Sad that PEGIDA Dresden has nothing to say on this year's 71st anniversary of the Allied War Crime against their city

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-02-13 12:54

Dresden, February 15, 1945. One of many funeral pyres of holocausted German bodies piled up on steel rails before being set on fire. Pictures like this have been used by Jews, falsely depicting them as Jewish holocaust victims.

Shame, shame, shame on all those who fail to remember the suffering of their own parents and grandparent, cousins, aunts and uncles in their own city because of “Political Correctness” and fear of being seen as in any way supporting “the Nazis.”

The city officials have cancelled all commemoration events for this year. For the first time the city has entirely dispensed with its own event, a memorial service in Heide cemetery where just some of the hundred thousand bomb victims are buried.

According to, only the human chain [which celebrates the English and American bombing!] will be maintained. From the Town Hall came the announcement that the day should be increasingly used "to promote peace, democracy and human rights". The "human rights" is a jab against the Hitler regime that is popularly seen as denying human rights.

Yet, the bombing of Dresden on Feb. 13th and 14th, 1945 was the greatest war crime and the true holocaust of WWII. It has always been whitewashed for that reason.

Can the fear-based new authoritarianism of this Federal Republic continue to take the Germanness out of Germans? The Dresden City Hall and newly elected mayor Dirk Hilbert say they want Dresden to become “A symbol of humanity and respect for the other,and the human chain to be “a sign that we are an open society ... and they join hands, regardless of where the individual is coming from, what color he is or religion he belongs to."

The officials patronizingly add that of course "every Dresdner and each grouping [left and right] are still free to come to the Heide cemetery on their own initiative".

Will the people of Dresden accept this quietly? Can they forget the 100 thousand innocent civilians who were truly holocausted on this day by an enemy who was transformed afterward into a friend and even savior? Can every evil continue to be blamed on the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler ... when the truth about the war is actually known (but censored in Germany)?

I don't think so. I think the ruling post-war regime in Europe is on its last legs.

Below, total destruction of Dresden shown in this partial view of its irreplaceable central city. Rebuilding does not replace what you had. Did the vile Americans and British suffer anything like this? Not at all. For more on British collusion in criminality, see here.


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Of course they don't, they are RUSSIAN PAID AGENTS (the leaders).
I'm sorry, I wish I could be optimistic, but that's how politics and the world rule, money, geopolitics...
Carolyn, look at the barrel bombings of Asad and Russia, they are the same double tap policies to level cities.
Merkel, even when I don't like her, she knows the horrors of the bombings and that's why she let allow the refugees.
And Putin used and exploits this, getting africans, afghans, whoever inside this group of refugees, to damage Europe and paint us as stupid idiots.
Kadyrov also infiltrates chechen special forces and assasins to murder political oponents and those who criticize his rule.
The mufti of Asad also threatened Europe with terrorism and explosions if we dare to interfere.
I don't like the massive changes in europe, just like you, but I would be very careful with this groups and how the russian propaganda lies, like with the Lisa case.
I'm sorry to say this... but young women of today kind of... drink a lot... and by the tv and media third world blacks have been painted as "exotic" and sexy and whatever...
It's the same tactics as in Ukraine, russians are in danger... russians speakers... now it's russian girls and russo-german women... so russian tanks should come to "liberate".
In the 20s it was the burgoise, then the fascists, today it's the "rapefugees", any excuse is good for the kremlin to insult and try to invade us.
I do separate internal politics with foreign politics, we shouldn't let foreign powers like russia get in our internal politics, debates and problems.

There are too many people like you who follow strange websites and strange theories and claim they know "how the world works." I'm afraid you're not convincing.

Well dear Carolyn, I take back the PEGIDA accusation, that was unfair on my part.
 There are very good people there.
 But I stand with the rest of my message.

I'm glad. Yes, the Pegida people are doing the best they can as modern Germans. I'll say, though, that the NPD are still the ones who know the score and I might start paying more attention to them.

I just hoped that PEGIDA would gather a greater following, but it seems that Dresden is still the only place that is really successful. Even so, they have the government goons all flustered ... since they can't stand the slightest whiff of real opposition.

Martin, you are 100% correct about the Russians.   The fact the Neocons rule the West doesn't change the fact Russia is a threat to Western civilisation.  Putin is a gangster dressed as a head of state, Russia is a Mafia state where the Kremlin and Russian organised crime are indistiguishable.
The assasinatoon of Alexander Litvinenko in London shows Putin recklelessness:  Thousands of people were exposed to traces of the highly radioactive Polonium 210 used to kill Litvinenko.  
The indiscriminate  bombing of the civilian population in Syria, especially in Aleppo in the last weeks in causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrians.  Putin is following the genocidal tactics of his mentor Stalin:  No man no problem.  
If Russia invades the Ukrainian heartland Nato has the moral high ground to support the Ukrainian people from Russian genocidal aggression.   Lavrov declared there is a new cold war going on.  In fact, since the Duchy of Muscovy in the 12th century Russia has been expanding its territory by atracking and genociding its neighbours, using the Cossacks and other Tatar and Mongolic hordes.  
The Germans called the Russians Untermenschen for a very good reason.

How sad this is for the innocent victims of the murderer Churchill. Hopefully we are seeing the end of this nonsense as Germans have to be questioning things. You can  lay a false guilt trip on somebody for just so long.
We need our own Radio Free Europe.