/listenership are tattooed skinheads and Aryan brotherhood prison gangsters. What a circus show that whole scene is, it’s comical."

Fact: You would lose your bet, jealous little smart ass.

Ace Militant 

Well, I do not begrudge them ZCF. I just want them to stop promoting my work and involving me in their radio programs, etc. Like you, I do not want anything to do with these people, and yet they keep on trying to involve me. It’s like they need someone to complain about and attack. An enemy within, so to speak. It’s annoying and frustrating.

Fact: NO ONE is trying to involve this woman, certainly not anymore. She is dying to be involved-- continuing to start up and shut down blogs, posting  comments far and wide on other's blogs, drawing attention to herself in bizarre ways. She obviously doesn't get enough attention. I never invited her on my programs, not once. 

"I suspect they will drop any further endorsements of me and my work as soon as they read the next two Warwolves books. In fact, I’m counting on it. I bought my first Koran as well. I figure when word of this gets out they will flip their lids for the last time. lol."

Lol, indeed. Let's just realize that this is VKC's way of promoting her books. She is very commercially-minded.