The Rush to Heal

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2017-08-18 16:00

U.S. President Donald Trump questions the press corps on how far the call to remove historic confederate monuments from public parks will go before all the "protesters" are satisfied, during a press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, August 15.

By Carolyn Yeager

WE'VE HEARD IT BEFORE. Without allowing time for the American people to gather and understand the facts of a 'divisive' event that has just taken place with lots of television crews and cameras on hand ... before the dust has even settled ... we're told by the screeching far-left establishment media that we must all unite in agreement of the dominant narrative – which just happens to be the far-left narrative.

The President – the best president we've had in this rich but now race-tortured country – is told he must give a speech to the nation saying the things the establishment media wants him to say and, if he doesn't go along with their lies covering their own asses, he has failed the nation. He has failed in his duty to unite the country. What rubbish.

Saying soothing words does not heal a festering wound that's been ignored for far too long already. The painful medicine of factual investigation and truthful analysis by non-political professionals is necessary to start the process of healing. President Trump is doing a magnificent job in showing a modicum of honesty and fairness to ALL the American people – which doesn't include the millions of non-citizens who live in this country demanding that their interests be taken into account. The interests of non-citizens, both legal and illegal, should not be taken into account.

Hypocrisy is the ruling law of America. Americans have a lot of trouble dealing with US history because so many believe questioning the dominant political/historical narrative is 'evil.' The American establishment is so deep into its network of LIES about history, its need to cover up how things really 'went down', how it really brought about what it enshrines as “the Good” that we now live under, that it's deeply frightened of allowing any truth to come out. I'm not talking about slavery or the removal of the Native American Indian to reservation land, either. Those are not enshrined as 'Good' in our current history. I'm referring mostly to our many wars, including WWI and WWII which became 'world wars' only when we entered into them. And there have been plenty since, on a regular basis. American Jewry has played a very big role in all of our wars in which well over a million mainly White men died, which is one of the things we can't talk about. We are expected to 'come together' instead.

American Jewry also played a big role in the Civil Rights movement, which has led to the rise of the violent radical Left we experienced in Charlottesville last weekend. But as usual, we are being told by the well-paid talking heads on cable and network news that we must not talk about that as it is divisive and injurious to the national soul. It is un-American. President Trump is being bullied and berated for saying there are two sides to every disagreement. But no, to the American liberal there is only one side now. Their side. There is only one Good. Their Good.

Yet they are demanding agreement to come from all sides, calling those who don't agree 'evil people.' They are RUSHING TO HEAL, to enter the 'healing process' without any discussion taking place so as to not hear the truth that must not be said.


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Wish more would think along these lines:
The painful medicine of factual investigation and truthful analysis by non-political professionals is necessary to start the process of healing.

Can not agree with you on healing but appreciate  the loyalty  to  President Trump . One  comment on  legal non citizens and their  interest: Many of these in America are not  from Mexiko but Europe.
One therapist I knew came  here with work visa.But she and later , another I learned were denied citizenship. WHy? 
They come from Christian , white heretage Europe and are  educated and responsible. They are not politically naive as we. One  nurse  from East Europe has still bitter experience of  communism and the other  from BRD ( the replacement for Germany) ,  who wish to enrich racially  as wel las embody  those celestial American freedoms and new life in Amerika. Both idealistic , who may revive Ameican ideals.
This  is  a strength that must not be encouraged through a  belief in citizenship that  would  weaken communist  UN  agenda.  ALso reawaken the  naive belief that America has sovereign citizens. The little episode  here at Charlottsville, Virginia should  lay this myth down with alacrity.  
Jews make all things  controversial that indefensible revival of  Nazism or worse the  Antebellum South.  Tthey exploit  the  ignorant and from the  videos clearly sociopaths and intesify and laud  prejudice.
There is  no peaceful solution and NO One in Washington or  Richmond wants to heal  anything .All wars are recrudescent wounds  whose enmity or victims  they  do not  want  to reconcile but villify and  destroy.  They never profit  from healing  nor  peace. Government  never solves  problem but  exploits them.

You do not write with full understanding of the English language, so maybe you don't read English with full understanding either. You seem to have misunderstood this short article, in some respects anyway.

Be that as it may, you are very welcome to comment here but please make the effort to write as intelligibly as you can because anything that becomes too unintelligible, I will decline to approve. All the best ...

The removal of confederate monuments is essentially the same as the removal of any other war memorial in the United States.  How would people react to let's say the Arlington cemetry being converted into a marijuana field and the headstones and other monuments crushed into crushed rock for road construction?  It is just a hunch but I suspect every straight thinking American would be outraged if not violently opposed to such an action.  

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