Red-Green political hack files charges against Pegida for Facebook comments

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-12-29 12:22

Volker Beck, an openly homosexual Green Party legislator who has called for the right of Muslims and Jews in Germany to carry on their excessively cruel Kosher/Halal style butchering of animals, is blaming Pegida for what he calls “threatening, offensive” comments on his Facebook page.

According to DW:

Beck is pressing charges against those responsible at anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim Pegida movement as well as 18 individuals who [have] posted offensive and threatening comments on his Facebook account.

"One of my posts on Facebook had 430 comments, 35 of which contained violent and/or death threats without anyone in charge [of the movement] attempting to moderate," Beck said on his Facebook page.

"The named persons openly called for me to be castrated, circumcized, suffer violence, they even called for me to be butchered kosher style," he told Berlin prosecutors according to a report by Germany's "Funke Media Group." The comments were in reaction to a post where Beck had called for religious freedom for Muslims and Jews, including the right to butcher livestock Kosher/Halal style.

Beck has criticized the government for not doing enough to pursue hate speech on the Internet and social media in particular. On Twitter, he also said that "we don't need tougher laws against hate speech, we need more resources for prosecutors in that area."

In mid-December, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas announced that Facebook and other social media networks had agreed to delete comments that violate Facebook's community standards 24 hours after publication.

But critics, like Beck, said on his Facebook page that "deleting comments is not enough, prosecutors need to get involved here" as otherwise the perpetrators would get off scot-free.

It's only justice that what someone like Beck approves of being done to animals, more decent people will suggest the same treatment for him. He wants to destroy German moral standards because of his own depravity; the natural result is that he is hated. Can't be helped. It will be interesting to see what comes of this - I think the more attention that is focused on kosher-halal-slaughter the better. There is no way that real Germans are not 100% against it.

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Headline: Beck wanted to have sex with impunity with twelve year olds

No wonder he is so welcoming to Muslim culture in Germany. It's always worse than you think.

According to Die Welt, Beck wrote a text for the 1988 anthology "The Pedosexual Complex", published by Angelo Leopardi (real name: Joachim S. Hohmann). For years following the death of the editor, Beck declared that his text had been "corrupted by a free redaction in mind" or, in other words, the editor had distorted some of his writing. Beck said the original manuscript was lost, thus his claim of distortion could not be proved.

But the original did surface in 2013 and was published by Spiegel Online, with no distortion being found. Alas for Herr Beck, he was discovered to have lied about it.

Beck was committed to the goal of "decrimminalization" of pedophilia and he openly advocated lowering the so-called age of consent to 12 years. That is, the full crimminalization of sexual contacts should be only for children less than 12 years of age.

The headline on Beck's original manuscript read: "A plea for a realistic reorientation of sex (penal) policy." It also speaks of "opportunities and strategies of a new sex (criminal -) policy - also in the field of paedosexuality. "

Thus Beck had not only to answer why he at that time held the thesis of the "decrimminalization" of pedophilia, but also why he blamed a dead person for what he now calls "that nonsense."

Divine Justice.

The real Holocaust coming and no survivors !!!