Ronald Lauder warns of new catastrophe for Jews

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-01-28 14:45

Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), used an angry tone to demand protection of Jews from the assembled guests at the 70th Anniversary ceremony at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum on Jan. 27.

By Carolyn Yeager

Ronald Lauder is a man who is used to telling other people what to do.

In his speech on Tuesday at the Auschwitz-Birkenau 70th anniversary ceremony, he told the assembled Jews to force their governments to protect them from antisemitism because “antisemitism leads to places like Auschwitz.” Note he didn't tell Jews to protect themselves, but that their governments must do it for them.

He also told the world what it must do – “All countries must make hate a crime.”

But Lauder didn't even try to explain the cause of antisemitism. He said, “For 70 years, no one can explain Auschwitz.” He said Jews are hated “because they're Jews.” Well, that's a start. There's something about Jews that others don't like. What could it be?

Lauder used his speech to blame everyone but Jews. He said “the Nazis designed the Holocaust, but there was complicity from almost every country in Europe.” (This brought on applause)

He wondered how it was that antisemitism and what he called the “demonization of Jews” had come back after WWII & the Shoah had made it virtually impossible to criticize Jews. His answer to that: “The creation of the world's only Jewish state became a new opportunity to attack Israel.”

Lauder's three errors

Lauder made some incorrect statements in his speech. He is right at home with the “survivors” and their crazy stories – he and Steven Spielberg, whose film “Auschwitz” that was shown during the ceremony is full of errors and downright lies. Lauder said flat out that “438,000 Hungarian Jews were gassed by the Nazis in Auschwitz.” This is an old claim that has never held up. For example Michael Berenbaum wrote in a book sold at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum:

Between May 14 and July 8, 1944, 437,402 Jews from fifty-five Hungarian localities were deported to Auschwitz in 147 trains. Most were gassed at Birkenau soon after they arrived. The railroad system was stretched to its limits to keep up with the demand of the camp, where as many as 12,000 people a day were being gassed. 

According to Francizek Piper, former head historian at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum:

The majority of the Hungarian Jews who were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, were gassed immediately.

A booklet put out by the Museum stated that 434,351 of the Hungarian Jews were gassed upon arrival. This means that only 3,000 Hungarian Jews were ever registered in the camp. However, Piper wrote that 28,000 were registered. [This paragraph taken from here]

Not considered in these outlandish claims is the fact that the deportation of Hungarian Jews took place between May 14 and July 8, 1944 – less than two months! If Jews were gassed immediately, the facilities, resources and personnel at Birkenau would have been totally inadequate to dispose of all these bodies, which amazingly left not a trace that anyone has ever been able to find. This gigantic problem in the theory is never answered in any of the holocaust literature; instead they throw these big figures around without a care for REALITY. But reality has to come into the account sometime, somewhere. This is why Ronald Lauder and his friend Steven Spielberg are irresponsible fantasists and, let's call it as it is, irresponsible liars. Lauder's claim of 438,000 Hungarian Jews gassed at Birkenau has never been accepted by critical thinking minds.

Another error he makes is in saying “For 70 years, no one can explain Auschwitz.” Many people have “explained Auschwitz”, even I can do it, but the explanation does not jive with the Jews' fantasy stories, so they will not accept it.

A third error is to say that antisemitism leads to Auschwitz. No, it doesn't, it leads to Jews not being welcome in countries of Europe or elsewhere that don't want them there. If they are not there, they can't be put into an internment camp, can they? They have the option of Israel, the land they fought so determinedly to have as their homeland. The great  injustice of people like Lauder and Spielberg is to deny Europeans the fundamental right of “freedom of association” by awarding Jews the right to enter and live anywhere they want - in some cases, it has even been in European's own houses!

Sampson, in the Temple of Dagon, destroying his enemies, and himself

The Jews bottom line is fearsome

Consider the sight of this gathering of Presidents, Kings and Princes, and assorted government ministers, respectfully and patiently listening to a bunch of Jews scolding them for allowing harm to come to theirselves and their brethren , then marching out into the bitter cold and dark to place candles at a monument honoring the imaginary Jewish dead. Why do they do it? Is it because their hearts are burdened with the injustice done to Jews? It cannot be! No, that cannot be the reason. What is it then?

It has occurred to me that Europe is being blackmailed with a version of the Samson Option, which goes like this: If Jews are thrown out of any country in Europe, Israel is not beyond nuking Europe on the grounds that this would amount to another Holocaust for Jews. [After all, the Shoah is really only about deportation, nothing else.] Another Jewish holocaust is inadmissible and unthinkable, and also can be prevented by the united forces of Europe (EU), they reason ... therefore Jews have the right to retaliate as if their very existence were threatened. This can explain the meek attitude of every European head of state when it comes to the Jews. I think it explains it better than anything else.

Lauder's words at the end of his speech carried a threatening tone:

Do not let this happen again.

Do not let this happen again.

Or else?


Lauder's figure of 438,000 Hungarian Jews gassed at Birkenau in 58 days is an obviously false figure just like the 6 million is. The Europeans sitting there listening to him and the "survivors" must realize that so many of the things that are being said are probably not true, but they are accepting it all with the proper solemn, respectful look on their faces. This is the Myth that the power structure that they have aligned with has decided upon, so no one can question it. What a mental prison!!

