Reply from the "Rebel of Oz"

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-01-13 21:44

This is how Mr. Winkler who runs answered my email requesting that he remove my material from his site ... for the second time. Just like a Jew, eh?

Rebel of Oz

Get a rabbit.  That might help with your condition.

 Rebel of Oz


The Rebel – Home of the Global Resistance against Jewish World Domination

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And this is the page where he explains why he needs to be continually in your face asking for money.

Quote: "Given the fact that I have a young family, there is only so much money that I can divert from the family budget." He's been saying this for 9 years - hasn't his young family grown up yet?

After looking over this site some more, all I can say is: Get me outta here - fast!


Sexual perversion