April 14 to June 8 comes to 58 days. Dividing 58 into 438,000 gives us an average of 7552 Hungarian Jews gassed per day--every day including Sundays for 58 days. This means that 7 times a day, every day, the guards and  "commandos" manage to pack over 1000 people naked into one of the 4 "gassing rooms" and then drag these over 1000 very heavy, dead-weight bodies out again with all the "gas" residue on and in them. Then what?

How to destroy to nothing these 7,500 bodies in the same period of time? This has never been explained in any way, let alone in forensic detail taking physical law and realities into account. Obviously it hasn't been because it can't be.

This explains why there are so many "survivors" and they're mostly Hungarian Jews.

Thank you Carolyn for all the great information concerning TRUTH that you provide your readers. My education on this subject reaches new heights daily.
That viral band of 'shitz-houze-ratz' can't speak of any TRUTH that relates to their atrocities upon the peoples of Germany. 
I.E. - In 1931 jewish doctors, German Civil Service Employees descended on the city of Lubeck Germany armed with vials of an experimental tuberculosis vaccine and vials of live tuberculosis organisms. The jews sought out twins (most likely with blue eyes) in newborn nurseries. They vaccinated half the twins with the vaccine and dosed the other half of the twins with the live tuberculosis organism. Eighty three German infants died as a result of this gruesome experiment. When the German people asked the jews why their children were dying from a vaccine campaign the jews answered: “We have to have a positive control!” Some number, maybe five jew doctors were put in jail. The jews changed their story. They lied saying, “The labels slipped off the vials! We never intended to use a live organism!”
The Lubeck Experiment is one of the reasons Hitler swept into power in 1933. In 1933 Hitler passed a set of Nuremberg Laws. These laws expelled jews from civil service jobs (health care doctors). These laws forbade human experiments not proceeded by animal experiments. As a result of these laws, Mengele could never have performed any experiments on jewish children. Never happened. Jews lie about Mengele to cover up the Lubeck Experiment. Jews lie about Mengele to reap profits as black mailers. Incidentally, jews were expelled from Lubeck Germany around 1845. They went back to Lubeck in 1931 for revenge, certain no jewish children could fall prey to their talmudic lusts. Worse, Lubeck was bombed just as severely as Dresden at the end of WWII. For more details see: The Blood Poisoners by Lionel Dole (scroll down to the essay on the BCG vaccine).

Get a copy of: A Century of DNA by Portugal and Cohen. Turn to page 351. Read reference # 50. “The Lubeck Trial of 1932 involved jewish doctors charged with the deaths of several children (Actually 83 children) who had been fed a virulent bacillus. This was exploited at the time for racial political ends. The evidence showed the virulent and benign strains had been mixed accidentally.” But you see, if the jews had not intended to poison the German Children (use them as a positive control in their twisted thinking) they would not have had a virulent strain of the tuberculosis organism with them while they were vaccinating.

There have never been 6 million jews in Europe, ever!
The origin of this this 6 million dead jews number can be found in the original Hebrew Bible. From christianity to islam it's all a big jew hoax.

Greece to veto EU sanctions on Russia over intervention in Ukraine
Radical leftist party leader, now PM Alexis Tsipras, once labeled Ukraine's parliament ‘neo-Nazis'
The new Greek government will purportedly veto any further sanctions against Russia over its intervention in Ukraine. Reports in Greek media Wednesday suggested that the newly formed assembly led by radical left party Syriza would refuse to support the renewal of European Union sanctions against Russia in March, for invading and annexing Crimea, Ukraine's Black Sea peninsula. The news comes a day after Greek lawmakers complained about allegedly not being consulted on a rare joint EU statement, voicing concerns about the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine.
Gabriel Sakellaridis, Greek government spokesman: "For us, this is an institutional error by the EU from the moment that the Greek government changed. To enter into a procedure when the Greek government was not informed and for a supposedly unanimous decision to be distributed; that is where we are focusing."
Political analysts have argued the Greek government's complaint appears to fall in line with the pro-Russian agenda of new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The Russian ambassador to Greece was the first to congratulate Tsipras following his appointment to his new role, personally handing over a telegram from President Vladimir Putin in the process. The radical leftwing leader has previously claimed that Ukraine's new EU-leaning government was full of neo-Nazis and actively supported the Kremlin-organized illegitimate vote on whether Crimea should secede from mainland Ukraine.

Greece is a tiny little bankrupt country--what it thinks and what it votes for doesn't even matter.

Because of The Golden Dawn, Greece took on a heroic image. But now it is back to being just another small state that cannot manage it's finances so votes in a communist government that offers an easier way.  Greece should get out of the Euro and the EU both, and face the tough reality it cannot avoid. Let the Russians support the Greeks for awhile.

BRUSSELS/KIEV (Reuters) - European Union foreign ministers extended existing sanctions against Russia on Thursday, holding off on tighter economic measures for now but winning the support of the new left-leaning government of Greece, whose position had been in doubt.